In The Limelight

Bethan Thomas & Harry Styles.

Match made in heaven?

Find Out.


3. Chapter 3


'CAUSE I'VE HAD THE TIME OF MY LIIIIFE!! AND I'VE NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE!!' I yelled at the top of my lungs as i was walking through the corridior of 'Syco Records'."Excuse me" i turned around to see a tall, tanned boy around 17/18 infront of me. He had brown hair and the mostbeautiful brown eyes i have ever seen!  "yes?" "um, i'm a really big fan of yours. Can i get a picture with you?"   You can have more if you like ;) HEY HEY! STOP THINKING LIKE THAT! "s-sure." the boy got out his red Iphone and put his arm around my waist.  HOLY MOTHER FU- a279;"smile" I smiled like a little girl being told she was getting a barbie doll.    "you know, you never told me your name"  "oh. Justin. Justin Bieber. And babe, here's my number. you should call me sometime. We can hang out" he winked at me and walked away... he fucking winked at me....; Wow. I was gonna be in trouble when i get to that conference room. :L.    "OH MY GOD! MUM, I JUST SAW THE JUSTIN BIEBER!! AND HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER! I THINK IM GONNA FAINT! BUT OH MY GOSH YOU SHOULD HAVE SAW HIM! WITH HIS WHITE V-NECK AND JEANS! OH MY GOD HIS JEANS, THEY WERE LIKE SO LOW. BUT PFFFFFT EASY ACCESS RIGHT?!" as i rambled on, i hadn't noticed Simon or the 5 GORGEOUS boys all sitting around a large table. "Bethan. I would like you to meet One Direction. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry. UMMMMFFF I WOULD SO DO TH- "Hey. i'm Liam. it's really nice to meet you." i just smiled and gave him a friendly hug. i did this with the other 3 boys. But when it came to Harry, he moved his hands to my lower back in the 'friendly' hug and whispered in my ear "You have easy access anytime babe" OH MY GOD.. HE IS KILLING ME! 
after the awkward hugs, the boys and i sat down around the large glass table. "so, as you know, you both have singles out in the 'top 10' charts. me and Bethan's mother have decided that we would do a mash up of your singles and then record some duets in hope of both of your successful careers. what do you guys think?" Simon explained to us. After we all agreed that it would be a mash up between 'What makes you beautiful' and 'You da one' (It is Beth's song in this story) we got asked to take pictures together. I was between Niall and....Harry:L. After the pictures, we followed eachother on twitter and exchanged numbers. we agreed that we would meet up again tonight for dinner at 8pm. It was 1pm now, so i decided to go into town and buy an outfit for tonights dinner. I was inside Dorothy Perkins looking at some heels when a group of 5 10/11 year old girls walked up to me. "UM Bethan... can we have photos with you please" asked the smallest one. "Of course sweetie". After about 20 minutes of taking pictures and talking to the girls i got a text of someone.
Hey, it's Harry. just wondering if you were still coming tonight?Xx

hey harry :) yeah i'm coming tonight :) still haven't found anything to wear and im running out of money :P Xx

i got an instant beep from my phone. WOW he's quick.


hhaha! neither do i :( but i want to wear my grey blazer! any ideas beth-bear? ;) Xx


OH MY GOD!! MUM TOLD YOU MY NICKNAME!?!?! :L but how about  white v-neck, burgandy trousers and white converse? how bout that curly ;P Xx


i like it :) i know where to come if i have fashion problems now :) see ya later Beth-bear ;P Xxxx



okay, so i bought LOTS of things... but i didn't even buy a dress for tonight :L guess i'll have to look thought the stuff i bought for something else! 


i FINALLY picked an outfit. i did my hair in calm curls and did light makeup. i also painted my nails. I FELT AMAZAYN !;)

It turned 7:45 and i was on my way to dinner in a chauffer driven car. MAN I LOVE LIFE!  i got out of the car to about 50 paps with their cameras flashing every second! this is the bit i hate. 
I quickly walked inside the resteraunt and saw the boys. as i walked to their table, i noticed a sixth head. "um, hey guys" i just stood their awkwardly. The head turned round to someone i never thought i would see again. Cody Simpson.   My Ex-Boyfriend. The one who cheated on me. with my best friend.

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