The Diary of an Awesome (slightly mad) Girl.

The interseting diary of Ella a cool, slightly confused girl who has been sent to her Auntie Matilda's for the summer holidays. It's a gorgeous big house on the outskirts of a stylish city. My cousin Annabelle wll be there and i'm sooooo excited. Well, it was a few years ago that i went last, fine it was 4 years ago but still, how different could they be...
Well let me tell you, a lot can happen in a few years. I'll have to start from the very begining...


2. Annabelle's Nasty Side.

23rd July 2:30

Ok, so after i had been on a tour of the house, Annabelle showed me to my room. I had never seen a room like it in my life. It had a four poster bed with soft, comfy looking duvet. It had pale pink sheets and pillows. There was a door leading of and it was an en-suite. The floor tiles led up the wall and onto the ceiling so it was all the same from the floor up. It looked so cool. There was a bath and a shower, the bath was dark blue so when you filled it up with water it looked like a sea (but a lot smaller.) When you lifted the tap up you could see the water flowing into the bath, it was like a mini waterfall. I walked back into the bedroom and had a proper look around. There was a wardrobe with three doors and one of them had a full length mirror on. Then there was a dressing table with an ornate pattern around the edge and there were little boxes and bottles with perfume and make-up in them. There was a little jewellery box with necklaces, bracelets and rings in there. It was AMAZING!!


"Oh Annabelle, you shouldn't have. I'll go and thank Aunt Matilda later, all the make-up, the perfume and the jewelery. It's absolutely amzing." I exclaimed dramatically and very loudly. "Oh i know, i did tell mum not to waste money on my little cousin. But oh no, she wanted to give you a little welcoming present and i had to just go along with it. Oh and i forgot to mention, i have a few little rules: 1. You do not get in my way or annoy me, 2. If my friends are around you stay out of the way and sit in the corner, 3. Do not come into my room, ever! Right that's it for now, but if i think of anymore i know where you are. Ciao!" said Annabelle in a rather mean tone. She has rules for me! How dare she! I might even go out of my way to break them. I am going to unpack now so i will see you later.


OMG! I didn't realize how much stuff i brought, oh well as long as i've got enough. Which i have because it nearly fills up the three door wardrobe. So at the moment just sitting on a bench in the garden thinking of ways to break Annabelle's rules. Well, i could get some info off Aunt Matilda. Speaking of Aunt Matilda, i'm just watching her do the gardening. She has the most imaculate garden i have ever seen. Her grass is mown in neat stripes and she has circular flower gardens dotted all over the place. In them there is a range of differnt coloured flowers all wonderfully positioned. I wonder how long it takes to do the whole garden, it must take hours and hours. Oh she's gone in now. I wonder what she's doing. I might go and have a little look. But what if she see's me. She might think that i'm following her and then she might think i'm strange but oh well. Most people do, think i'm strange that is.


It's nearly time for tea now. Whatever we're having smells great. So we are all sat at the table, me next to Annabelle (why me, i think Aunt Matila thinks that we're like best friends, she couldn't be more wrong) and then Aunt Matilda opposite me. Annabelle's father works abroad and won't be back fo a few weeks. Suddenly, we all jump because the oven started beeping. Then we all start laughing. Aunt Matilda with a soft and gentle laugh, Annabelle with a stiff giggle and me with full on laughter. I nearly laughed to long but everyone else had stopped so i stopped sharply aswell. The clatter of plates could be heard through the door and soon enough Aunt Matilda came in with plates of steaming what looked like Cottage Pie. I nibbled around the edges because it was so hot. It was absolutely delicious! When we had finished, i helped clear up whilst Annabelle stomped up to her room. Quitely, i went upstairs and started running  bath. I had never been so excited to have a bath. I opened the mirrored cupboard above the sink and found a bottle of pink bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion and other little things. It said on the bottles that they all smelt like marshmellows and vanilla or strawberries and cream. I took the marshmellow and vanilla bubble bath and opened the cap. I smelt it and it smelt delicious. I poured a generous amont into he bath and when it was full i jumped in. Utter bliss...

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