Fun,music,unknown secrets (1D Fanfic)

Daliah, Maria, Juju three "17” year old triplets that lives in Dubai with Sara their “16” years old sis. There uncle visits them but he wasn’t alone, he asks them for a favor which they accepts. They get a lot of threat massages but they never took it seriously what do you think will happen? GO AND READ <3


2. the concert





]Daliah p.o.v

      I went to my room and pulled a red shorts and a white top got changed and put some eye liner and mascara and a blusher I wasn’t a really big fan of make-up I straightened my hair “Wow sis you look great” juju told me impressed of what I can do “thnx so do you” I told her she was wearing a blue sweater that had I love food written on it and jeans shorts and she had the same make-up as me don’t judge me but I don’t think we need much make-up we have a great skin and her hair was curled she looked great as usual “Let’s go to Mariah” I said “ok” she said.  We got to Maria’s room I knocked on the door  and it swung open Maria was on her bed talking to Adam I think “Ok bye babe miss you” before she hand up “Ready?” me and juju asked in unison she stood up I smiled at her “ What?” she asked “We look good” I said smiling sheepishly “As always” juju said rolling her eyes we just laughed and headed to the car we lived in a beach house it was really big but we loved  it . We put the radio on and stereo heart started playing we sang loudly like really loud but we enjoyed every bet of it “WHERE HERE!!!!” Maria me and juju raced to the entireness.





I can’t believe he canceled it!! And for who? “One direction” those divas. I’ll get my revenge. They should have called themselves “one divas” “one direction” is too good for them. (Don’t judge yet you’ll see what happened).




Mariah P.O.V-

The light went off and 5 boys appeared in front of us and the music started playing a boy with brown hair I think his name was Liam started singing “ you know I’ve always got your back girl so let me be the one you come running to running to ru-u-uning “  and then a boy with curly hair started singing I think he was looking at Daliah smiling and then he winked I nudged her and wiggled my eyebrows at her she hit me jokingly and looked back.






Daliah P.O.V-


I was listing to their music which wasn’t bad at all their voices are amazing or should I say amazayn, see what I did there hehehe ok back to the concert now it was Harry singing he noticed me in front and just kept looking at me I felt uncomfortable and then he smiled at me and I felt like he was singing to me I noticed he had green eyes his eyes were just incredible you could get lost in them and then he winked at me smiling I was shocked WHY WOULD HE WINK? IS HE FLIRTING WITH ME?? OR WAS IT MY IMAGANATION I was nudged by Mariah she was smiling at me and wiggling her eyebrows at me I slapped her shoulder and just rolled my eyebrows but I couldn’t help looking at him every 40 seconds he was still looking at me I wanted this concert to end as soon as possible.










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