A Love Triangle . . .

Daliana is 17 years old, she comes a wealthy family. You might think she has everything, the perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect relationships with others. That's where you're wrong.

She lost her mum when she was 11 months old, just a baby. Her mum, Aryetta was Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Daliana is the only child, she was left in the hands of her father, Jordan. Instead of raising her, Jordan hired a nanny / maid, Lily.

They live in London, in a big house that belongs to be in a magazine. She doesn't have a relationship w | her father, her father is a workaholic, he uses his jobs as a lawyer & accountant to escape from her. She has no good memories w | him, she feels unloved & unwanted by him. Jordan starts to be an accountant for UK's hottest boy band, One Direction. Daliana meets the lads, Zayn asks her out, but Harry also wants to get to know her. She's torn in the middle, & doesn't know what to do.

She has to choose one, but who will it be?


2. Chapter 2 : He Has The Nerve . . .


When I entered the room with Brett, Harry Zayn and Niall just sat there staring at me; eyeing me and Brett up and down. It bothered me to see them giving Brett these looks considering we did nothing wrong. Brett is my best friend, we do what best friends do; talk, tell each other secrets. Me and Brett have a very close friendship; I see him as a big brother and he sees me as a little sister to him. 

I looked at the three lads and decided to break the tension. "Guys this is Brett, he's my best friend." I happily said as I looked up to Brett; who was smiling down at me. I looked over to the three lads who were sitting down; a wave of relief washed over their face as they knew he was my friend. 

Brett extended his hand out to greet them. Liam, the curly haired with brown eyes was first to greet Brett. Louis' the brown haired with blue eyes was the second to greet Brett. After Louis was the curly haired lad with green eyes. He put up a front as if he didn't want to greet him but he did anyway. The blonde haired blue eyed Irish lad was next to greet Brett. The lad looked a bit intimidated but he greeted Brett with a smile; even if it was a fake non genuine smile. Last but not least, Zayn greeted Brett. The dark brown haired lad with light brown eyes finally greeted him with a bit of an attitude. As he finished greeting Brett, I caught his gaze on me. 

I walked Brett to the kitchen, explaining to him what my new job was. Conversating with clients that showed up here. I informed Brett it's my punishment for leaving Niall in the foyer alone early this morning. I could tell Brett was upset considering we couldn't go on about with the plans we had made in the week. Brett understood and stayed in the kitchen with Lily helping her cook. They get along well, there's no awkwardness between them. Brett after all is part of the family.

I walked back over to the foyer to the five lads that were sitting around. I walked over so I could conversate so they didn't end up snitching on me or worse have my dad come home when I wasn't over there with them.

" So you guys are really One Direction?" I asked as I just thought of something to talk about.

" You live in London and haven't heard about us?" Louis said puzzled.

" Obviously not if I'm asking you." I replied as I stood in front of them with my arm across my chest.

" Yes we really are." Harry said as he gave me a smile followed by a wink.

" Well you guys aren't bad looking I honestly thought the band was like a bunch of ugly teenage lads." I teased as I wanted to see their reaction to such a straightforward gesture. 

"How old are you?" Liam asked politely. 

" I'm 17 what about you lads?" I asked as I walked over to the table that was holding a beautiful vase filled with a variation of flowers. 

" I'm 20." Louis said.

"Me Harry & Liam are 18." Niall said.

"I'm 19." Zayn said all calmly. 

"Hmm." I simply said as I made my way to the kitchen. I honestly felt a bit awkward standing there talking to five complete strangers. It didn't matter to me if they were in a band or not. I went to the kitchen to go talk to Brett and Lily, the room quickly filled with different topics and a few laughters. 20 minutes later, after we all got the banter out of our system I texted my dad to ask where he was and what was holding him up. Dad where are you? The boys from One Direction are here to see you. 

I'm on my way home. I'm about 10 minutes away. I hope you're conversing with the lads. he texted back. I rolled my eyes and tapped away on my phone before I set it down.

Yeah I am. I lied to him, I figured I could pretend and go back to the lads in 10 minutes. 


Niall's Point of View: 

Me and the lads were all sitting in the room patiently waiting as we had our own little conversation amongst us. Liam conversing with Zayn as Harry and Louis decided to put each other in a choke hold. After a good few minutes of watching Louis and Harry Liam broke the comfortable silence between us.

