A Thousand Years

What would you do if a fortune teller said that her soul mate is no longer in this world? Zayn laughed only logical that the woman in front of her, first he did not believe this story soulmate and much less in people who say they see the past and future. Ignoring the warning that the woman gave him, he just went on his way. Until one night to relieve the boredom he decided to call the boys in the band to make a play on a ouija board ... Between rounds of stupid questions asked by Louis Harry Zayn who was with on the day that the seer gave him his destiny jokingly proposes that Zayn invoke your soul mate for this world. Was it a good idea to mess with things that were quiet?


1. Going seer

First I have to say that I do not write in English, I translate my fanfic Portuguese (my language) so now I apologize for some spelling mistakes, the translation is not perfect.



Chapter 1




Zayn POV'S   - Harry, why the hell you want in a place like this? - Asked staring at him seriously. - Oh, I dunno, I'm just curious to see how such a place. - He replied that slow way of speaking. - You liar, I bet you want to come because they said the owner of the place is lookin for one forty. - Smiles for his brazen face. - Not trying to wrap me. - Say one hand it is true, but I am curious to see how these businesses are scrying. - I still can not believe you dragged me here. - I said staring at the large plaque that read.   " Do not be afraid of the future, he is in your hands."    That phrase cliché! I still do not quite know how Harry managed to convince me to come here, I just remember sleeping and suddenly out of nowhere he came leaping at me begging to accompany him somewhere. However much I pushed, kicked, because he was not in vain skirt off me and now here I am with a freezing cold, standing in front of the store, while a bunch of paparazzi are taking a lot of pictures of us . What do they speak in their columns to see me and Harry in a house of clairvoyance? - Let's go soon or we'll be out of here garnish? - Asked Harry. - Come on. - Hazza said with a wink. - I do not know why he called me, that Louis is his Bromance. - Grumbled. - Zayn, shut up! We entered the store and this was no novelty that appeared in the same film, the room was stuffy and full of scented candles "to give climate," there was a girl in front of middle height greeting an older woman, surely the owner of store, and I have to admit something, people do not lie when they said that she was good-looking. I glanced to the understanding that Harry only smiled aside. - Well, well, if there are some boys from One Direction. - Said the woman looking at me Harry. - What do I owe the honor of your visit? - I think the lady knows, since he is psychic. - Whispered in a tone haughty. Harry this time stepped heavily on my foot, without even disguise. - I'm just giving some tips here for little Brooke, and soon you will attend. - Said she pretending not to have seen what Harry did or what I said. - Why did not expect the room behind that door. - Asked pointing to a door behind her that until now I had not seen. Shrugging follow Hazza inside of such a room. - Are you in the face that this is a good charlatan. - I said as I closed the door behind me. This room was worse than the previous one, was twice candle in the center and a table with a crystal ball, but that cliché that, impossible! - Stay in your Zayn, leave your comments for later. - Haz hissed. - Because like the crown? - Smiles seeing his gaze. - Why do not I called Liam to come with me? - Muttered as he walked to the center table and sat in one of the chairs. It did not take even a few minutes when the door opened revealing a "fortune teller". - Sorry for delay, poor Brooke is full of problems. - It was explained. - No problem. - Harry said. - Well, let's begin. What would you like to know? - She asked, looking from Harry to me. - I do nothing, I'm just watching, in addition to not believe it. - Said on the tin. - Head open is something that few have. - Spoke just going to give attention to Harry. - By the way, my name is Madame Marethin, but you can call me Madame M. - I'm Harry, and Zayn is cristate. - I know. - Said Madame M. - Guessed? - Asked sarcastically. - No, I just read a magazine. - She said. - Well Harry, what I wonder? - Ah ... Hum .. Our next album will be successful? - Yes, you still have a great career ahead. - She said making a funny face, just needed to put his finger on his forehead. - Do not tell me. - Could not hold. - Zayn? - Hazza hissed. I shrugged only. - Zayn, come here. - Called me Madame Marethin. - Come on. Climb the glare of Harry went to her that once held my hand got close. - What are you doing? - Asked sheepishly. - Interesting ... I knew you were different when they crossed that door. - She started talking about moving your finger on the palm of my hand. - I see here a strong love ... But something's wrong ... - She said staring at me. - ... This love was taking from you, and that you will suffer more to come. - Hmm. How boring right? - Tried to contain sarcasm this time. - Very annoying. - You may not believe me, but the girl I see here will still mark his life, even it being no longer in this world. How strange. - Suddenly she looked at me with wide eyes. - It can not be! - I pulled my hand quickly annoyed with that whole scenario. - WOW! -Exclaimed loudly. - What was the school where you studied Theatre, because I have to say you are a great actress, really sounds convincing. - You tread a path of pain and suffering, not even his closest friends could help you escape the fate that awaits you. - She continued staring at me with glazed eyes. - A love between life and death is something forbidden, you should know that. - The lady is crazy. - Said giving back and leaving the room in less than seconds I felt that Harry was following me. Honestly, that charlatan who deceived whom that with all this talk? Only an imbecile. I got into the car ignoring the chill that was forming on my neck.  



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