Fun,music,unknown secrets (1D Fanfic)

Daliah, Maria, Juju three "17” year old triplets that lives in Dubai with Sara their “16” years old sis. There uncle visits them but he wasn’t alone, he asks them for a favor which they accepts. They get a lot of threat massages but they never took it seriously what do you think will happen? GO AND READ <3


6. who live in there?


Daliah P.O.V-

  Juju and I went down stairs to grab something to eat”Heeeey” juju whined “What’s wrong now?” I said rolling my eyes “Where did all the food go?” she asked angry “When was the last time we went to the supermarket?” I asked “I don’t know maybe last week?” she said but came out more as a question “oh crap” I said “uh..uh..uh” juju said “sorry” I said still cursing inside “Let’s go to the supermarket” I said “ok let’s go” she said. We went to the supermarket and of course Juju bought the whole supermarket, am serious she loves food so bloody much “done?” I asked her rolling my eyes at her in the process “almost…” she said “WE BOUGHT THE WHOLE SUPERMARKET WHAT’S LEFT?!!” I shouted at her “this…” she smiled at me showing me a tacos box “oh… if that’s what you were looking for then I don’t mind” I said smiling , she just rolled her eyes at me and headed to the cashier I followed her but stopped when my phone rang I picked it up “ello” I said “is this Daliah Cowel?” the voice asked “yep” I said popping the ;p “ This is the cawshed studios and we are glad to tell you that the songs written by you and your band mates has been approved on” the voice said “OMG are you serious?!!” I squealed happily “eh.. yes I am ma’am” the voice said “OMG this is amazing I can’t wait to tell the girls. But when can I start?” I asked him excitedly “Whenever you want” the voice said “Ok thank you so so so much” I told him “you are very welcomed” he said “bye” I told him and hang up I ran to Juju who was crossing the street but I didn’t notice since I was too excited to look “Juju juju juju I have great news you won’t believe it” I said shouting and screaming she stopped and turned to me “What is it?” she asked “we go…” I was cut off when I saw that she got hit by a car “Oh my god...” I was about to run to her when a blond boy stormed out of the car to her “Oh my god am so so sorry I didn’t see you I was…” he was cut off “ Oh no its fine am ok” she told him smiling. From his accent I knew he was Irish CUTE. He just took out a deep breath which looked like he was holding and helped her up to her feet “Are you sure your ok?” he asked his face full of concern, she just giggled and WAIT!!! DID SHE JUST GIGGLE?!!!! SHE GOT HET BY A CAR AND SHE JUST GIGGLES TO THE GUY THAT ALMOST CAUSED HER, HER DEATH?!!! I was so confused but then it hit me. SHE LIKES HIM!!!!! There is no other explanation.


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