In The Limelight

Bethan Thomas & Harry Styles.

Match made in heaven?

Find Out.


8. 8

+ Beth's POV +

It's been a month 
Since i lost my baby.
Since Harry lost his baby.
Since we lost OUR baby.

Sure we've moved on, but that isn't something you can forget. 

Me, Louis and Paul are about to walk out of the hotel to get breakfast for everyone. Mcdonalds actually :)

"I like your shirt. You look like Liam." Louis said staring at my checked shirt i wore with my jean shorts, belt, grey t-shirt and white vans.

: <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

"LILO! sorry, Fangirl moment" I looked down embarrassed While Louis just laughed his head off.
"No, No, i think it was funny."

"Okay kids, Stop for about 5 minutes then in the van okay?" Paul said stopping Louis from his laughing fit and me from burning red.

was all we heard amongst the cheering and screaming from both our left and right.
Louis went left, so i went to the right side.

"Hi girls" i smiled at 4 girls around 13/14.
"Can you sign my poster?" one girl with short ginger hair asked.
"Sure babe"
After signing their posters/notepads and taking pictures i was about to walk away when i said "And don't change your hair colour. It's gorgeous" I said to the ginger girl when i had saw her shopping bag with brown hair dye in. I smiled at her and proceeded to the other fans.

"Hey babe" 
"Hey, want me to sign anything?" i said to the GORGEOUS guy in front of me. He looked around 18/19. perfect.

"um, yeah can you sign this poster with your phone number?" Cheeky. i like it. He winked at me and held out a sharpie.

"Sure handsome" i winked back. 
"I'll call you later beautiful!" 
"WAIT! what's your name?" 
"Jack. Remember it. you'll be screaming it later" He smirked and walked away.


- Concert Time -

I was getting into my outfit, did i not tell you?
One Direction and me were gaining fans who liked us together, so we did more concerts.

<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

"HELLO! HOW ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT?!" i said into my microphone, to be replied with screams and shrieks.

I sang: Safe and Sound, Titanium, My cover of We Found Love and now was my finishing song, Skyscraper.

i walked of stage to be greeted by Harry. 
"Hey, can we .. talk?" He asked almost, hesitantly.
"Sure, I suppose"
We walked in silence to my dressing room, seeing as the boys wouldn't be there.
I sat in my chair by the vanity table while Harry sat on the sofa. 
"Ever since losing the baby i... I found out how strong you are and... I think i wanna be with you. Your perfect. You have nice hair, eyes, body shape, personality, everything. And i love it."
Without another word, he strode over to me, held the back of my neck, and kissed me straight on the lips.
I was shocked. Amazed. Happy?
I kissed his soft bubblegum lips with just as much passion and wrapped my  arms around his neck.
About 20 seconds later, we broke apart. 
He had a grin on his face, and i'm sure i looked like a cheshire cat. HAHA GET IT? CHESHIRE? HOLMES CHAPEL? never mind.

"So,... Do you wanna go out with me?"
I didn't reply, i just grabbed his curly locks and pulled his lips down on my own.

Maybe things were getting better.
I am finally happy.
But. Will it last?

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