Darker Days Downward

Belle had always been hooked into horror fictions lately, and gets the surprise of her life when a vampire character based on her latest read turns out to be her new history professor –alive and very much real! Belle had fallen in love with the vampire in the book she was reading; now she begins to fear whether she would fall in love with her new professor which she was suspecting to actually be a vampire.


5. Diamond in the sky

“She smiled in disbelief at the fact that someone as perfect as Cythare said he wanted her so fucking badly.”

Two . . . Perhaps three. . . Belle had lost track of time as she sat down on the dry grass, cowering behind the shadows of a giant maple tree by the school graveyard – the usual spot she would spend her free afternoons at school. Everything was quiet except for the synchronized chirping of birds above her.
The graveyard was in every bit creepy, though she could fathom why it was a safe haven for her whenever she needed some time alone. Does it have to benefit that the dead could not talk anymore? Her eyes wandered the extent of the grounds; about five meters ahead of her were two broken crosses with withered flowers hanging over them. There was a large till death do we part etching across the marble. Not far from her she would occasionally see people entering and leaving the school chapel. There was even an episode earlier when a kid began to cry while pointing at something above the chapel. This place must have scared the hell out of him. She thought while watching the kid’s parents doing their best to tame him down.
Belle took one more glance down at the book she had been reading for the whole time she sat there. Darker Days Downward. For the past days she could not explain her growing fondness of the story. The more she read the book, the more she felt attached – connected with the protagonist Cythare Elven. Was it because she could not connect with the real life Cythare Elven?
She closed the book as she recalled the events earlier that day inside Cythare’s office. There was something about his grim expression that troubled her. She had never seen him appear so seriously affected that she wondered what must have happened. Though she admitted that she was quite hurt with how he treated her – as if she did not exist.
This day is different. . . There is change. I can sense it. . . Belle took in a deep breath before opening her eyes. The sun’s rays had managed to creep out all the way around where Belle was sitting, scattering the golden spirit of the late afternoon with it. Belle glanced over at the dark shapes they made on the ground beside her.
“Would you allow all these shadows to consume your light?”
Belle glanced above as her heart almost stopped beating the moment her eyes met with Cythare. He was standing right in front of her. His hair a beautiful mess as usual. His gray shirt unbuttoned over slim-fit khaki pants.
“I would be ecstatic if Miss Summers permit me to keep her company,” said Cythare so charmingly that she almost forgot what to say.
Belle nodded, fighting the sudden earthquake of emotions within her. Cythare sat beside her smoothly. She could smell his scent and wondered what perfume was he using for it had a different kind of spell on her.
Time seemed to pass so slow at this very moment as she sat there with Cythare by his side. She remembered seeing Cythare’s furious expression that morning at his office, how he had not even regarded her; as if she was non-existent to him. She remembered how Cythare wished her to leave them with Coundre.
“I was not myself this morning,” said Cythare apologizing. His handsome feature blended some hint of remorse with it.
“Professor Elven, you seem to spend a lot of time not being yourself,” Belle gave out a fake smile, still avoiding Cythare’s eyes. She felt worse for treating him like this.
“It wasn’t about you, ok?” said Cythare as he effortlessly moved to take a seat in front of her so that she was now staring at him. Belle evaded his eyes and looked at the distant chapel instead. The graveyard was still silent. “I was just fixing something that went loose, badly.”
“You didn’t tell me that you had a brother, Professor Elven,” said Belle sharply, remembering her surprise to find out that Coundre and him were related.
“We’re not close. . .” said Cythare. Belle was silent, she was still for quite a while and did not dared to move as Cythare sat there watching her as if a Greek monument was propped right ahead of her.
“It’s. . . It’s complicated,” said Cythare.
“Complications just don’t run out, do they?” said Belle anxiously, trying hard not to commit the mistake of meeting his gaze again.
They sat silently; for almost ten minutes as if there was a huge invisible barrier that emerged between them making it impossible for them to speak to one another. The whole time she avoided looking at Cythare, but she was perfectly aware that Cythare was watching her, studying her every move and computing something from behind his head.
She could not stand this silence any longer, and the feeling of making Cythare go through this silent treatment was making her sick for no apparent reason.
“He told me about your ex, Helena?” said Belle at last, looking at Cythare finally and seeing something that she had not expected. Cythare’s expression was empty as if he had not heard a thing from Belle. His eyes were fixed on her – giving her the impression that she was a meal for him to eat.
“What did he say,” asked Cythare darkly.
“That she broke your heart,” said Belle in a tone of feeling sorry for him. Her brows burrowed and met, she felt bad for bringing this up with him.
“That was a long time ago,” said Cythare coolly.
“When you lose someone it stays with you,” said Belle. “Always reminding you of how easy it is to get hurt.”
Cythare blinked, the clandestine sunlight illuminating his murderous green eyes.
“Belladonna. . .”
“It’s ok Professor Elven,” said Belle. “That’s really not an issue for me. I get it that you were just being a good teacher whenever we get to talk outside class –“
“I want you Belladonna,” snapped Cythare that surprised Belle in an instant. She felt as if icy cold water was just poured unto her. She did not know how to respond. “Want you so fucking bad that I dunno what to do with you now.”
“I wanted you at the very moment I saw you inside that classroom. I wanted you more the first time we met here by the graveyard. I wanted just how those hazel eyes stare back at me. I wanted how you would always unconsciously lick your lips.”
