Dead Living

Lee Everett is faced with things beyond his imagination,when he is convicted with the murder of his late wife things literally go off the rails after surviving the car crash he realises whats really going on out there 'The walkers' he manages to find survivors like little Clementine.As he sets off to find what will really endanger him.Pairing up with many of the last survivors tactics and skills are key.When all seems bad local farmers offer them food but are they hiding a really deadly secret will Lee and the gang ever survive or are 'The walkers' growing immensley swiping the USA is it all to late....

Inspired by the (Walking Dead)


2. Faced with a wierd realization...

I Awoke...

The sudden saintly sun swept over my face, I felt the strength of the sun beating on my eyelids. I then proceeded to open my eyes to my sudden realization.

Wait a second this wasn't the police station: the rusty metal bars, the penetratingly bitter floors, clinic walls, frigid lights.

Then it hit me! I remembered the car journey what had happened...we'd suddenly crashed into some lackingly slow thing on the motorway then... wait where was the driver?

I was in the same old car seat. I tried to move ('Uhh oww crap' I was sore) I feasted my eyes towards the rough hand cuffs - I tried to undo them - but they were still steel tight.

I continued to make movement 'ahh my darn leg' it felt swolen as hell like it had been ravaged by the most stolid creature.

Where on earth was the driver I looked to my left from above I could see the steep ravine that we had rumbled down. I made further precaution to turn to my right and there... I swallowed hard to realize my throat was air dry. There was the driver! He was crippled motionless on the stale dirt floor (how the hell?)

I then realized that the window was smashed leaving a gaping hole in the middle.

Following the trail of blood leading to my companion driver.Shock struck me.

"Hey! Hey! Officer... a-a-are you alright? I'm still cuffed back here! I yelled (my voice echoed)

To the Officer's right was a shotgun, why in the hell did he have his shotgun out? I needed to get out.I fumbled with my cuffs 'Godammit' with quick thinking; I shuffled back from my seat and kicked the window menacingly till it shattered. I continued  until there was clearly no window left.

Immediately I hauled my self up leaning on the windows rim - more movement - I had managed to haul myself out. Hunched on the dirt floor I tried to stand using the cop car for support however my leg screamed in agony.

As I stood my leg severely numb I groaned and paced myself my hands resting on the car bonnet trying to get closer to the scene.

I headed for the shotgun - but then the officer damn! I finally reached it trying to bend over as far as I could go without putting myself in agonizing pain.I managed to scoop it up vigourosly and examine it in my hands.I wedged it between my armpit and searched for the keys to my cuffs.

Scouring my eyes to the on-going forest I moved closer hoping the unlucky officer had what I needed.I moved closer 'MOTHER OF CHRIST',

He'd been tampered with carelessly - his arms in disposition and legs sprawled in un-human positions - I leaned over to grab the keys from the back of his pocket.

With anxiety in my eyes about what had just happened! I continued to unlock my cuffs with a sigh of releif as they pulled to the ground,with a thunderous crank.

To my immense surprise the officer produced a noise 'guurhh'

I stepped back... "Officer.... are y-you al-r-right"

He leapt up like a possessed lion pouncing on my leg 'what in the hell' I fell crashing to the floor, I looked in utter horror.The officer was sprawled on his arms he gurgled for breath and pounced forward with only his arms 'Oh ****'....."WHAT IN THE HELL" I scurried back a foot away a second until my back was supported against the car. "HOLY CRAP!" I realized this wasn't the officer!

His face was jaunt, his eyes sunken into his skull, jaw gaping and his skin looked as if he was seriously jaundiced.He had a mere scratch on his face but his eyes.They hungered for me.Dribbling drool poured down his mouth like a fountain.

He moved closer "WHAT HAPPENED!...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!" My pupils bulged "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" I needed to act and fast.

I snatched the shotgun from my side ignoring my red wrists.He moved even more! I stumbled for the bullet slipped 'crap quick' I placed it in with no time to even spare.

I aimed at it's flesh rotting head and pulled the trigger 'BANG' it jerked by the blow then lay flat.A pool of ruby blood caped around him. I gingerly looked at the shot gun realizing what I'd done I threw it in disgust and pure disbelief 'what the..'

I could see a mysteriously small figure in the clearing.


I exhaled momentarily,to hear a gurgling sound whatever it was it must have been attracted by the loud gunshot...






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