A Love Triangle . . .

Daliana is 17 years old, she comes a wealthy family. You might think she has everything, the perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect relationships with others. That's where you're wrong.

She lost her mum when she was 11 months old, just a baby. Her mum, Aryetta was Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Daliana is the only child, she was left in the hands of her father, Jordan. Instead of raising her, Jordan hired a nanny / maid, Lily.

They live in London, in a big house that belongs to be in a magazine. She doesn't have a relationship w | her father, her father is a workaholic, he uses his jobs as a lawyer & accountant to escape from her. She has no good memories w | him, she feels unloved & unwanted by him. Jordan starts to be an accountant for UK's hottest boy band, One Direction. Daliana meets the lads, Zayn asks her out, but Harry also wants to get to know her. She's torn in the middle, & doesn't know what to do.

She has to choose one, but who will it be?


1. Chapter 1 : & You Are ?


“Daddy when is mummy coming back?” 

“Oh Dali she’s busy.” my father said as he knelt down on the white tiled floor of the bathroom as my small frame sat in the bathtub with soap in my hair.

“Daddy why do you cry at night?” I asked as I rested my chin on the edge of the bathtub.

“I cry because I love you so much and because I love your mum so much.” my dad said as he gave me a half smile. 

He grabbed the body wash and applied a small amount on the loofah. He dunked the loufa in the water so it could sud up. The aroma of cherry blossom trickling up my nose as I tilted my head back showing my small neck so he could lather it up with soap. He ran the loofah on my neck and the back of my neck, sudding my neck up. 

“I’m home sweetie!” a sweet angelic voice rang through the room as I saw a slim figure by the doorway.

Her honey brown hair draping over her shoulders framing her face. Her soft caramel skin complementing her hair colour perfect. Her smile lighting up the room as her dimples were deep and prominent. Her full heart shaped lips curled up showing her pearly whites.

“Mummy!” I screamed as I stood up in the bathtub with my arms stretched out as I was covered in suds. 

I could hear my dad’s laughter fill the room as my mum approached me. She got close enough with her arms extended to me. I tried to wrap my arms around her but I wasn’t clinging on. I wasn’t clinging on to anything. I was trying to grasp my mum but instead I wasn’t, I was only grasping air.


The earsplitting noise of my alarm clock waking me from my dream. I slowly opened my eye to see I was back in my bedroom. I peeked at my clock for it to read 6:17. My eyes pierced open as I realized I was late. I had class and I was already running late.

I hit the snooze button. I stood up from my bed and hurried over to the bathroom. I needed to shower and get ready for school. I ran in the bathroom turning the knob so the water could run as I peeled off the article of clothing.

I hopped in the shower and stood under the running hot water. The hot water hitting my skin relaxing all my muscles. I stood there eyes closed as my hair slowly became drenched. I grabbed the shampoo and squirted a small amount in my palm. I lathered it in my hair as the water continued to keep me calm.

I finished up in the shower and grabbed my towel from the rack. I wrapped it around my small frame as I grabbed another towel to wrap my hair. I walked over to the mirror and began to brush the red locks, I walked over to my bed and began to put my uniform on. 

I began to walk over to my closet to look for my school shoes. I didn’t see them in the closet. Where else could they be? I quickly thought of my nanny, Lily. She has to know where they’re at.

“Lily!" I shouted more like a whine.

“Where are my shoes?” I hollered again as I collected my books and bag to make my downstairs.

I didn't get a reply. She’s usually up by this time so why wasn’t she answering me? Lily is my nanny and maid. She would care for me when I was younger and now she’s our maid since now I can take care of myself. I walked over to the den, my dad’s office.

“Dadd-!" I stopped. In my dads office was a client.

The man was tall with blonde hair he had a mustache. He had a black fitted suit w| black shoes. I didn’t recognize him and usually I recognize my dads clients after all I do see them in and out of my house. My dad prefers to do most work from his house. He rarely goes in his office.

“Excuse me for a second." my dad said to his client as he slowly exited the den behind me.

“What is it?" my dad harshly asked as he crossed his arms across his chest.

“Lily. She’s not up and I can’t find my shoes. I’m already late for school.” I said as I gestured my hands around.

I looked at my dad to see him completely not looking at me. He brought his hand up the bridge of his nose and let out a sigh. He removed his hand and just stared at me without saying a word. The next movement surprised me, he began to rub his temples like if I was such a burden to talk too.

