In The Limelight

Bethan Thomas & Harry Styles.

Match made in heaven?

Find Out.


6. 6

-- 6 Months Later --

+ Beth's POV +

Well, lots has happened in 6 months. 
I have successfully slept with the whole of One Direction...
That sounds slaggy.. But basically, 
Harry asked me out and i said no, then we got drinks, got smashed and shagged. The same night, i went into Louis and Niall's rooms and because i was drunk i slept with them.
Liam, was purely because i just.. felt like it:L
and Zayn was when i had a meltdown about hate on twitter, he comforted me and then we umm... yeah.

We successfully made our mashup song and it sound AWESOME


But today, could have gone better...

-- Earlier Today --

OH sh-sugar.
This is not good. not. good.
am i reading this right? OF course i fucking reading it right!

I gathered all the boys into the lounge room as we have become really close in the months past.
They all know iv'e slept with all of them and they actually sometimes discuss the details....

So, i look a mess, i have cried for the past hour and i feel shit. All of the boys are in front of me. Okay, you can do this.

Okay, i decide i cant so just throw the item at liam's face. Everyone laughs until they see what it is.
"Bethan.. I-is this yours?"
"No liam! its my imaginary friends"

"What is i- Oh shit!"
"Yes Louis! Oh shit!!"
"It's not right"

I come back with a small bag full of the same thing.
They go through them individually and then look at me.

"Please. please, don't look at me like that."
I said on the verge of bursting into tears. small ones already falling.

"Who's is it?"
"I don't know Zayn, I dont know".

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