The Diary of an Awesome (slightly mad) Girl.

The interseting diary of Ella a cool, slightly confused girl who has been sent to her Auntie Matilda's for the summer holidays. It's a gorgeous big house on the outskirts of a stylish city. My cousin Annabelle wll be there and i'm sooooo excited. Well, it was a few years ago that i went last, fine it was 4 years ago but still, how different could they be... Well let me tell you, a lot can happen in a few years. I'll have to start from the very begining...


1. So, from the very begining...

23rd July - 2:15

So there i was sitting there, on my own, on my way to a house in the countryside. Nah, not really i make it sound terrible don't i. I'm actually really excited to see my cousin Annabelle and Aunt Matilda aswell. What's not to love; going to stay with my posh auntie and exciting cousin in a wonderful big house on the outskirts of a stylish city filled with shops, cafe's and loads of other stufff. I'm staying for about an month and maybe another week if i seriously don't want to go home. Aunt Matilda had sent me and mum photo's of her and Annabelle on holiday in Spain. I must admit they look a bit different from last time but still they're probably still the same people on the inside. So i had been on this stupid train for about an hour now and the seats were getting uncomfortable and the old lady sitting next to me was annoying me asking if i'd like a sweetie and that wasn't i brave girl coming all ths way on my own. In the end i just started listening to my i-pod shuffle.

At last i were finally there. The train ground to a halt and people started to pile off and collect their luggage from somewhere. I saw my Aunt Matilda waving at me. Cool as ever there she was, her sleek black hair combed into a high pony tail, her eyes covered by filmstar style glasses an she looked immaculate as ever. I walked over to her and she wrapped her tanned arms around my skinny body. "I collected your luggage for you, oh it's so nice to see you again, it's been to long. Oh come over to my car and we'll make our way home. Annabelle is waiting at home for us."

I followed her over to a stylish pale blue mini parked perectly at the side of the road."This is just my day car" she said calmly. Wow! My mum just had one car for everything. She hopped in and i jumped in beside her. The engine purred and away we went whizzing down the country lanes and past the shops. I could just imagine me and Annabelle walking side by side sipping milkshakes as we made or way back to th trainstation with loads of shopping bags with lots of goodies for us to wear and use. We would be gossiping about all the latest trends in the magazines or the latest song or book that had just come out...

Suddenly, i could hera the crisp crunch of the gravel under the tyres. I jumped out and grabbed my bag out the boot. Aunt Matilda was unlocking the huge double doors that led into the luxurious hallway. There standing in the hall one hand on her hip was my beautiful cousin Annabelle. Her flame red hair was tied up into a neat bun and she had a silky black strapless top on and extremely tight jeans. She had perfect pedicures on her toes and she had a brozed skintone, obviously from the holiday they had recently been on, she had a glossy red lipstick on and her eyelashes were long and elegant. I almost ran towards her and very nearly gave her a huge hug. Then i thought otherwise and she settled for a gentle 'mwah, mwah' on each cheek. "Hello my darling!" she exclaimed.

Is it possible for a person to change this much in like 6 years?

This is obviously true due to the evidence i had just uncovered!!

Back soon, possibly sooner than you think...

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