In The Limelight

Bethan Thomas & Harry Styles.

Match made in heaven?

Find Out.


7. 7

+ Harry's POV +

I've never felt worse in my entire life. 
What did we do? Why us? Why did this happen?
A million thoughts were buzzing through my mind.
Louis was sitting on the sofa just staring at the wall, Zayn was Picking silently at the strings of his hoodie, Niall was running his hands through his hair, Liam was standing still as glass, looking at the fireplace. Bethan was in her room. Recovering. 
Let me tell you what happened.


-- 2 Hours Before --
+ Beth's POV +
I'm now 4 months pregnant. Seen as how we all have a break off, i haven't had to go outside. Thus, paparazzi don't know of my baby.
We have however found out the baby's biological father.
The results came this morning and i couldn't be happier when i found out the father.

Zayn Jawaad Malik
- Negative

Louis William Tomlinson 
- Negative

Niall James Horan
- Negative 

Liam James Payne 
- Negative

Harry Edward Styles
+ Postitive

When Harry found out he was amazed! He couldn't wait to hold his baby in his arms.

We're currently in my flat, sitting on the sofas talking about baby names.

Niall: "boy, Niall . Girl, Nolee"

Louis: "boy, Louis . Girl, Lucy"

Liam: " I dont have any suggestions"

Zayn: "Hang on, gotta call mum."

Harry: "I like Ethan and Darcy"

Next week, me and Harry get to find out the sex of our baby!
I'm 17 weeks, and you can find out at 18 weeks!!

"Anyone want sandwiches?" This got various 'yes' and 'hell yes'.

I carefully cut the tomato and cucumber when a felt a leak. I looked all around for something it could be coming from, when i looked down at my legs.
Red liquid was dripping down my legs.
Oh god. Oh no.

"HARRY" was the last thing i remembered shouting before i fell to the floor and hit my head.

- 1 Hour Later -

My mind was fuzzy, My body was numb, My head was throbbing.
I opened my eyes to see a white ceiling. I moved my hand to balance on my growing belly to find it was not there.
I saw five pairs  of worried and sympothetic eyes staring at me as i inspected my no longer bump.

"W-what h-h-happened?"
"You Miscarried i'm afraid." I looked left, to the door to see a doctor.
"We don't know why you miscarried, but there's not always a known reason"

I was discharged 30 minutes later. As soon as i got home i went straight to my room. I just lost my baby. Harry's baby. Our baby.

- Present Time -
+ Harry's POV +

I didn't know what emotion to feel. My baby is gone. My little angel. I'm never going to see them.
I could just imagine, a young baby with curly hair and their mothers eyes, resting in my arms as Bethan sits next to me, cooing at the baby. My baby. Our baby.

I would have loved them so much.

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