Being in Love

Samantha Sparks was the luckiest girl in the world. She had everything she ever wanted...but she soon found out how life really works.


1. The first time I met them.


Looks can be deceiving. And so can titles. Well, being in love is easier said than done…and I learnt that the hard way. My situation would appeal to some and be boring to others. But it is my situation, none the less and I had to face it. I looked up at the computer screen and I knew I was scared. I was scared to read the next comment that was going to pop up because every word hurt. It was hard to face it and by reading it, I wasn’t facing it. I was just reading it. And then crying the whole night when I realized how messed up everything was.

I’d already lost the boy. I knew it was almost impossible to get him back. Life gives you only so many chances and you have to grab it while you can. When you lose something and you can’t let go of it, it becomes so hard and things cease to make sense.

It was the 3rd of July and my mother was planning an outing for the 4th, she knew I needed it. But heading out was not an option, after all the rumors people started to make up. It was impossible for me to dodge the cameras and rude comments at the mall, on the beach and at school. It was driving me crazy and I had no one to talk to. No best friend, no boyfriend and no social life. I only had my computer and I left like breaking it into a million pieces. But how did it get to this? How did my life spiral out of control so fast? Well for that, we need to rewind to the 7th of January, 2012. The day, I first met him.


I was starting off my new job as an intern at the studio. It was so huge that I got lost thrice but I eventually found my way back. Everything was in chaos that day because One Direction were going to be performing right there on that very day and everybody was excited. I was shaking as I held the coffee in my hand which I was supposed to bring to my new boss. He was a good man but he didn't really like interns for some reason. Apparently we were too young to be given bigger opportunities so for now, I had to bring him his coffee and arrange the files and help anyone in need. Sigh. Well, at least I had a job, unlike most people in school. Senior year was hard enough to get past and with the job, I didn’t really know if things were going to get harder or easier.

Anyway, I can’t really regret a job where on the very first day I was going to meet One Direction. What a coincidence. Like it was all meant to be…

“Here’s your coffee Mr. Burns” I said with a smile, I was still shaking and he noticed it. “Thank you Miss?” he said and it I wasn’t quite sure if that was a question or an answer but I replied anyway, “I’m the new intern here. I just started today, Sir. My name is Samantha Sparks. It’s very nice to meet you, Sir.” I said that and walked away after exchanging a couple more fake smiles. I was quite nervous and it didn’t look like he was going to reply.

It was almost one in the afternoon and I was so sleepy. I was literally yawning and even considering going off to sleep somewhere backstage. But suddenly the tension in the room started to change. Within minutes, the stage was being set up. Someone pulled my arm and was shouting orders like “Don’t just stand there, get your butt on stage and help out!” I had to close my ears to drown her off and lazily walked up on stage. “Hey Matt, do you need any help?” I asked with that same cheesy smile on my face. Matt was one of those guys who you could instantly befriend.

“Oh hey there, Sparks. I almost didn’t see you. Well, you can set up this amp over there. I guess the rest of the instruments come with the band. Once they get here, we can work things out.”

“Yes Sir.” I said with a salute. He laughed and we both got on with the job that they had trusted us with. It wasn’t that big of a deal, so far.

“Hey new kid, come here, I have a very important job for you” I heard someone say in the background. I turned to see that it was Dorothy Green, the stage manager. I walked over almost half-heartedly. I didn’t want her to send me away into a corner where I had to do some crappy job and not get to even see the boys. I literally breathed One Direction.

“I want you to go backstage. You’ll meet Emily and Jason. They are coordinating the clothes for the concert. Each of the boys has an assigned rack in the dressing room. Sort out the clothes carefully and hang them on the rack. What are you still waiting for, a cupcake? Get going, now!” Apparently, everybody here screams orders instead of being nice. But then again, there was no time to be nice was there? Like I said, everything was in chaos.

So I ran backstage and talked to Emily. I had no idea who Jason was. I quickly went to the dressing room and picked up the first suit. And I almost lost it right there. On the right side of the suit was a label marked ‘Louis Tomlinson’, and my heart just sank. I was touching the very piece of clothing that Louis William Tomlinson was going to be wearing in a few hours.

I was half-screaming and I saw my co-worker Maria staring at me, so I kept quiet. It was funny how in just a few hours of my job, I already knew so many people. So then I quietly continued segregating the clothes, smiling like an idiot the whole time. And then almost everybody in the room gasped as the plasma TV lit up all of a sudden. I almost dropped Liam’s suit as I saw him on the TV screen, walking into the studio. I think my mouth was wide open, but nobody noticed because they had their eyes locked on the TV. I had just finished hanging all of the clothes and I found Emily and asked her if I could go back outside to ask Dorothy if she needs my help with something there.

She laughed and said, “Well you don’t have to ask me, you can leave when you want to. I wish I could go outside too, I’ve never met the boys…” her voice trailed off as we both walked in opposite directions.

And just as I walked out, I saw them. The five most perfect human beings on planet earth. Louis was wearing a blue and white striped shirt, with his famous red chinos, Liam was dressed casually in jeans and a tee, Harry was smiling and looked absolutely gorgeous in his light blue shirt and Niall was wearing a red polo. Zayn decided to give everyone a heart attack in his blue blazer and fitted t-shirt. Wow, is this true love? I think so. Although in this fairytale, 5 boys were involved. 


I was so caught up in them that I didn’t see Dorothy, I accidently bumped into her.

“Oh I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking” I said with a slight smile. She looked like she was going to slap me. But thankfully, she didn’t.

“What’s your name girl?” she asked to which I promptly replied, “Samantha Sparks.”

“Okay Sam, listen up. I know it’s your first day here but I think you speak up pretty well. I need you to escort the boys to their dressing rooms. If they need anything at all, don’t come running to me, do you understand? Just improvise, unless they ask for something that is not within your reach. Now get going.”

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. This was the best job ever. I felt like the luckiest girl on earth.

“Hi, my name is Sam and I’m going to be your escort tonight.” I started to blush with embarrassment at the absurdity of that sentence. It was the first time I was talking to the boys-face to face- and I had to say the most stupid thing ever. I felt like I had already screwed up my chance.

“We have an escort? That’s funny.” And that was the first time Mr. Harry Styles talked to me. I felt like I was going to throw up.

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