The Diary of an Awesome (slightly mad) Girl.

The interseting diary of Ella a cool, slightly confused girl who has been sent to her Auntie Matilda's for the summer holidays. It's a gorgeous big house on the outskirts of a stylish city. My cousin Annabelle wll be there and i'm sooooo excited. Well, it was a few years ago that i went last, fine it was 4 years ago but still, how different could they be...
Well let me tell you, a lot can happen in a few years. I'll have to start from the very begining...


3. Breaking the Rules

24th July, 11:30

'Knock, Knock' I crept in quietly. Annabelle had a room that was even better than mine. I whispered to her "Um, Annabelle when are we having breakfast." She turned around sharply and gave me an annoyed look. Then she slyly replied "Hahaha, we go out for breakfast on a Sunday. Did mum not mention it?" They go out for breakfast every Sunday! That is seriously cool. "OK, thanks i'll go and get ready."

What on earth am i going to wear? I thought to myself. After browsing through my clothing choices i finally decide on a cute flowery dress with little sandals and a jacket. Slowly i walk down the stairs gazing up at the decorated ceiling. As i get to the bottom Aunt Matilda and Annabelle are stood their waiting for me. I didn't realize what time we were going. Oops.

We hopped into Aunt Matilda's mini and we reversed out of the path and zoomed off down the road into the town centre. After about 10 minutes we reached the car park and entered the cafe. A waiter came over and handed us each a breakfast menu and asked what drinks we wanted. I asked for a strawberry milkshake (it's never to early for a strawberry milkshake), Annabelle asked for a fresh orange and Aunt Matilda asked for a cappuccino. I looked through the menu and there was lots of delicious food on there and i decided to be greedy and ordered bacon. Aunt Matilda and Annabelle giggled quietly behind their hands. I felt ashamed and then realized that ordering bacon may seem a bit to greedy. Aunt Matilda patted my shoulder and said "You order what you want, sweetie." Annabelle ordered one piece of un-buttered toast and Aunt Matilda ordered a bowl of Muesli with raspberry's.Aunt Matilda said "Now Annabelle, you are going out with your friends today aren't you so i thought Poppy (that's me) should come with you." Annabelle looked devastated. That's rude! "But mum why does she have to come Ellie and Amy don't know her." She is so mean. But i know why she said that, the rules say if she is with her friends, i have to stay away. This is the perfect opportunity to break one of her rules.


So i am standing with Annabelle outside a clothes shop waiting for her friends. She looks annoyed and i can tell she doesn't want me to be here. She is about to say something but her friends are skipping along the pavement in head totoe designer clothes, shoes and accessories, she embraces them with a big hug and a 'mwah, mwah'. Her friends look at me and whisper something to Annabelle. Probably something like who is she or a nasty comment on what i'm wearing. So i step forward and star being really nice, complimenting them and chatting to them just to see what Annabelle does. It's so much fun. 


When we get back i can see Annabelle is clearly annoyed with me. Then she starts: "What on earth where you thinking? You can't just come and hang out with us and act like we are your best friends. I didn't even want you to come but mum said i had to take you. They don't even like you, you don't even know them. You have just broken one of the rules that i made perfectly clear to you. You will regret breaking that rule! Trust me!

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