I won't let you go

When Lily found out, that she had cancer, her world broke down. The doctors gave her at least one year, but she was too afraid to tell her boyfriend, Harry Styles. But when she started chemotherapy, she couldn't hide her sickness anymore. She decided to ask her twin sister, Emily, to live her life with Harry. Emily agreed and started to date Harry for her sister. But what will happen when Emily falls for Harry too? Will he find out? And will Lily make it?


6. Tears and blood

I looked at the ground, while tears built in my eyes. I didn't know, why this bothered me so much, but it really was hurting me, that he didn't mean what he said.

I just had to get him out of my head. I had to get everything out of my head.

I ran back into the house and upstairs, into the bathroom. I unlocked the door and looked into the huge mirror on the wall. 'You're so ugly, Emily. He would never love you. He loves your perfect sister, just like everyone else does.' I whispered to myself.

I opened the cabinet and searched for something.. I finally found it. My razor blade.

I sat down on the cold floor and cried even harder. My trembling fingers placed the blade on my pearl white skin. I gently pushed it in my arm and made a long cut. 'That's for your ugly face. And this one is for your horrible character. And this is for your ugly body. That one is for lying to Harry..' The cuts got even deeper and blood dropped on the perfect white floor.

Even if I hated myself for doing this, I coudln't stop..

"Babe? What are you doi- Babe, stop!"

His beautiful voice was the last thing I heard, before fading away. Everything went black and then into a bright white, blinding me. My body felt like burning from the inside and I felt so weak..

Was I.. going to die?

Hey guys :) sorry that the chapter sucks, but I really have writers block.. So if you have any ideas please tell me. I even thought about stopping the story but I saw all your comments and favs/likes. It made me so happy! Thank you so much!
I love you all :) x
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