"Why do you think her mother isn't in any of the recent portraits?" Liam asked he sounded worried that was his normal self though. 

"Maybe her parents got a divorce." Zayn said , "Most of us come from divorced families." 

"Or her mom is in jail or even in a crazy person home." Louis said he sounded sure of it to. I doubt that was the case but Louis sounded convinced with his own answer. 

"Can we leave Niall he is taking forever." Louis said sounding annoyed.

"No Louis we are already here. It wouldn't be professional to leave." Liam responded to Louis.

"Frankly he isn't being a professional showing up this late." Louis sassed under his breath causing Harry to laugh to himself. I agree with Louis that it wasn't professional of him to let me know I can come whenever yet him take his time to complete the errands he needs too. 

We noticed Daliana entering the room, we quickly ended the conversation about her father. I looked over to the other lads to see what they were doing, I looked over to Zayn to see his face light up once she was present in the foyer with us. I glanced over at Harry to see the same, the lads were already infatuated with her. Obvious if she made their faces light up by stepping in the room. These lads had feelings for, I also did when I saw her earlier. 

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Liam asked Daliana, which I was pretty sure what Liam wanted to ask her. 

"Depends what the question is." she replied. I studied her face to see that she quickly got uncomfortable with Liam's idea. She looked a bit at unease, her eyes slowly brimming as her voice slightly cracked from the nerves taking over her body.

"Why isn't your mum in any of the recent portraits?" Liam finally asked. You can tell by looking at Liam he was scared for the answer or if she was going to even answer the question. She took a long pause her face quickly turning blank. She had a very plain face expression as if she was concentrating on a precise memory. I seen the others they looked uncomfortable as they nervously waited for response, that is if she decided to answer Liam's question. 

Daliana took a bit to finally answer. Her voice was cracked as she stuttered with every word. "S-she d-died when I-I was e-eleven m-months old. S-she was d-diagnosed with O-ovarian c-cancer." I noticed tears slowly cascading down her cheeks. She stood there with the same blank expression after she told us. She looked as if she was doing some hard thinking.

A few seconds past by and the front door opened.



In walked in Jordan, Jordan Slaginsky. He walked inside as he put his keys in the closet. He approached the lads and greeted them. He turned to look at his daughter who was in a trance still. Tears slowly cascading down her cheeks as she didn't notice her father's presence. He wondered and wondered why his daughter was crying. Jordan thought if the lads hurted her or if they just said the wrong thing.

" Honey, what's wrong? Why are you crying? What happened?" Jordan asked as he looked at the lads as if they had an answer or not. 

Daliana took a few seconds to answer her father. “Daddy I‘m fine.“ Daliana finally replied as she gave him her best fake smile. Her father accepted her smile but he knew it was a lie. He might not have been around her much but he knew that something was on her mind. 

Jordan escorted the lads over to his den. The lads followed behind him. They sat around his desk and were a bit intimidated. Liam the most considering he was the cause for Daliana's small outburst. Jordan looked at each one carefully. He wasn't sure to ask about his daughter or get to business.

“ Do you lads know why my daughter is upset?“ Jordan asked the five lads. The only thing the lads provided was an uncomfortable silence amongst the six of them. 

”Again, do any of you lads know what happened to my daughter? I just want to know why she‘s crying maybe I can help her.“ Jordan questioned them a second time. 

”Sir I might have asked her a question that got her upset, well emotional. I didn‘t mean or expect her to react this way.“ Liam said nervously.

”What did you ask her?“ Jordan questioned as he was nervous himself. He wasn't sure what he could've asked to make Daliana react the way that she did. 

”We were in the foyer sir and I noticed the portraits. I wanted to know why her mother wasn‘t in the most recent portraits.“ Liam replied as he had a mix of emotions and feeling. Liam felt bad for making the poor girl cry and he was scared that he had to inform Jordan.

When Liam told Jordan what he asked Daliana, Jordan quickly understood why his daughter was in tears. It hurts Jordan to see his daughter cry, he didn't want her to be crying he wants to take the pain away but he knows he can't. Seeing his daughter gives him the memories of his wife, Daliana's mother. The more older Daliana gets the more she becomes to resemble her mother; the main reason why Jordan keeps himself in his den or main reason why he's always at the office. Jordan hates to see the resemblance, it just remind him what he had and makes him miss his wife even more.  