“Do you know what today is Daliana?" My dad rudely asked me as he bit the bottom of his lip as his brows furrowed. Clearly he was upset.

“Yeah it's Friday." I answered as I looked at him.

“No. It's Saturday, you don't have school today. So please get upstairs and leave me with my client." my dad said angrily as he spun on his heel and walked toward the door to enter back inside his den.

“Okay. Fine then." I said getting the point that he was too busy for me. Like always.

That’s what bothered me the most. I didn’t have a mum and yet it didn’t bother to my dad. Ever since I was young he was just never there. My dad was, is a workaholic. He spends most of his days locked in that den or at his designated office.  

I was halfway up the stairs. I couldn’t believe I had woken up this early and the worst part thinking I had classes today. I feel like the biggest idiot. No wonder Lily wasn’t awake, she’s never woken up late and that’s why I found it odd today.

I got to my room and looked at my bed. It looks comfortable but I’m not one of those people that can spend hours sleeping. I’m just not. Once I’m awake I’m up and can’t go back to sleep until it’s night out. I walked over to my closet and slipped out my uniform. I stood in front of closet debating what to do. Not much since there isn’t much shops open this early.

The best thing I can do is go for a run. I grabbed my workout attire and slipped it on. I tossed my hair up in a ponytail and grabbed my ipod from my desk. I made my way out my room walking downstairs. I slipped in an earbud and turned the ipod on. I heard the doorbell ring. It’s rare for my door to be ringing this early in the day.

I looked around to see not a single soul. I walked over to the door. I have to open it considering my dad is with a client and Lily is asleep. I took my headphones out and set the ipod in the middle of the table of the foyer. 

I opened the door to be met by a young lad. He had blonde ruffed up hair and he was quite pale. He had a smile upon his face as his one dimple was more prominent than the other. His smile slightly showing his pearly whites that were being fixed with braces. His eyes quickly grabbing my attention as it was a lovely blue colour. He wore a black hood as the white strings hung down. He had on some khaki chinos and a pair of black and white Supras. 

He was attractive, yet I was still confused to why he showed up on my doorstep.

“Can I help you?" I asked as I quickly jumped to another question not letting him answer me. "Are you lost? Do you want to use my phone?"

The lads smile got a bit wider as it was followed by a contagious laugh. His head hung low as his blue eyes looked up to me and were fixated on me. His smile still visible as he ran his fingers through his ruffed up hair. His hand working the way back to his neck as he lightly scratched his pale skin tone.

“Umm, you clearly don’t know who I am love.” the lad said as his accent sounded thicker and it wasn’t an accent you’re use to hearing throughout the UK. 

“Um I’m sorry who are you?” I asked as I opened the door wider gesturing for him to enter into the foyer.

“I’m Niall, Niall Horan. I’m a new client of Jordan Slaginsky. Is his office here?” he said in his thick accent. His accent sounding more and more perfect as he talked and showed his lovely smile.

“Well Niall, he is with a client now. You seem a little young to be a client." I said as I gave him an odd look.

“Well clearly you don’t know who I am since my name didn’t ring any bells love.” Niall said as he shifted from on foot to the other.

“Are you ‘famous’? Since you’re putting it that way.” I said as I grabbed my ipod from the glass table that was sitting in the middle of the foyer.

He smiled up at me and laughed. His contagious laugh taking over the empty space. His laugh echoing in the foyer as his tall figure leaned closer to me. “I'm in a boy band."

“Oh. Well look, you can wait here." I said while walking toward the door. 

“Wait, where are you going?" he asked as I was about to close the door.

 “For a run let my dad know when you see him. Thanks, Niall." I closed the door behind me. 


I ran down the driveway as the cool breeze slowly hit my face. I turned to my right once I opened and closed the gate. I continued to run in the neighbor as I listened to my ipod. I was listening to Blondie, Heart of Glass to be exact. My favorite song of Blondie really.

I ran by nothing but homes. The homes were very far apart and it felt like 5 minutes apart from each house running on foot. I’m sure it wasn’t precise but you get my drift. I turned to my left once I got to the end of the road and continued to run. My chest rising and falling from the adrenaline. My legs beginning to burn from running as I began to get side stitches. 

I wasn’t use to running. I only ran on the weekends when I didn’t have class. So I had a big gap frame. I continued to run for a few more minutes. I came to a stop as I hunched over to catch my breath. I sat down on the grass and laid there looking up as my eyes were tightly closed shut. I felt a small vibration coming from my pocket. 

