Just a little something I wrote while revising for my English exam. ip


1. No Escape

Red angry marks paint translucent skin, some wounds open and bleeding, others are older, healing. Bare, dusty floor boards, decorated with tiny,shining pools of crimson blood. Scattered around on the ground are broken pieces of glass, edges sharp and piercing. A huddled figure, curled deep into a corner. She trembles as she glances around her cell. She has just a threadbare blanket to keep her warm during the wintry night, and not a single drop of hope left in her pounding heart. Danger lurks and sneaks around the room, a black, curling mist reaching out for its prey. Because thats how it must be. Predator and prey. The killer and the victim. The last one standing. Of course the victim could try to fight back, but it usually just makes their torment worse. Darkness always conquers the light. The battle lost before it begins. Shuddering as she thought this, the girl looks down towards her wrist, where she feels a stinging sensation. The aphotic shadows have a firm grip on her and with every second they hold on, the deeper they cut in. Somewhere nearby, a clock begins to chime. The tentacles hold on tighter and tighter,gaining strength. They find their voices, and start to whisper and giggle mischievously.


The girls heart thumps, rattling her rib cage. Moonlight drowns the room with its alien glow, beautiful and mystifying. Her heart pounds faster and faster, but the girl begins to slowly let go. She said her goodbyes a long time ago. She blinks. Blinks again. This time her eyes stay closed. Her heart is silent.
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