Jordan looked up to see five pair of eyes piercing through him.

“All of her friends and my clients know not to ask her. One of my clients asked her and I seen how hurt she was. Whenever someone brings up her mother I know her heart aches and breaks.“ Jordan replied so they understood that it happened to her more than once. Once he said that he felt tears brimming up in his eyes. 

”Sir I‘m truly sorry I didn‘t know.“ Liam said, Liam sounded very sincere by his tone of voice. 

”I think you need to apologize to her later.“ Jordan said so they could change the topic and get back to why they were in Jordan's presence.

”I will sir.“

”Well since we got that out of the way I want you lads to call me Jordan not sir or Mr. Salginsky. Do you lads all agree with Niall about hiring me to be your accountant?“ Jordan asked as he looked around at each lad.

”I honestly don‘t feel comfortable with it, like what will you be doing?“ Zayn questioned as he slouched in his seat.

”Well for the most part, I‘ll just be noting down what you lads spend making sure yous don‘t get into your negatives.“ Jordan said as he looked at each file.

”Oh okay well I agree now. Now that I know what you're doing.“ Zayn said.

“I need you lads to do me a favor." Jordan said as he began to get nervous. "I need you lads to develop a friendship with my daughter. She has a friend Brett but that is it. She refuses to be close friends with females. So I just need you lads to really try to be friends with her." Jordan said as he paused. "Can you lads do that for me?“ Jordan got a rush of guilt, he felt horrible to ask the lads to become friends with his daughter but he felt it was needed. Jordan believes that Daliana needs to trust other people, other than Brett.

”Sure we can do that.“ Louis said as the others agreed.

”Great. Would you lads like to stay for dinner?“ Jordan asked giving them the advantage to get to know the young girl more. 


Daliana‘s Point of View: 

I had stepped outside after I seen my dad and the lads go into his den. It was lovely outside, dark and secluded. A perfect place to just out to clear your head, I didn‘t feel like talking with anyone; not even with my bestest friend Brett. I didn‘t feel like telling my dad why I was crying either. I felt like my dad wouldn't understand why I was still torn up when others ask me about my mum. 

I was quite upset to where my aggression took over my hunger. I didn't want to be in anyone's presence either. I know they'd ask me what's wrong and I just don't feel at ease to even talk about it. What bothers me the most is I had so little time with her and I couldn‘t cherish the time that I did have with her. I don't have any good memories with my mum. 

I honestly wish that she could‘ve passed away after I was able to capture at least one good memory with her. The only person I have a clear memory of is Lily. My father wasn't around as much either, he was always busy at the office. I barely seen my dad he always worked long hours and always in his den. I always tried to go in his den whether to help or just to spend time with him he refused. All these years I feel like he‘s drifting more away from me, making me want him in my life more. 

”Daliana.“ I heard a deep voice call my name from behind as the footsteps and crunching noise from the grass grew closer.

”Daliana, are you okay?“ I turned to see who it was; it was Liam. I faced back to my view and didn't respond to him. “I’m sorry I didn‘t know about your mum, if I could take it back I would.“ the lad said as he sat beside me on the chair.

”I‘m fine.“ I lied through my teeth, I'm the type that tries to hide and hold back their feelings when in the presence of others. I know its not the best way to deal with issues but for me it is. I know I have my outbursts from time to time but I like my way of dealing with my issues.

”You're not fine.“ he said causing me to turn around to him. I noticed a sense of emotion from him, he wasn't going to leave unless I was really, for sure fine. 

”Can you comfort me? Can I vent to you?“ I shyly asked the young lad. He gave me a simple nod and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close to his body. His arm around, the way I was being held made me feel so much worse. My tears began to slip from my eyes slowly as I sat there in his hold.

“You know, I could never express my feelings to anyone except Brett. My dad was and still never there for me." I said as I took a pause to wipe my tears away. "He always avoided me everyday when I was little, it was the absolute worst feeling ever. I always had it in my mind that he hated me. Not having my mum there didn't make it any easier either. You know what hurts the most? When we need each other he takes like 20 steps back. He doesn't hurt together he rather do it alone instead of with me. Shouldn't he want to let his emotions out with me?