I pull my iphone out and see a text from my dad.

Dad: "Why didn't you tell me you were going for a run? & why didn't you inform me that Niall Horan was here?"

I wasn’t sure what my dad’s deal was. First he wants me nowhere near his office and no interruptions. Now he wants be to be his secretary to tell him when a client comes prancing through the door. I got in trouble plenty of times for informing him when a client came. I stopped doing it because I always got that lecture of how it’s rude to come in when he’s working. Apparently this Niall Horan is special and gets special treatment.

Me:"Because you were busy with that client you already seemed mad at me since I ran in your office."

Dad:"How many times do I have to tell you to let me know when a client arrives."

What an ass, I have Lily as a witness that he complained because I interrupted when clients came. If anything why doesn't he have a separate place for his business why does he even do it at home? He has an office maybe he should use it instead of using the house and trying to switch ‘rules’ up on me.

Me:"Ok, now let me finish up my run."

I replied as I sat up in the grass. I stood up and continued my run. I was 4 blocks away from my house which seems much more considering the spacing and gaping of the houses. I took my headphones out of my ears. It was still early and I was a bit annoyed of how slow the time was. I unlocked my phone and composed a new text to Brett.


I waited for a reply. Nothing yet. Maybe he still sleeping.

I decided to run the 4 blocks home. I finally got to the gate. I punched in the code and the gate opened up for me. I closed the gate once I got in. I began to wonder how Niall came in if you need the code to get in. Did my dad give him the code once they first met? I walked up the driveway and didn’t see car parked in the driveway. 

I hurried up my front steps and unlocked the front door. I set my phone and ipod on the table. I kicked my sneakers off by the door. 

"Daddy I'm back from my run." I hollered as I waited for a response.

No answer. I ran up the stairs to my room. I needed to change out of these sweaty clothes and take a nice cold shower. I let the water run as I quickly grabbed something from my closet to slip into after I was done. I walked back over and slipped off my clothing. I slipped in the shower as the cold water hit my body. The cold water hitting my warm sticky skin felt refreshing. 


I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my small frame. I made my way to my bed and grabbed the article of clothing I had precisely laid out earlier, before I hopped in the shower. I put on pale blue floral tank top with white shorts & some brown gladiator sandals. After I slipped on my clothing I made my way downstairs. I grabbed my phone from the table and made my way towards the kitchen.

“Finally you're up." I said to Lily who was cleaning the counter tops. 

“I heard you were looking for me this morning." Lily said softly.

“Yeah my alarm clock went off I thought I had school.” I said as I grabbed a water from the fridge.

“So what is it that you want?" Lily asked.

“Nothing now." I said as I walked over to the counter and sat down with my water bottle. My eyes were fixated with the slim device in my hand waiting for a reply from Brett.

Next thing I see from the corner of my eye is a shadow tall figure approaching. I set my phone down and kept my eyes fixated on him until he was standing in my presence. Once his tall figure was towering in front of me I saw that he looked pretty upset.

“Daliana, what in God's name were you thinking, when you left Niall in the foyer alone." my dad harshly asked me.

“You what Dali." Lily said all shocked, clearly not having my back in this one.

“She left one of my clients alone in the foyer. Daliana I don't want you doing that. Do you hear me?"

“Yes. It's just I was eager to go on my run. I was bored since I got up early today." I replied while my eyes were now fixated back to the slim device between my fingers.

“Well you could've kept him entertained if you were that bored." he replied sharply. 

“Oh by the way thanks for pulling that little stunt, now whenever I have a client waiting; you my dear will be watching them in the foyer." my dad as he pointed in my direction.

“Whoa, no! What do you mean?" I asked as I let my phone fall on the countertop.

“You'll be the entertainer & keep conversation when I have clients coming over to the house." my dad said as he walked over to me again.

“So I basically have to stay in the house now all day and everyday?" I asked. I was a bit annoyed spending my weekends greeting middle aged men isn't exactly my cup of tea.

“Basically if you don't I'll just ground you." my dad cooed as he walked out of the kitchen.

My weekend plans are now ruined. I’m basically grounded if he wants me to be here. I have to stay here and great middle aged clients and it’s not really a joy to do that. Most of clients before would ask me questions, personal questions. Like if I have a boyfriend and how I’ve been doing since I lost my mum years ago. Honestly there’s no need for them to mention it. It happened almost 18 years ago.

