Being in Love

Samantha Sparks was the luckiest girl in the world. She had everything she ever wanted...but she soon found out how life really works.


3. The first love story.


In order for the next part of the story to make sense, I have to tell you the story of my life. Well, here goes.

My dad met my mom in 1990. She was a freshman in college and he fell in love the minute he laid eyes on her. They couldn’t stay away from each other, no matter what the consequences were.

On April 16th 1992, he proposed to her on a top of the Eiffel tower. Yes, on top of the Eiffel tower. I’m not even kidding.

They were married after a year and I was born a year later in 1994. But see you don’t understand why being in love is so hard for me. For a while, it was not even an option. I wanted to die an old lady, alone with rotting teeth and my laptop as my best friend. You see, that only makes sense because 3 years after I was born, just when my mother seemed to be falling even more in love with my father…Fate stepped in. And Fate killed my dad in a car crash.

It was such a horrible time in the family. We had no one to support us, we were on our own. Well, my mother was on her own and to top it all off, she had me, the biggest burden of all. I was just three and she clearly didn’t know how to work and take care of me at the same time. I’ve had a nanny for as long as I can remember. When I turned 12, letting my nanny go was the hardest thing ever.

Music was my only getaway. Even though I was a baby, I knew my dad so well. I used to read him somehow. Read his thoughts. I loved him so much. I still do and so does my mom. She swore she couldn’t possibly fall in love again. She didn’t even try. She said she was happy on her own and that she would always have me. So how could I do this to her? I can’t just leave her here in LA and run off to London with a band. I was so scared to even ask her. But I knew that with the amount they were offering to pay me, I could take care of my mother too, I am 18 and knew I was mature enough.

The boys dropped me off at my house. I thanked them for everything and Harry gave me a kiss on my cheek- a little too close to my lips- and I could feel my warm hand clutch Mandy’s, pulling her out of the car. Zayn was so into her, you could tell. This was weird because he was all that she would talk about.

I hugged her and she thanked me for the best night of her life. Apparently she swapped numbers with Zayn and I congratulated her sarcastically and walked towards my door, laughing and nervous.

I checked my watch, it was 10:45.

“Hey mom, I’m home! Are you still up?” which was a stupid question because I could hear the TV buzzing. It was cute how she was so worried about me all the time. I kissed her cheek and sat beside her on the couch. She was watching a documentary on lions. She didn’t even like lions.

“Is everything okay? I mean lions? Seriously mom?” I asked.

“Okay, I was bored and nothing else was on.” I snatched the controller and flipped channels. ‘What happens in Vegas’ was on. It was our favorite movie. I’ve watched it like a million times with my mom. “Nothing’s on? Mom, half the movie is over and you’re telling me you didn’t watch?”

“I didn’t want to watch it without you. Fine, don’t give me the look, I was worried about you. How was dinner?” she asked smiling at my face,

“It was fine. Harry Styles kissed me. On my cheek, but you know, it’s Harry and I love him.”

“I know, I know. But I’m going to make sure to tell that boy to stay far away from my precious little munchkin.” She said stroking my chin.

I pushed her hand with an angry expression and blurted out, “They offered me a job. To join the band.”

“They want a female vocalist?” my mom said sarcastically. She thought I was joking.

“Mom no why don’t you believe me? I helped them out backstage and they said there was something about me. Like a special aura. They said one of their important crew members left recently and I would fit her job perfectly. The least you can do is think about it.” I said with a cute smile and big eyes.

“Honey, we can’t just leave. I need to talk to them and their manager and what if we have to move to London-“

I cut her off midway-“So you’re considering it? You mean I could actually pull this off? Mom, will you let go of your entire life here in LA so I could make my dreams come true? You know I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“Of course. Baby, I love you. I will do anything for you. Besides my job is horrible, I can’t wait to start over in a new place. And to get to see the happy look on you face every single day…I know you love those boys. This is amazing. And you’re almost done with school. You could even go to college there”

“OMG thank you, thank you, and thank you! I love you!” I literally jumped on her and gave her a big fat hug.

“What about your present job?” my mom asked.

“Mom, they said I could try it out for a week and quit if it was ‘too much’. Now it’s a little too funny” I said walking into the kitchen to get some water.

Everything seemed to fall in place because the next day when we went to talk to my principal about it, she was overjoyed and actually sad to see me leave.

“She is an extraordinary student. I mean, her grades over the years have been perfect. We are willing to graduate her immediately. I will make necessary arrangements as soon as possible.” She said.

It was kind of right though. I was always a straight A student. Sometimes when people get jobs and have a really good reputation in school, they consider graduating them a little early so they can get on with their lives. In my case, I was offered the job as a new junior assistant manager of One Direction. Now that was a big job.

Within a week, my bags were packed and I bid farewell to my friends. I cried when I saw Mandy. I wasn’t ready to let go of her yet. I promised to visit and keep her updated about Zayn and she laughed. We finally parted and I walked towards the terminal to catch my flight to London. The boys would go back home after the tour but I was excused for now so I could go set everything up in my new London house. The job came with one. A very big one.

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