Sometimes I just want to cry with my dad, even if it emotional at least I'll spend time with him. You don't understand how badly I want to spend time with him. I always heard the girls in my school talk about holidays their dad took them, or just small outings they have. Me, I don't have that and that's what makes me envy the girls at school; they have that father-daughter bond the bond I want but don‘t have. You know what I hate? When girls at school treat their mum bad, do you know how much I would love to have my mum here? I wish she was apart of my life, I honestly believe my dad will be a better man with me.“ I said in between sniffles. I felt the tears spilling more as I processed what I had just spilled to a complete stranger. I felt and kept this inside of me for too long.

”I know how you feel. My parents gotten a divorce causing me to live with one parent. It wasn't easy, I had to put up a front in front of my sisters and mum which was hard. I know I can't fully relate but I hate knowing my parents aren't together." Liam said as he rubbed circles on my back as my head was nuzzled into his chest. "I know this might sound cliche, or weird but I want you to know you can talk to me. I might be a stranger but maybe that can change. Maybe we can become friends." Liam said. As he pulled away causing me to look up at him. I gave him a small smile in an odd way, I wanted to be his friend too. 

”I think I want to be your friend too.“ I told him with a reassuring smile. He smiled back down at me and swiped the pad of his thumb across my cheeks wiping the tears away. This was the beginning of a new friendship, and I was fine with it.

”I was told to tell you that dinner is ready as well.“ he said resting his hand on her knee. “I‘m not hungry.“ I told him. My emotions got the best of me making me lose my appetite.

”Your dad said you would say that." Liam said as he chuckled to himself. He stood up from the chair and stood in front of me. His hand extended for to hold. "Come in there for me, please. Just so your dad thinks I did a good job.“ he said smiling down at me. “Fine." I sighed out taking his hand.

We made our way across the yard, walking inside the house. I lead the way to the dining room. Everyone staring at us as we walked in and took the two empty seats. The One Direction lads smiled at me, they smiled at the same time causing chills to run up my spine. I personally thought it was creepy making me sort of uncomfortable in my own home. I took a seat next to Zayn, I was quiet the entire time. I just moved my food around on my plate and eating very little portions. 



The group of people that were amongst the dinner table eventually erupted in chatter. The lads talking to Jordan Brett and Lily; as for Daliana she kept to herself. Everyone had finished up their food except for the young girl who had merely ate the food that was served on her platter. The guests had gotten up leaving her and Lily alone. They moved into the living room as Brett had left his home. The young girl helped Lily move all the dishes to the kitchen; once she was done she made her way over to her father.

”Dad I‘m tired I‘m going to go to bed now." The fragile girl said to her father. She had lied, she wasn't tired she just wanted to be left alone.

”Oh come on come chat with the lads, you‘ll be seeing them around more often." Jordan said all happy as he took a swig from his alcohol. His remark only made the girl feel even worse. She knew deep inside he was happy and he was going to treat these lads as if they were his own kids. It made Daliana wonder if she was the reason why he avoids being around her because she was a daughter instead of son.

”No. I‘m tired. If I‘ll be seeing them more often then I will talk to them when I see them.“ Daliana stated as she spun on her heel.

”Don‘t be rude sit down with us.“ Jordan said as he caught her arm and spun her around. His grip getting slightly tighter on her wrist giving her a deathly glare.

”Sir if she‘s tired she‘d ought to go to bed.“ Liam interrupted.

”You lads are fine with that?“ Jordan asked the lads as if they were a part of this family.

”Of course it is.“ Harry said while giving the young girl a wink and a playful smile. 

”Okay goodnight sweetie.“ her dad said noticing the sudden mood change.

”Goodnight Daliana.“ One Direction in unison. Which really only made Daliana roll her eyes as she walked away to her room. 


Zayn‘s Point of View:

We all sat down in the living room with Jordan. Daliana had gone upstairs already to bed. We were getting ready to go back to our house. I've had something on my mind the entire time we were talking, I wanted to ask him permission to take his daughter out on a date. She was fit and she seemed like she was a good person to get to know, which I want to know her more. All of the lads had left and gone to the car, they were waiting outside for me as I told them I'd catch up with them in a few. 

”Sir I wanted to ask you something.“ I nervously said as I scratched the back of my neck unsure how to ask. 

”Call me Jordan, what is it Zayn?“ he said.

”I wanted to ask you for permission, I want to take your daughter out. Maybe tomorrow, I really want to get to know her.“ I was nervously said as I shuffled my feet. 

