A Love Triangle . . .

Daliana is 17 years old, she comes a wealthy family. You might think she has everything, the perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect relationships with others. That's where you're wrong.

She lost her mum when she was 11 months old, just a baby. Her mum, Aryetta was Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Daliana is the only child, she was left in the hands of her father, Jordan. Instead of raising her, Jordan hired a nanny / maid, Lily.

They live in London, in a big house that belongs to be in a magazine. She doesn't have a relationship w | her father, her father is a workaholic, he uses his jobs as a lawyer & accountant to escape from her. She has no good memories w | him, she feels unloved & unwanted by him. Jordan starts to be an accountant for UK's hottest boy band, One Direction. Daliana meets the lads, Zayn asks her out, but Harry also wants to get to know her. She's torn in the middle, & doesn't know what to do.

She has to choose one, but who will it be?


3. Chapter 3 : First Date, w | Zayn


I stood there in front of my closet nervously speculating every piece of clothing I owned. I wasn't sure what to wear and I somehow thought the clothing didn't look right on me. I was going on a date, a date. My first date and I couldn't really process it. To make matters worst I was going to be taken on a date with Zayn. Zayn Malik from the boyband, One Direction. I was already a mess just thinking its my first date then to make shit sweeter it's with Zayn.    I also couldn't process what came over me last night. Sure I'm new to dating but my mind waltzed over to him before he left. I gave him a peck and a hug. Sure he's fit but honestly I never really approached anyone like I did last night. Maybe I'm developing a crush on him or just felt lonely and vulnerable after what happened yesterday.   I walked away from my closet sitting on the edge of my bed, I glanced over my clock, 9:53 am. I had to start getting ready soon and I didn't even have an idea of what to wear. I wanted to know what we were going to do but my smart self didn't get his number.   I heard a quiet knock at my door, I looked over to see my dad walking in. He closed the door behind him as he began to approach me.   "You're up. What're your plans for today Dali?“ he asked as a smile appeared on his face. I knew he knew Zayn asked me to lunch, he just wanted to hear it from me.    "I‘m not sure yet, maybe go out with Brett.“ I lied, I wanted to see if he'd mention anything about Zayn and I.    "Oh, well the boys are going to be over later. You might as well get use to them, maybe develop a bond. You know like a bond you have with Brett.“ he said with a smirk planted on his face. Honestly I didn't want to see the boys over here all the time, it'll get annoying. Just like all his other clients, I hated to see them over here all the time.   "Maybe you should get an office, for your accounting. It gets tiring to see the same nosey people in and out.“ I spat with a bit of annoyance. "No, my den and this house is fine. Plus I now have a good hostess/secretary.“ he said as he skimmed around my room.    Me and my dad always had this awkward relationship. He would only have an actual talk with me when it was that time, of him traveling. Other than that we had two other purposes to talk, when he would try to tell me something or only when he wanted me to do something. It wasn't the relationship I wanted, our relationship just presented itself.   I looked up to see my dad making his way out of my room.  "Dad, I miss you.“ I spat out before he was able to leave.    He stopped in his tracks, his back facing me. I stood there watching him carefully, I stood there waiting for a response. I wanted, hoped he'd say something or do something but stand there. "What're you talking about sweetie? I'm always here.“ he said as he continued to have his back facing me.    "For your clients, you're always here. When it comes down for me, you're not.“ I mumbled as I continued to look at everything in my room.    "I‘m always here for you, you know that.“ my dad said before I heard the door close behind him. I looked back to where he once stood, he couldn't look at me. He had his back facing me the entire time. Yet I didn't understand why I was bothered, its not like if his charade was something new.   I just stood in front of my closet, staring at everything inside. Why was this so hard? Why couldn't I just pick something without criticizing myself? I walked over to my bathroom, I turned on the hot water. I stared at my reflection looking at every pore that was presented on my skin. I untied my hair and let it fall to my shoulders. I slipped my clothing off, letting every article of clothing hit the floor. I walked over to the shower and went inside, the hot water hitting my back as it relaxed my muscles.       