                           Niall's Point of View :

After leaving the Slaginksy's house I went to the house. I went back to the house to tell the lads about meeting with Jordan later today, or tomorrow. 

" Niall where have you been? We were worried-" Liam asked.

" We thought you got kidnapped." Louis said.

" I got something to tell you lads, I don't know if you mates will be mad at me or not."

" Well come on spill the beans." Liam said eagerly wanting to know what I would say next.

" I went to talk with someone-"

" A girl?" Harry interrupted.

" What? No." I replied.

" I went to see Mr. Slaginksy-."

" Why did you go see a lawyer Niall?" Zayn interrupted.

" He's an accountant too, could you guys let me finish instead of interrupting me after every damn bloody word. I thought we could use some help you know someone who knows what they’re talking about. Just so we don't waste too much on stuff that isn't necessary."

" I think we can manage our own money Niall." said Zayn. 

" I think it's a good idea." Liam and Louis agreed.

" This guy knows what he's doing Zayn, he has a degree for it." I said.

"Zayn come one it's not a bad idea in the end it's helping us too." Harry said.

"Alright we can meet him but if I don't feel comfortable then I'm out." Zayn said.

"Cool he said we can stop whenever well today and tomorrow." I said.

"Let's stop by later on today." Louis said.

"Alright but let's eat first mates I'm hungry."

"We know Niall." Harry said.

 Daliana's Point of View: 

I went up to my room and sat on my bed trying to think what can I possibly do today. I was still waiting for Brett to reply. I decided to turn on the radio just to keep me sane. David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj and Flo-Rida was on. I started to sing Nicki's part, I rapped her part under my breath. Next thing my phone vibrated it was a text from Brett. Sorry I was sleeping why did you text me so early? Sure you want me to pick you up?

Thank God he texted me back I was starting to think that my Saturday was going to be boring. "Yeah, come by for me. :) I replied.

Next thing I knew some new boy band was playing on the radio the radio man said "One Thing from One Direction." I let it play while I was getting purse and money.

I went down the stairs to go talk to Lily. "Lily!" I hollered her name. 

"Why in the world do you keep screaming for Lily?" my fathered said as he peered from the sitting room. It seemed like he was annoyed of me.

" I just wanted to chat with her dad."

" Well stop screaming and look for her." he said annoyed. I seen him grab his keys from the closet door in the foyer. 

" Where are you going daddy?" 

"To the office I need to pick up my client's file. Why?" my dad said as he had the door opened.

" Just wanted to know-"

" Where are you going missy?" he interrupted me. "Didn't I tell you to stay just in case anyone comes to the house looking for me?" he harshly said as he closed the door hard. There were many times when I felt my dad would hit me and I'm not going to lie I deserved to get a few smacks here and there. This was one of those times when I felt scared.

" I wanna get lunch with Brett-"

" Well Lily can cook the two of you something. Bottom line you're not leaving." he said after closing the door and ending the conversation right then & there.

Now I what am I going to tell Brett? I went to Lily's room she wasn't there. Went to the kitchen still no sign of her. Where in the bloody hell could she be? I looked everywhere in this house and couldn't find her. 


Meanwhile at the lads house, they were all getting ready to head over to the Slaginsky home. Niall had scheduled a meeting for the lads to talk to Jordan so they all agreed and understood the purpose for his helping. Niall just thought it'd be wiser if him and the boys had someone that would safely help manage their money; considering the One Direction lads are raking in a hell of a lot pounds.

Liam and Niall were the only ones dressed and ready. They waited on Louis Harry and Zayn. The trio were the ones that always took long to get ready. Louis needed the precise outfit, he had the most sensible style out of the five lads. Harry well he needed to make sure he looked good; flawless skin perfect hair and a decent outfit. Zayn, well he always worried about his hair. His hair was precious to him and he needed it to be perfect, to the T.

Harry was the first of the three to join Liam and Niall. He joined them on the sofa in the living room. Liam was on his phone texting his beloved girlfriend, Danielle. They have met a few months ago when the boys made their first performance appearance since they were on the X Factor. Niall was sitting on the sofa watching a rerun of the inbetweeners as he munched on Oreos. Harry was on his Twitter looking at his mentions.

Louis finally came down from his room and stood in the doorway to see Liam Harry and Niall. He walked over beside Harry and began to dis-shovel his hair. Harry shoved Louis in a playful manner, causing them to shove each other on the sofa now. The more shoving they did the louder they were and the louder they got the more irritated Liam got.

