I won't let you go

When Lily found out, that she had cancer, her world broke down. The doctors gave her at least one year, but she was too afraid to tell her boyfriend, Harry Styles. But when she started chemotherapy, she couldn't hide her sickness anymore. She decided to ask her twin sister, Emily, to live her life with Harry. Emily agreed and started to date Harry for her sister. But what will happen when Emily falls for Harry too? Will he find out? And will Lily make it?


1. You have cancer, Lily..

"Mrs. Matthew?" A little nurse called out.

I nervously looked at Harry. We were dating now for more than three years and I loved him with all my heart, but I was afraid of what the doctors would tell me now..

I slowly stood up and Harry did too. I looked at him and tried to smile a weak smile. "Could you wate here?" I whispered, my voice not strong enough to talk any louder.

"Of course, babe.. You will see, everything is okay." He said and his soft lips met mine. His lips always tasted like candy. Sweat and good. I loved his kisses, they were one of the many reasons, I fall for him.

He let off of me and I slowly walked to the little nurse and she led me into a big, white room. In the corner, there was a big desk and behind it sat the doctor. He pointed at the chair before the desk and a took it. He looked at me, his grey eyes full of sadness. My heart skipped a beat and tears started to form in my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Lily.. but you-" He cleared his throat and continued. "..you have cancer." He slowly said and my tears started to fall.

"How long?" I whispered.

He looked at me and thought about the meaning of my question. Until it hit him.. I wanted to know when I would die. "I think.. One year." He said in a clear, emotionless voice.

I nodded and whiped my tears away.. I couldn't tell Harry, it would break his heart.

I left the office and went straight to Harry. Just before he could see me, I put a fake smile on. He looked at me and he started to smile too. He looked so happy, that I seemed to be fine, that it broke my heart. I had to think about, how I could fix this..
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