I got out of the shower, and remembered I still needed to pick an outfit to wear. I still wasn't sure what to wear, I didn't know if I wanted something simple or something cute. One thing I did know was that I needed help, the only person I can really turn too the only one that will give me their time of day, Lily. "Lily!“ I hollered her name from my room. I waited to see if she was making her way up.   She came into my room, panting. Clearly she needs to do some more running if she's panting like a dog. "Yes sweetie.“ she asked as she attempted to catch her breath.  "I need your advice, please help me. Zayn, dad's client, asked me out to lunch last night before he left. You know I never been on a date and I want your input, on what to wear. Can you please help me?“   "He did? That was sweet of him. Of course I'll help you. I'm happy you're going out, on your first date.“ she said as her eyes lit up, she looked excited and happy for me. By looking at her reaction, I knew if my mother was still alive I know she would be happy for me too.    Lily and I ended up on deciding on a outfit. She picked out a strapless charcoal grey romper and clear jelly gladiator sandals. She picked out this black Coach crossbody bag to go with my outfit. It was a casual outfit. Lily also helped me with my hair, she did my hair in a waterfall braid with wavy loose curls. She also applied my eye makeup for me.   I was super nervous, not only was this my first date but it was with a member from One Direction. All the girls at school talk about them yet I never seemed to be interested into them, until now that Zayn asked me on a lunch date.    I heard a small bell noise coming from my laptop. I walked over to my laptop, I received a new IM from Brett.    Brett: Hey, what are you doing today? Wanna go for a swim?  Me: Hey, that sounds like a good idea but I‘m actually going out to lunch with Zayn. Brett: Zayn Malik? Girls are going to flip when they found out. Wait, your dad is letting you go out to lunch with him?  Me: Brett you can‘t tell anyone, I mean it and surprisingly he is letting me go.  Brett: Fine I won‘t but people will see you two together won‘t they? Me: If they do then they do I guess. Look I have to go. xx    I was annoyed by the thought of being seen and the thought of thinking what everyone in my grade will think when I go back tomorrow. I logged off my messenger still thinking Brett's last words, he had a good point which made me even more nervous.    "Daliana come down." I heard my dad holler. I grabbed my bag and phone. I looked in the mirror once more, my hair looked perfect and my bit of makeup. My nerves slowly taking over, I felt a pack of butterflies erupt in my stomach. It amazed me how nervous I was getting, how now I felt something for him.   "Daliana!" My dads raspy voice hollered once more.   I walked out my room and closed my door behind me. I was at the top of the grand staircase, I saw Zayn standing there talking to my dad, I began to make my way down. As I got closer to the bottom of the stairs I noticed Zayn's eyes quickly draw to me. His eyes getting a bit wide as a smile slowly appeared on his face.   "You look beyond beautiful." Zayn complemented. By his compliment I could feel my face become heated, I knew I had a bit of pink on my cheeks.    "Thank you." I said as I looked down at the floor, something I do when I'm nervous. I looked over at my dad and saw him walking towards us, I looked up at Zayn and grabbed his hand. I hurried over to the door before he could stop me or Zayn.    "Behave honey.“ my dad hollered to me as I rushed Zayn out my front door. Zayn stepped onto the front porch and closed the door behind me. He grabbed my hand to help me walk down the front steps, we walked over to the car. He opened the door for and held my hand as I slid inside, he closed the door behind me and hurried over to his side. As Zayn slid inside he kept his eyes fixated on me, showed a small smile as he placed the keys inside and revved the engine.     Zayn‘s Point of View:    "I‘m really happy you said yes to go out to lunch with me.“    "So am I but I have to be honest, I'm nervous since this is my first date and because all of your crazed fans.“ Daliana said as I felt her gaze at me.    "I don‘t think we‘ll get noticed, I brought a cap.“ I said as I came to a red light. I grabbed the snapback and showed her it. I looked at her intently, a few giggles escaping her lips as she held the snapback and knew my idea. ”I was thinking we get some food in Westfield, only if you want too.“ I said as I continued to drive.   "That sounds like a good idea.“ she said as she leaned forward to play the radio.     Daliana‘s Point of View:    "What kind of movies do you like to watch?“ Zayn questioned as he continued to drive.    "I like documentary movies, drama-romance, like The Notebook. Some comedies. Oh, I love IT!