Belle could not speak, she was indeed licking her lips; she quickly pursed it at the moment. There was this part of her that was ready to die any moment. To be wanted by someone like Cythare Elven was a dream she never expected to come true. How she wanted to embrace him this very moment – but no matter what she thought there was still this air of foreboding that sets her miles apart from him.
“But I’m afraid that if you were to enter my world – my life, it would bring you harm,” said Cythare silently. “Seeing you get hurt because of me is the last thing I wanted to happen and I could never, ever, ever forgive myself.”
“That is the reason behind your consistent mood swings?” asked Belle inquisitively.
“You girls call it mood swings these days?” Cythare laughed so hard that Belle felt as if what she said was something stupid. “No – it’s not stupid. You’re actually cute whenever you blush like that.”
Belle rolled her eyes, surprised at how Cythare was able to read her mind.
“My restraint is more for your goodness and safety,” said Cythare finally.
“You speak like you had murdered quite a lot already,” said Belle while playing with her fingers.
“As a matter of fact I did!” proclaimed Cythare boldly. Belle suddenly made an uneasy squirm at her spot which made Cythare burst again to laughter. “I was kidding – c’mon! Don’t tell me you believed that? I use to have this restrain, and I was really hurt this morning for treating you like that. I wanted to go after you when you left my office, but I realized you might just need some space to breath. So I decided to see you when your agony had passed away already.”
“It isn’t agony!” scowled Belle, folding her hands and facing away from Cythare.
“I know, I know,” said Cythare moving closer to Belle with his tone more serious now. “But I wanted to give you a chance to get to know me better first. Then the choice is yours if you wanted to enter my world or not.”
“What if I really wanted to?” asked Belle, now looking straight into Cythare’s eyes.
“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me Belladonna,” said Cythare silently.
“What if I tell you that I like you as well and I wanted to know more of you?” challenged Belle.
“You do?” Cythare’s expression was that of a kid who was given his first toy to play.
C’mon as if you don’t know your effect on women. Belle rolled her eyes.
“I am pretty much aware I make a whole room of women obey me with just one gaze,” he said in a rather care free manner.
“Very confident Professor Elven,” said Belladonna at once.
“But this time it’s you that I want,” his voice became silent and more serious that it almost gave Belle goose bumps; seeing him like that and watching how he talked with his eyes never leaving her the whole time. “It’s you that must obey me – are we clear Belladonna Summers?”
“Obey you – how?” Belle asked confusedly.
“I decided to stop distancing myself from you but you should help me not to hurt you by obeying my rules,” said Cythare.
“Why do I get it that you are a serial killer?” teased Belle, tossing her ebony hair backwards as she inched closer Cythare. “Who are you really professor Elven?”
“I’ll leave that for you to find out. Now the rules.”
Cythare brought out a box from behind him; this surprised Belle since she had no idea it was there the whole time. The box was covered with an elegant silver silk with a glossy red ribbon knot above. Cythare placed the box on Belle’s lap as he retreated to gauge her reaction.
“I get it that the rules are inside this box,” said Belle quizzically as she lifted the box and tried to shake it to assess what might be inside – but no sound came from within.
“Smart as ever Miss Summers,” said Cythare; his lips curving into a half smile. “I want you to open that once you get home. Consider it as my apologies for how I treated you earlier this morning, and a first step in knowing me more.”
“So the rules are really in here,” said Belle as she took one last glance at the box; wondering what could be in it. A book? A journal? Paper files?
A classical music suddenly filled the background as Belle realized it to be coming from Cythare’s phone. He smiled at Belle before standing up and walking a distance to take his call.
Belle watched in awe as the sun’s rays played magically all over him. His gray shirt hugged his perfectly muscular chest as the breeze blew softly at him. She smiled in disbelief at the fact that someone as perfect as Cythare said he wanted her so fucking badly. She watched how his lips move smoothly over the phone; how she wished it was her body that was being kissed by those lips.
Cythare’s eyes fell on her. She felt a hot rush of current fill her insides as she looked away so fast that her neck could have snapped at the speed. Those eyes were perpetual yet dark. She pretended to take her concentration back at the box he had given her, but she was fully aware that he was approaching her – obviously done with his call.
“I got a meeting in ten minutes,” said Cythare, trying hard to hide his smile after catching Belle staring at him with amazement. “You need to get back home and eat.”
Cythare extended his hand but belle disregarded it and stood up on her own instead.
“I don’t feel like going home yet,” said Belle as she tugged the box beside her. “Besides I haven’t read the rules yet so I’m not to officially obey your commands right away.”
“I’m just concerned about your safety Miss Summers. But since you haven’t agreed on the rules yet you are still on your own,” said Cythare, a distinct smile on his red lips. “Farewell for now, I hope you consider my rules later this evening.”
Cythare blinked at her once more before turning around towards the chapel. Belle watched still in amazement at what had just happened. How on earth was she able to catch his heart and attention? It was all like a dream and she was expecting to wake up at any moment now.
But a long time had passed and she was still there, rooted on her spot. Apparently it was reality, and she was really a step away from being his possession; his very own Belladonna Summers. Her inner self jumped at the pending situation that she hurriedly moved towards the gates. There was only one thing on her mind right now – to get home as fast as she could and rip out whatever it is inside the silver box of his.
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