In The Limelight

Bethan Thomas & Harry Styles.

Match made in heaven?

Find Out.


5. Coffee & Cuddles

+ Harry's POV +
Why am i so nervous? it's not like i've never been on a date before! but this is with a girl who is hot, sexy, fun, fiesty oh and did i say hot? *le wink face here* .

It was 9:20 so i had plenty of time to get ready. I wore a black v-neck with a unbuttoned blue shirt with my black jeans and white converse. WHATS COOKIN' GOOD LOOKIN'.
with a quick shake, flip and comb to the side of my hair, i got into my Audi R8 (AN: THE ONE HE OWNS IN REAL LIFE)
and drove down to Starbucks. I went up to the counter, ordered my Mango and Passionfruit Cooler, dropped in a wink and got £2 off... cool.

i sat back in the corner of the comfy seats that you usually have to fight for and waited for her to come.

+ Beth's POV +
It's 9:45 and i just got out of bed! I walked into the ensuite and sprayed deoderant and ran into my closet.
<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">  

I then walked into my wardrobe and chose some burgundy jeand, white converse, white top with a peace sign on it and a black Mulberry bag. Then i applied some foundation, Concealer, eyeliner, bronzer and mascara. I followed this by putting my hair up in a top bun. Okay, time to goooooo.

I got there at 10:05. Late but not too late. I saw him in the corner looking FIIIINE as ever....
He spotted me as i was walking towards him and he stood up.
"Hey, sorry i'm late my alarm didn't go off."
"It's fine, As long as you actually came i don't mind" He smiled at me, his dimples showing. HOLY LORD! MY BODY IS READY!!
sorry -

I ordered a Caramel Frappucino and then told Harry how Cody and me dated. How he then cheated on me with my bestfriend Lucy. I thought i was being a good girlfriend, It was our 1 year anniversary and he was filming a music video in a different country. So, i flew out and drove to the location. I then found his trailer and found him Panting on top of My 'Bestfriend'. When he looked at me he looked like i had just said that his dog was dead. Long story, short, We broke up and i havent talked to either of them since.
Harry was very good during this story, he looked genuinly interested and then hugged me after.

After about 2 hours we decided to leave.
"Hey, How about you come to my place? We can watch movies and stuff?"
"Um sure, but i get to pick the movie" I teased him throwing in a wink.
"Sure, whatever floats your boat".

We both  got into Harry's car and drove to his 'Larry' Apartment.
When we arrived it was very nice, he even opened my door for me. HOW CUTE
We settled on Harry's bed. We both came to the agreement that we would watch Bambi... ITS CUTE OKAY

+ Harry's POV +

SCOREEE we both chose Bambi. Me? because everyone cries at Bambi and that means i can slip the arm around her and cuddle, maybe some kisses? 

Okay, the Sad part is on.. and get ready for the tears. 
BINGO!! okay, shes crying. Slip the arm around. CHECK
cuddle her close. CHECK talk comforting words. CHECK.  
We stayed cuddled for the rest of the movie. 
She hasnt talked in a while i thought to myself so i looked down and sure enough she was asleep. I gently caressed her face and pulled the covers over us after taking off her shoes for her. When i got out of bed to strip to my boxers, she moaned. THATS SO CUTE
I got back under the bed and she instantly cuddled up to me.
I think i'm falling already... Oh Boy.

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