“ I said with a bit over excitement, I looked at him and noticed him smiling to himself. I noticed us pulling up in the Westfield parking lot. Zayn parked the car, he took the keys out and reaached over for the snapback. He placed the snap back on his dark brown hair and looked up to me and showed me a smile showing his perfect white aligned teeth. Zayn got out the car and hurried over to me, he helped me out and kept his hand close by to mine. As we were walking in his fingers lightly brushed with mine. I scooted close to him and grabbed his hand with mine, he looked down at me. His light brown eyes connecting with my hazel eyes. He smiled down at me as we walked into the crowded mall.    "What are you in the mood for?“ he asked as our fingers were still laced with one another. "I don‘t know, you pick.“ I said as I looked up to him. He smiled down at me and then scanned around the mall. "Yo! Sushi.“ Zayn finally said as he guided the way.   We got to Yo! Sushi, it wasn‘t crowded, thank God. We got a good seat by the conveyor belt. The dishes were placed on the conveyor belt and colored coordinated too. After a few dishes passed by we both decided what we wanted, we both got the Chicken Hayashi.        We were done eating our lunch, we went walking around the mall. We talked and asked basic questions. He asked my age, whether I was planning to go to Uni and simple questions like that. We continued to hold hands as we walked around Level A.   "Do you want to go to Build-A-Bear?“ Zayn questioned as he pulled me closer to him. My fingers releasing from his as he slipped his arm around my waist.   "My dad never took me here.“ I said as I avoided his eyes contact. ”Really? Why not?“   "I don‘t know, I guess just busy with work. We never really did anything together.“ I confessed as we stood in front of Build-A-Bear. I felt his eyes on me, he pulled me into a hug and slowly rocked me, “Come on you're going to Build-A-Bear today, we can make one together.“ Zayn whispered in my ear as he pulled away and smiled down at me. I smiled up back at him, he spun me on my heel and walked me to the store. We walked in and it was perfect, the store was set in stations. The skins if the stuffed animals around as were the many options of clothes and shoes for the bears.   This was going to be a date that I wasn't going to forget. It might sound weird but this was perfect. We walked over to the skins of the animals, Zayn picked out a Cheetah, it was a 16in.  I picked out a 17in. pink Octopus. We walked over to pick out a sound we desired for our animals.    After we got the sound we went over to stuff our animals, it was crowded with little kids. While we were stuffing them Zayn‘s hat fell off. A little girl noticed him, the little girl didn't say a word but the ones around us noticed it was Zayn. All these little kids were around him now and they all wanted him sign their bears. Zayn signed their bears, we finished making our bears and went to go pay.    "Let‘s take you home now.“ Zayn said as we walked our way towards our exit. "It's Zayn! From One Direction!" We heard from behind. We looked over our shoulders to see a pact of girls running and screaming towards us. We ran out the mall, we ran to look for the car. We passed many cars and the pact of girls getting larger. We hurried inside the car and Zayn fumbled to start the car. After what felt like forever Zayn finally sped off.   "That was crazy Zayn.“ I said as my head rested on the head rest and began laughing.   "I know, I'm sorry. I'm just glad you didn't get hurt.“ Zayn said as he suddenly pulled over to the side of the road. “Here I made this for you.“ Zayn handed me the Cheetah he made. “Push its stomach, I want you to hear what it says.“ he said with a big smile. I pushed its stomach, “You're beautiful." The bear said, hearing the bear say it and knowing he picked it out made my stomach do back flips and my heart flutter.    "Thank you Zayn. I love it.“ I said as he lifted my head with his index finger for me to make eye contact with him.    ”I'm glad you like it. You're beautiful and I want you to know that. I also want you to know I really like you and don't want this to be it of us seeing each other." Zayn said as he leaned closer in his seat.    You're too sweet Zayn. Thank you for everything, really. Today was my first date, first time to Build-A-Bear and honestly I'm glad I experienced this with you. I can guarantee you this won't be the last time of us seeing each other. My dad is your accountant anyway. So you have a reason to come over then.“ I said as I kept my focus on Zayn.    