I won't let you go

When Lily found out, that she had cancer, her world broke down. The doctors gave her at least one year, but she was too afraid to tell her boyfriend, Harry Styles. But when she started chemotherapy, she couldn't hide her sickness anymore. She decided to ask her twin sister, Emily, to live her life with Harry. Emily agreed and started to date Harry for her sister. But what will happen when Emily falls for Harry too? Will he find out? And will Lily make it?


4. Talking to Niall

He still looked at the ground, his cheeks still red. What was wrong with this boy? Why was he ashamed? Except.. Oh my god.

"Nialler, you're in love with Lily, aren't you?"

He looked at me and his eyes got big, while his face turned even more red. Oh Gosh, he was in love with Lily. He was in love with my sister.

"Maybe.. But where is she?"

I coudln't tell him, could I? First it would break his heart and second what if he'd tell the boys? If he'd tell Harry? That would be the end of everything..

"I can't tell you.."

"Please Emily.. Please! Ok you're right! I'm in love with her since I saw her the first time with Harry. I love her smile. Her eyes. Her hair. Even her voice. She's so perfect.. I love her with all my heart and I could tell that something was different today.. So please tell me were she is! I can't live without her.. I-I'm just so worried.."

I was speechless. He really loved her. It wasn't just what he said, it was also hi eyes. They were so full of passion and love when he talked about her. But right now they were just filled with so much pain..

"Niall.. Promise me to not tell anyone! Like never." He slowly nodded. I guess, he couldn't speak or else he would start to cry. I took one last, deep breath, ready to destroy his whole world. "Niall.. She is in the hospital. She's sick, like really sick. The doctors gave her one year until.. She doesn't want to Harry to see her like this.. That's why I'm here."

My voice cracked at the end and silent tears ran over my face. I couldn't look at Niall, I didn't want to see the pain in his face. It took me ten minutes to finally look at him and it was horrible. His eyes were red and his hair was messy. Tears streamed still over his face and he looked like he would break down every minute. It broke my heart to see him like this.


My voice wasn't more than a whisper, but he still heard it and looked at me. I coudln't take it anymore and just hugged him.

We hugged each other laying in the bed for more than two hours, until he could finally speak again, "Ca-can I see h-her?"

I softly stroke his cheek and nodded, "of course you can, let's go."

I grabbed my car keys, took his hand and led him into my car. I put his seatbelt on, since I thought he wasn't able to do anything and went back into the house and into the living room. All the boys were still there, but asleep. I put some blankets over them and kissed Harry's forehead. Oh, how I wish I was his girlfriend and he was mine. I pushed this thought quickly away, he belonged to my sister. Forever and always.

I went back to Niall and got into the drivers seat. His head rested on the cold window and his eyes were close. I felt so sorry for him and that I couldn't do anything, made everything even worse.

I thought about Lily and Niall, while I drove. I knew, that ther was a time, when she also liked him more than just as a friend. But she always told me, that Niall was too good and that he wouldn't ever love her. So he started dating Harry. She loved him, yeah, but I knew, it wasn't as strong as her love for Niall. Or at least I thought that. I really didn't know what to think about my sister. She was so different.

As we arrived at the hospital, it was already dark. The sky was empty, there wasn't any stars, and that's exactly what I felt like. Empty. My sister just begged for one thing. One thing! And I told Niall after one day. She's going to hate me, I thought, she's going to never talk to me again. I hated myself, but Niall.. I had to tell him the truth.

I thought, Niall knew that I was thinking about something, cause he took my hand and we went into the hospital. I thought, that I saw some lights and heard some 'click' noises. But probably I was just paranoid..

I led him to Lily's room and squeezed his hand, before we entered it. I was shocked by what I saw. Even if it was just one day, looked Lily already horrible. Her whole hair was gone and her skin was pearl white. Her whole body was full of needles and everywhere were machines. I let off of Niall's hand and slowly walked to her, while Niall stood there in shock.

I stroke Lily's cheek and she turned her head to me. She looked so weak, but she managed to smile at me.

"Hey baby." I whispered, trying not to break down in tears in front of her, "here is someone for you."

I looked at Niall and he came over to her bad. You could tell by the look in his eyes, how much this hurt him. But for her, he would be strong. That's at least what he told me.

"N-niall?" Happiness appeared on her face and a tear rolled down her face. I was right. She still loved him and he loved her. It was so beautiful and I felt needless. They deserved some alone time, so I went out of the room.

I sat in a chair and read, until I realized, that I forgot my phone in Lily's room. I went back and froze in the door..

What the fuck?!

What was he doing?

Why was he kissing my sister?!
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