"Can you two stop?" Liam spat as he kept his focus on his phone. The two mates stopped silently mimicked Liam as he was putting his full attention to the sweet texts he was sending to Danielle.

Zayn finally arrived downstairs with the other lads. As soon as they heard his footsteps they hurried over to the foyer. The lads grabbed their hoods and began to file out the house. Zayn had his hair up in a perfect quiff. His quiff is what caused this delay for the lads. 

The lads filed in Harry's car. They got in bit of dispute of who was going to be riding shotgun. After a few minutes of bickering the sweet Irish won the honor of riding shotgun with one of his close mates, Harry. They pulled out the driveway and continued their journey to the Slaginsky home. The car quickly filled up in deep conversation a various banter comments to Zayn and Niall. Louis and Harry got their share of banter comments as well. Liam just sat back and enjoyed their humor towards each other.

After a good 20 minutes of laughing at one another they finally came to a gated home. The gated home that Niall was at hours ago. The Irishman punched in the code that Jordan gave him. The curly headed lad drive up the long driveway as the took in the environment they were presented with. The curly haired, green eyed lad parked behind a white vehicle. The lads all hopped out the black Range Rover as they stood around and took in the enormous house, the house they were about to enter. 

Daliana's Point Of View :

The one place I didn't go look for Lily was the pool house. So I walked to the pool house. Knocked on the door.

" Lily are you there?" I asked calmly.

" Yes come in." she replied. I walked in the pool house it looked amazing. She had all types of sewing machines and all types of fabrics she really transformed the place. It looked incredible. 

" What is it sweetie?"

" My dad left and I told him I was going out to lunch with Brett; but he said for me to stay in and have you make us lunch he thinks clients are going to come. He went to the office for files." I said as I examined her pool house some more.

" Okay what should I make you two?" 

"I don't know some Italian."

We walked back to the house I felt bad interrupting her sewing. It's my dads fault since he wants me in this house. I hated it because the clients come around when he isn't. Which makes things only more awkward for me.

I was trying to help her cook but she didn't want my help. I was sitting by the counter then the doorbell suddenly rang. I jumped up " Yay, it's Brett." I squealed all happy.

I ran from the kitchen to open the door sad to say it wasn't Brett. It was the blonde kid from earlier and he had brought 4 other guys with him.

" What are you doing here you were just here this morning." I asked with a bit of annoyance in my tone. 

" I know, I spoke to your father and he told me to bring the band down to chat with us." Niall said.

" Well he's not here he's at his office. He went for some files." I was still at the door I really didn't feel like letting them in. Only because I didn't feel like talking to them.

"I'm Louis Tomlinson-" said the guy with the light brown messy hair.

"We're One Direction." said the other lad with curly light brown hair. This lad's eyes were brown unlike the other one who was blue.

"Not uh." I didn't really see how One Direction looked like so I wasn't sure to believe them or not. I guess you can tell I wasn't a fan girl.

"Yes we are I'm Zayn Malik." He gave me a smile after he told his name. Well whether I wanted them inside or not I had to let them in since my dad told me too.

"Come in do you guys want something to drink?" I asked when I really wanted them to say "No we're fine."

"Water please." said everyone except Louis.

"No I'm fine." Louis said as he smiled at me.

Of course the rest had to say water I went to the kitchen where Lily was making lunch. 

" Who was at the door honey." she asked all quietly. 

" Clients for dad. This boy band called One Direction." I said annoyed.

"Really, they are huge success right now." Lily sounded like a fangirl right about now.

"How come you heard of them and I didn't?" I questioned under my breath.

I was walking out of the room ready to hand them their bottled water. As soon as I entered the room the doorbell rang. I handed the five lads their bottled water, I walked over to the door to answer it. 

Zayn's Point Of View :

Me and the lads were all talking about how pretty she was, I could tell Harry was into her. So was Niall. Louis just said that she seemed like a cool person to be around with considering she wasn't one of those crazed fans. Liam agreed.

As she was coming into the room to hand us our bottled water she smiled at us. Then she went to answer the door. Whoever it was she was happy to see that person. She entered the foyer with a blonde haired guy he had his arm around her waist. I looked over at Harry and Niall I seen their face, they looked a little pissed off. I'm assuming this must be her boyfriend, they seemed a bit smug with one another.

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