He pulled me into a hug, his arms wrapping around my small frame, his head resting in the crook of my neck as my head rests in his. He pulled away, our faces in a close space. His breath slowly hitting my skin, causing goosebumps to form upon my skin. His eyes wandering to my lips, his tongue slipping out running over his pink lips. I looked down at my lap and looked back at him. I pulled him closer to me, our lips meeting for a few seconds for a peck as I pulled away and smiled back at him.   He smiled at me and shifted himself forward in his seat. He started the car up again, pulling back onto the main road. His right hand on the wheel as his left hand rested on his lap. I reached over for his hand, lacing my fingers with his as he continued to drive.     Louis’s Point of View:    We were all in the house, getting ready to go to Mr. Slaginsky‘s to hangout and meet up with Zayn when he got back from his date. We were nosey and wanted to see how it went, like if any of them fell or something clutz like.   "Hazza let‘s go!“ I hollered from the bottom of the stairs. "He is always taking forever.“ Liam mumbled as he waited by the door.  "Liam, leave him alone he wants to impress Daliana.“ "Oh boy. He should just stay away, Zayn really likes her.“ Liam said.   "Well things aren't serious so Haz can try with her too."   "Whatever mate. I just don't want her to be the purpose why they end up hating each other." Liam said as he stood with his hands in his pockets.   Niall was eating Nando‘s as we continued to wait for Haz. We were taking my car since Harry let Zayn use his. Which was nice of Harry, Haz could have honestly been like no to Zayn.   Finally Harry came down we all got up walked to the door. We walked out the house in a file line. Niall rode shotgun in the front with me and already started playing with the radio. Liam locked the door as we waited for him, he hurried over and sat in the back with Haz. I switched the gears, I drove down the driveway, heading our way to Mr. Slaginsky.   "I want your honest opinion mates, do you mates think i have a chance with Daliana?“ Harry asked as he sat up straight and leaned in closer to me and Niall.   "Depends how Zayn‘s date went mate.“ Niall said as he faced Harry. "I guess, but do you think she'd take an interest on me?“ Harry questioned again. "Look mate, I don't want to rain on your parade or Zayn‘s  but I honestly think a relationship with you or him is what she‘s not looking for right now.“ Liam said.   "Liam don‘t you start, you got Danielle.“ i chimed in as I focused on the road.   ”I know what I have Lou. Looked I talked to the poor girl last night when I went to apologize, she just wants a relationship with her dad. A father-daughter one. She needs to be on good terms with her dad unless thing will go wrong for her. Her as in you and Zayn too Haz." Liam said as he looked serious.    "How do you know?“ i asked.   "She told me that she felt unloved and unwanted by him. She thinks he‘s like that because her mom died. They don't talk much and she blames herself for her mums death. People like her look for love in all the wrong places." Liam said as I sensed he felt truly bad for her.   "That's sad, you would never think or imagine their relationship was like that, they sure don't act like it in front of us.“ I told them. They all agreed, I looked at Haz and noticed something was bothering him, couldn't pin point to it also if he wanted me to know he'd tell me. Maybe the point Liam was making was what was bothering him.   We pulled up the driveway and we still didn't see Harry‘s car.We all got out the car and walked up to the door. I rang the doorbell as we waited for the door to be answered. I could see Harry was starting to worry, his nerves getting the best of him. Lily opened the door and let us in.   "You can make yourselves welcomed. The pool is outside the game room is downstairs.“ Lily said to us before she left us.    We went downstairs to see what was down there. We walked down and we seen a pool table in the middle of a room where there were stools and bar. To the left of it was an air hockey table across from the air hockey table was a foosball table. We noticed a small hall and walked down it, there was a huge white sofa in the center as the flat screen was mounted on the wall. Below the tv was an entertainment center where the Wii Xbox 360 Xbox Kinect PS3 and PS2 sat. On the wall  beside was a shelf mounted with DVDs, neatly organized by Genre and alphabetical order. Across from the shelf, the opposite side of the room, sat another shelf but the shelf contained video games and board games.    Liam and I went over to the pool table to shoot a few rounds. Harry and Niall went to play with the Xbox, they picked out the Fifa game and wanted to play against one another. We decided to stay down here until Zayn got back from his date.     Daliana’s Point of View:    We were in the car our fingers still intertwined with one another. We pulled up to the beginning of the driveway where I punched the code in for the gates to open. Zayn drove up and we noticed a car parked. I didn't know whose it was.   "Don't worry, it's the lads, they are here. That‘s Louis‘ car.“ Zayn said.   Zayn parked the car, we sat in the car for a bit taking in what happened. He smiled at me as he pulled a strand of my hair behind my ear. I smiled up at him as I wiggled my fingers with his, our fingers wiggling with one another. He leaned closer to me, I could feel his breath lightly hit my skin again. He placed a kiss on my forehead causing my eyes to slowly shut. He pulled away and looked down at me, he placed a soft kiss on the tip of my nose causing me to slightly scrunch up my face. "You're cute you know that." Zayn whispered as he kept his eyes fixated on me.   "Just cute?" I teased as I pouted earning a small chuckle from him.    "No. You're beautiful." Zayn complimented as he looked and sounded sincere. A small sigh escaping my lips as I felt my face grow warm.    "You're not bad yourself." I teased as I gained another chuckle from him. His lips making contact with my cheek as he pulled away and opened his door. He hurried over to me and opened my door. He grabbed my hand into his, I held onto the octopus and cheetah as we made our way up the steps. I opened the door, we both walked in and he closed the door behind him. I set the keys down on the table, I pulled him by his hand up the grand staircase.   He followed behind me, I entered my room and walked over to my bed. I set the cheetah and octopus down on the bed. He looked at everything in my room, he really took an interest at the small trophies I won when I did cheer competitions.   "I had a really good time with you.“ I said to Zayn as I got his focus back on me, he smiled at me and walked over to me on the bed. "I did too. Let‘s do this again sometime.“ he said as he sat beside me on the bed.  "Thank you for the bear too.“ I whispered in his ear as I was now standing in between his legs. I noticed the small hairs on his neck stand up by my warm breath hitting his olive skin.   "You're welcome. I'm glad you experienced your first time in Build-A-Bear with me." Zayn whispered softly as his lips made contact with my cheek. My skin burning from the kiss, he pulled away as his lips curled up. Zayn pecked my lips as his left hand found my waist, his right hand was holding my the back of my nape. Zayn kept his lips attached to mine, his tongue grazing my lip for entrance which I accepted. His tongue moving smoothly with mine, Zayn took full control as I felt him slowly laying me on my bed.   "Daliana!“ my dad hollered from downstairs.    We pulled our lips away slowly as he lightly pulled my bottom lip between his teeth. Zayn kept his eyes on me, carefully studying me, he smiled at me causing my stomach to erupt in the pit of my stomach.    "We should go down.“ he said as he helped me on my feet once again. I nodded in agreement, he leaned over to me and pecked my lips before we left the room.   We went downstairs together, Zayn walked ahead and I followed from behind. My dad was staring at us both giving Zayn a glare and carefully looking at me.    "What were you two doing?“ My father questioned looking at both of us up and down.   "Nothing, he helped me take my bags to my room.“ I quickly said, I looked at Zayn because he knew it was a lie. I only had the octopus and cheetah.    "The lads are downstairs in the game room Zayn. I Believe they're waiting for you.“ my dad told Zayn.    Zayn went to go downstairs. As I stayed in the foyer, my dad went to join Zayn and the others. I went back upstairs to my room to go change into my swimsuit. Everyone seemed to be downstairs, so I shouldn't be in anyone's way.    I walked over to my dresser and dug around for a one piece. I saw my zebra print one piece and grabbed it. I walked over to the bathroom and slipped off the romper, I slipped n the one piece and tossed my clothes in the hamper. I walked out to the backyard and set my towel down on one of the chairs. It wasn't bright out considering it was 7:51 pm, but it was still warm enough for a dip.     Harry‘s Point of View:    Zayn and Jordan came downstairs together. I wanted to ask Zayn how his date with Daliana went but I didn't want Jordan to overhear. I waited for him to make his way over to me and Niall. He was making his way over since he already went over to Louis and Liam.   "How did it go?” Niall asked.   "It went well, better than I thought. We went to Yo! Sushi, then went to  Build-A-Bear together, it was her first time there so it was nice.“ Zayn responded.   "Did anyone see you two?“ Niall asked.   "Yes. When we went to fill the bears up my snapback fell and this little girl recognized me. She knew who I was but didn’t make a big deal because I signed her bear and ended up hugging her, the other girls around noticed and I did the same. It was just when we walked out Build-A-Bear, I was putting the snap back on and someone spotted me and hollered saying it was me. So Daliana and I ended up running out the mall to the car.