Fun,music,unknown secrets (1D Fanfic)

Daliah, Maria, Juju three "17” year old triplets that lives in Dubai with Sara their “16” years old sis. There uncle visits them but he wasn’t alone, he asks them for a favor which they accepts. They get a lot of threat massages but they never took it seriously what do you think will happen? GO AND READ <3


3. meeting the boys.


Harry P.O.V-  

I was looking at the girls in the crowd I couldn’t help but to think WOW WE REALLY DID IT I MEAN WERE FAMOUSE AND WE’VE GOT GREAT FANS I was looking at the crowed when my eyes landed in a girl in the first row she was so beautiful her black hair, tanned skin, curved body, and her eyes they were dark brown they were so amazing it was full of spark and she was looking at me I couldn’t help but to smile showing my dimples and wink at the end of my part of the song she looked shocked the girls behind her gave her glares, but I just couldn’t help but to smile at her I need to know her name I must know her name I couldn’t take my eyes away from her she was so beautiful I think am falling for her WHAT ARE YOU SAYIING HARRY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER NAME AND YOU JUST MET HER FOR GOD SAKE that’s it I need to know her name and get to know her.






Juju P.O.V-

That blond boy called Niall is so cute I heard he was Irish I couldn’t see him clearly though he was at the end of the stage they sang a lot of songs and their voices oh god they have voices of an angel finally the concert finished and it was time to finally go home yaaaaay finally home sweet home I can finally go eat am going to eat everything now that’s a promise I can keep hehehe oh god am so hungry.




Daliah P.O.V-

Finally it’s going to end I must get out of here as fast as possible there is a lot of people in here have I mentioned that am Claustrophobic will I am so we decided

 To go before the last song before we move I took a last look at the curly haired boy


he was looking at me with wide eyes while singing like if he didn’t want me to leave or something I think am turning into a maniac but I guess that’s just my imagination cause I started feeling a little dizzy from the crowds as soon as we got out I breathe a sigh “feeeew” “that was very crowded” Mariah kept looking at me smiling “what are you smiling at you creep?”I managed to ask “ AHHHH I CANT BELIEVE YOU, HAVE YOU SEEN THE WAY THAT HARRY BOY WAS SMILING AT YOU AND HE WINKED OH GOD HE WINKED AT YOU” I looked at her worried “Do you have a temperature?” I asked her she just rolled her eyes at me and we headed to the car we drove home in silent not the awkward silence the comfortable one.


Harry P.O.V-

She was right in front of me her brown eyes looking into mine and then she started walking away wait, why is she walking away?!!! She’s leaving??!! Already? but I didn’t get her name or her phone number she can’t leave yet oh god please don’t leave I looked at her with wide eyes while singing the last part of WMYB she stopped and looked at me for a second then started walking again HOW AM I GOING TO FIND HER?!!!


 Still Harry P.O.V-

We walked into the hotel lobby cause the boys decided they want to spend their vacation here in Dubai apparently they liked it here well that’s good cause that gives me more time to find her again. I need to find her. Today was suppose to be the last day here in Dubai and we tried to find any available hotel rooms but there weren’t any available. We called uncle Simon and told him that we couldn’t find any available hotels ,luckily he was in Dubai he told us something about having some relatives here that he wanted to visit so let’s just hope he finds a hotel.


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