”Your famous, wouldn‘t your fans see you with her?“ he asked concerned.

”Well I‘m going to be careful with her.“ I didn‘t really know what to say he had a good point.

”Well I don't want my daughter going through a tough time all because one date." Jordan said. A small sigh escaped his lips. "I also can't decide for her, why don‘t you ask her yourself?“ he said as he motioned for me to go on up. I was a bit bit hesitant, moments ago she said he goodnights to us. I didn't want to wake her up. I made my way up to her room a bit unease. I reached to her door and opened it.

Her room was painted a neutral colour, a leopard sheet set laying nicely on her bed. Her bed looking like a queen size. She had a dark wood bedroom set. Dressers vanity headboard & bedposts completed the set. She had a leopard chaise at the end of the bed, her room was neatly organized. I approached her bed and she wasn't in bed yet. I took liberty to sit on her bed and wait for her.

seconds went by as I examined her room. You could tell she had a very good lifestyle. There were soccer and cheerleading trophies on shelves throughout her room. There were homecoming sashes and crowns around as well. By looking around you could tell she was the IT girl or one of the populars. I heard the door open and noticed her coming out of the bathroom. She wore a long white t-shirt that stopped at mid thigh, her lovely red hair tied up in a loose bun. She washed her makeup off making her look more beautiful. A confused look washed upon her face as she didn't expect my presence.

”What are you doing here? Does my dad know you're in my room?“ she said as she looked utterly confused. 

”He sent me up here-“ I said as I was immediately cut off by Daliana.

”I doubt it, now what do you want?“ she said as she walked over to me. Her shirt fitting loose but you could still see her curves underneath the light white cotton. 

”I want to know if you would like to go out with me tomorrow. Like get lunch and just hangout. Get to know each other.“ I nervously said as I was scared to get rejected by her. She got closer to me as she was now standing between my legs. She kept her focus on me as seconds went by; which felt like hours. 

She kept her focus on me a little longer, bringing her hand up to my face as she ran her fingers through my hair. ”I want to be honest with you, I never really been on a date before. I been asked out a lot I‘m just new at this, the whole date situation." She said as she continued to play with my hair. "I shut almost every guy out of my life. I shut them out because I'm scared to let anyone in.” she quietly said as her hand fell from my hair to the side of my face. She took me by surprise, how can a girl this gorgeous be scared of relationships and not date.

”So your saying no?“ I said a bit disappointed, I really wanted to give it a go with her. 

A small sigh escaped from her lips. She took a step back and sat beside me on the bed. I couldn't look at her, my eyes fixating on the small white device between my fingers. ”I‘ll go on a date with you, only because you seem different from the guys that asked me out before." She said causing a smile to appear on my face. I felt her hands play with the short hairs by my nape. "Just don‘t make fun of me. Like I said I‘m new at this.“ hearing her say that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, she made me feel special. I already liked her and I haven't even taken her out yet. When she told me that she made me feel special. She already seemed like the one for me. 

”See you tomorrow, at 12.“ I said was happy to be her first date. I was getting ready to walk out when she stopped me. She gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. Just her hug and peck on the cheek made my night. I walked out of her room down the stairs. I told her dad she said yes then I left and got in the car with the lads.


Louis‘s Point of View : 

“What took you so long Zayn? We were starting to get worried that you got lost.“ I teased as Zayn got in the car.

"I asked Mr. Slaginsky if I could ask his daughter out to lunch tomorrow.“ he said all happy.

"I‘d take it she said yes to you?“ I could see Harry of the corner of my eye he got jealous. 

"She did she gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek to.”

"Where are you going to take her?” I asked.

“Not sure, but I want to make an impression.” Zayn said.

We finally arrived at our house we all got out of the car. Liam opened the door. I went to Harry‘s room I wanted to ask him if he was okay I seen he got annoyed and jealous when Zayn was talking about Daliana. He said he wanted to ask her out but it was too late. I had told him it wasn‘t.

”You don‘t know what if she only sees him as a friend after the date. It doesn‘t hurt to ask to see what she says.“ I tried to make him feel better.

”I guess so I‘ll ask her tomorrow night. I just hope it’s not too late, you know like she’s settled on Zayn.“ Harry said. I know this was hitting him hard.

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