“ Zayn said as he seemed proud of himself, as if he knew he had won Daliana.    I got tired of hearing Zayn brag, so I asked Jordan where the bathroom was. Everyone else was done playing so we all went upstairs, Jordan directed me to the restroom. I walked by the kitchen, I saw a dark figure outside. I made my way over to the french doors that directed outside in the back, I saw the dark figure from seconds ago in the pool, that’s when I realized who it was, Daliana. I stood there for a moment and watched her swim herself in the blue water under the moonlight.     I made my way to the restroom, when I finished I made my way over outside to her. Outside was an infinite pool, on the side was a bar area. Near it was the grill and the eating area. Their backyard looked like out of a magazine, I walked over to the pool to see her closely. She had on a one piece, her wet red hair flowing in the water as she stood in the water.   “It‘s kind of late to get a tan.” I said to her as I showed her a smile.  “Really? I thought it was still bright out.” she replied with an arrogant smile. "What are you doing out here anyways beautiful? Everyone's inside." I said hinting out for her to come inside. "My exact reason why I'm out here." She said as she made her way to the wall by me. Her eyes looking up at me as she cocked her perfect arched brow.   The rest of the lads came outside, even her dad and Lily. She got out of the pool and sat down on one of the chairs. I seen she smiled at Zayn. I knew that she had feelings for him as much as he had feelings for her. I walked over to Liam and Louis. "Do you think I should ask her dad before asking her out on a date?" I asked as I kept my eyes on Zayn and Daliana.    "That would be a good idea." Louis said as he traced my vision. "I think her dad would be happy of you do. It'll be considerate, go for it.“ Liam said.   I noticed everyone making way back into the house, Daliana and Zayn were holding hands as everyone made way to the living room. Zayn pecked Daliana on her cheek before she made her way upstairs to her room. She seemed happy and so did Zayn. Liam and I stayed for a bit to stay and chat with Jordan, Louis Niall and Zayn left.    "I wanted to ask a favor." I told Jordan. "What is it?" Jordan questioned as we stood in the foyer.  "I wanted to know if I could go on a date with your daughter tomorrow night." I asked as I worried he'd tell me no considering she was 'dating' Zayn.   "I don't know son, she went on a date with Zayn. She seems more happier than ever because he took her out. She also goes back to school tomorrow. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask, it depends on her son." Jordan said. "Oh okay." "You can ask her if you want now.” I nodded and looked at Liam. I made my way up the staircase, I was nervous, for rejection. I didn't want her mind made up already.   I went to go ask her while Liam was waiting for me downstairs, I lightly knocked on her door as I nervously stood hoping she’d give me the time of day even though she just had a date today with one of my best mates.   “Who is it?” she asked through the door. “Harry.” I replied as I waited for her to open and let me inside.   She opened the door, she wore a plain white tank top that fell around her waist, I could see the pink material of her shorts. Her hair up in a ponytail as she replied, “Yes.” as she stood by her door.   “Can I come in?  I want to ask you something.” I said as I kept my eyes fixated on the lovely girl standing in front of me, She opened her door wider and stood behind it, she gestured for me to enter. I walked inside and absorbed the new environment I was now in. Her room looked lovely and perfect. Not a single item out of place. “What can I do for you?” she questioned as she walked over to me with her arms crossed by her chest.   “I wanted to know if we could hang out tomorrow after school or something.” I finally answered as I took in her features. Her lovely red hair with her light pale skin as her hazel eyes stood out to me. “I have cheerleading practice, how about after that?” she said to me with a smirk. “Yeah it‘s  fine. Do you want me to pick you up and take you?” it was better than not hanging out with her. “Sure, you can be here 7:10?” “Yeah.”   “I‘ll be here then.” I gave her a smile as I left her room, I made my way downstairs where Liam and Jordan were waiting for me. “I'll be taking her and picking her up.” I told Liam and Jordan. “Good to hear.” her dad said as we made our way to the front door. Liam and I walked out the house and made way to my car, I slid in and revved the engine. Liam slid inside and got situated, I geared the car and sped off, heading back to the house with the others. 
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