Being in Love

Samantha Sparks was the luckiest girl in the world. She had everything she ever wanted...but she soon found out how life really works.


5. The first proper job.


I was terribly jet-lagged and I could barely get the key through the door. We only got some of our clothes; the rest was going to be shipped out later with some of our belongings. My mom carried the last of the bags from the taxi and we finally sat on the couch and examined the house.

It was huge for the two of us. The designer kitchen was my mom’s favorite place, she loved baking and she had always wanted to open her own bakery.

It was a three bedroom house complete with a private swimming pool. My room was big enough for 5 people to sleep in but for now, it was only ready for one. I crawled into my new bed and I could smell wonderful scents all over the place. I smiled and dozed off before a second thought…

I woke up the next morning and somehow I was still a bit dazed and hung over from the flight ride. I’d never liked airplanes before anyway.

“Mom, what’s for breakfast?” I asked as I lazily walked downstairs. “Pancakes honey. I know you love pancakes. But unfortunately, we have no syrup.” was the reply. “I don’t care. I’m freakishly hungry today…” I said as I sat down at the table with a plate full of food. I switched on the TV and realized that I was watching British TV and I suddenly missed the old shows. But I knew that I would hardly have any time to watch TV anyway.

My phone rang and I answered it with food in my mouth and I quickly swallowed before cheerfully saying, “Hi Niall! I’m okay. The house is amazing. How are things with you guys? I miss you already! So you guys will be back in a week? I can’t wait! Louis wants to talk to me? Oh, hey Lou! I miss you too babe…Come back soon. The house seems so empty right now. My mom said she’ll go out and look for a job today, or try to make new friends in the neighborhood. Uh huh. I’ll tell her you said that. Okay bye! Tell Li, Haz and Zaynman I said HI. Okay bye then,” I said as I hung up. Wow, I knew them for less than a week and we already had nicknames for each other. Unbelievable!

I shook my head to overcome the shock and delivered Louis’ message to my mother, “Louis wanted me to tell you that his mother’s in town. She wanted to meet you today and I happen to have her number.”

I digged through my pockets and found my phone, looked through my contacts till I found Jay’s number and handed it over to my mom.

“Ooh, I’m kinda nervous to be honest?” she replied. “Nervous? Why would you be nervous?” I asked, laughing. “You know, Jay is Louis’ mother, and…well, I don’t know, I always get nervous when I talk to new people. And she’s British!”  She said with a silly smile on her face.

“Oh mother. How I love you. But, both of us fears to overcome today. You need to meet Jay and I need to meet a guy named Stuart. I’m guessing he’s American. Anyway, I’m off to work..,” giving her a peck on the cheek I continued, “Love you ma.”


The ride to work was dull. I was all alone in the car, except for my new chauffeur, whose name was Joe. He seemed like a nice enough man. I was playing on my phone on my way when I received a call from Paul.

“First day of work, huh? Pressure’s on you. But I need you to meet Mr. Stuart Lisbon okay? Once you reach the building, tell them your name and then ask for Stuart, he’ll tell you what to do next. Oh and don’t forget to have fun.” Paul said as he hung up laughing. I just kept nodding my head and saying “Uh-huh” as much as I could when he was speaking.

The building was huge. I was so intrigued by the architecture of all and I was in with my mouth wide open. Bad idea.

“Excuse me, Id please? No visitors allowed without prior permission” said a big burly man with a funny accent.


“Oh, I’m sorry. My name’s Sam…Samantha Sparks. I’m the new assistant manager or intern or whatever you call it.” I said with a stupid grin on my stupid mouth that always seemed to screw up when it came to talking to the important people.

“Oh well ill check on that” said the man as he disappeared into the crowd.

Well, it wasn’t much of a crowd, but people were really busy, you could tell. I sat down on one of the many chairs in the front office and stared blankly at the ceiling when suddenly… *buzz*, I reached into my pocket and retrieved my phone- “Hello. Yeah...yes this is Samantha. I’m at Modest right now. Someone at the front desk asked me to wait here until he got permission…Okay ill ask her. I’ll be right up. Thank you. Bye” I said and I realized I was grinning. Again. I walked up to the front desk and did exactly as I was told.


“Hi. I’m Samantha. I just got a call from Mr. Stuart Lisbon. Yeah, I’m the new assistant.” I answered politely to a very smartly dressed woman named Mindy.

“Well, we’re sorry for the delay Ms. Sparks. Right this way.” She said, way too nicely.

“You can call me Sam.” I said this time the cheesy grin turned into a stupid laugh.

She smiled at me and led me to an elevator which was extremely huge.

And then we got off at the 5th floor and turned right. Walked about 5 steps and stopped at a big door. Like in those movies where the multi-millionaire has a house as big as the White House and unnecessary big doors that usually led to one table. One big table.

But this was different, thankfully. The door opened and it was a big room. There were about 4 cubicles, for very important people. The 3rd one said Mr. Stuart Lisbon, and I knew I’d arrived at what would hopefully be the doorstep to my future. And hopefully he wouldn't ask me to get him coffee.

“Ms. Sparks. It’s very exciting to meet you.” said Mr. Lisbon. He was a tall man with a white moustache that just didn’t fit right. But his warm smile put a smile on my face as well and I shook his big, warm hands.

“It’s nice to finally be here. It’s the first day of the rest of my life.” I said with a slight laugh, taking a seat in a chair that was big enough to fit two.

“Well, I’d love for you to look around but I’m afraid I already have work for you. The boys come back in a week and they need a break. But that doesn’t mean we get a break.” He said, pointing at me with a smile. He looked like Al Pacino!

“I can start right away. Not many people get to hang out with One Direction every day.”

“Well, those boys are a handful. But they are good lads. Talking about being good, Liam asked me about this charity that they wanted to attend. The details are with Anne, you’ll find her outside. I need you find out everything you can about it and I need it on my desk by tomorrow.” Just as he finished giving me my first assignment, the phone rang and I left politely, the smile still slapped on my face.

“Hi, are you Anne? Or do you know someone named Anne…?” I asked a lady sitting behind the reception. She looked like she was 32 or less.

“I’m Annabelle. I’m assuming Lisbon sent you here?”

“Yup. I’m Sam. He wanted you to give me some files on some charity thing….?”

“Oh yeah, that. I have it right here…” she trailed off as she bent over and fumbled with the files below the desk. She finally found a green one with ‘Dreams’ written on it.

“You’ll find details inside honey. Oh and you’re the new intern, aren’t you? I have your file right here…”she trailed off again but this time she quickly retained a small pink file. My name was written on it.

“Thank you.” I said, the smile rushing back to my face. “Have a nice day.” She said, and I was walking off towards cubicle number 5, the number printed on my file.


                                                                     Samantha Sparks.


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