I Love You More

Tanya, a nineteen year old girl who has a great career as a model while balancing her social life and everything else along with university.

A girl who honestly believes with her whole heart, knows to the deepest pit of her stomach, from the tip of her crown to the heels of her feet that love gives someone the power to make you or break you.

Usually to break you.

She would know.


1. Chapter 1

"Tanya, come on!" my best friend and flat mate, Kirsten, moaned.
I heard my bedroom door open.
"You're not even dressed yet!" she exclaimed frustratedly as she threw her hands up in the air.
"Sorry," I apologized, not really sorry.
"Chill!" I rolled my made up eyes. I'd gone for the classic, smokey look for tonight. "It's only half past eight!"
"I'd like to get to the club BEFORE all the hot guys are gone, thanks."
"Okay, okay. Ten minutes."
We both knew that my 'ten minutes' was more of a half hour.
Growing up I had always been the quiet kid that everyone else seemed to pick on. I was fat, unnaturally tall with large glasses, braces and i read a lot of books.
As soon as I hit my teenage years, I'd had enough of the name calling, the teasing and the depressing thoughts that plagued my mind everyday.
I got fit.
My ass got smaller, my chest grew bigger, I had a slimmer waist and my already extremely long legs got skinnier, making them look miles long.
That stopped the teasing.
The summer after I'd done all this...
Let's just say, no one at school even recognized the old nerd.
I didn't sacrifice my grades of course.
I became more of a threat.
Looks, brains and a bit of talent I guess. That's what I was told anyway.
In less than no time, guys were lining up at my locker to ask me out and I was invited to parties galore.
I had standards though.
I only went out with a guy that I genuinely liked or wanted to get to know.
Yeah, I'd fallen in love.
What teenage girl hasn't?
That's a long depressing story for another time though.
And that story was my mistake.
Now my mission is to make sure I'm not naive enough to make that same mistake twice.
You know what they say, 'you learn from your mistakes' and all.
Though sometimes I wonder if I really have.
Graduating from school as a seventeen year old along with the rest of the people in my year, I was still considered 'hot' and had a hold of a great modeling career while I balanced UNI along with it all.
Those child like insecurities were still there but I'd learned to hide them beneath the surface but when they appeared, they did so in a boar like manor.
Half an hour later, I was ready to Kristen's relief.
I was dressed in a white, tight lace body con dress that ended just above mid-thigh, showing off my legs.
It had diamond shaped cuts on both sides just above my hips and both sleeves were long and see-through.
I paired it with a pair of royal blue stilettos that had a small gold buckle, kept the make up simple except for around the eyes and I was done.
I didn't really get to go clubbing much, just your usual Friday night and a couple of celebrity events as they were an amazing way to make connections.
It's kind of hard to go out too much considering the fact that we both have to balance both UNI and modeling jobs.
"I am so ready to get smashed!" Kristen exclaimed as we got into the cab.
I agreed, laughing as the driver took a double take when he saw us.
He turned around to face us. "Aren't you Tanya Layton and Kirsten-"
"No, sorry," I cut him off. "We always get mistaken for them though! I wish!" I scoffed, my acting skills clearly enough to fool him yet he still had a suspicious look in his eyes as her drove while Kirsten and I laughed.
"Where to, ladies?" he asked.
"Funky Buddha Club please," Kirsten piped in.
I paid him and then we both made our way up to the bouncer, some people in line getting angry and the others getting excited as they recognized us.
Straight away, he stepped to the side as he smiled, allowing us to enter the club.
You could feel the place vibrate with the loud music and sweaty people bouncing up and down, grinding on the dance floor.
I could already feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I searched for my prey for the night.
I'll admit, I barely ever do hookups.
In fact, up until recently, I never had.
The events that occurred left me lonely, broken and I just wanted a little more.
Kirsten took a hold of my hand and dragged me to the VIP area where we were allowed straight in, no questions asked.
People stared as we walked passed them, wondering aloud to their friends whether they should ask for a photo or not.
I didn't really care, all I want tonight is to get smashed and have some crazy, mind boggling sex.
"I like this club. Why haven't we been here before? We should always come here."
I nodded in agreement as she ordered the drinks.
"Six shots of Tequila, one Sex on the Beach and a Pitbull on Crack. It's on the house," the too old bartender winked at me.
And all I had to do was wink, lean over and let him see a bit of my chest and voila, free alcohol.
In today's society, a bit of boob can get you a loooong way.
Now slightly tipsy, I made my way to the dance floor, grinding against a guy that pulled my up to him by grabbing my arm.
I didn't particularly enjoy that but as we were dancing, I felt eyes on me.
Which was usually the case, but I felt as though the eyes were my catch, even though I hadn't seen them.
I ditched the guys I was dancing with and straight away he pulled in another girl.
I was glad I had, he was not a looker. That was the nicest way of phrasing it.
I felt those eyes on me again and when I squinted around, I saw that it wasn't just one guy but a group.
It was hard to tell if any were attractive because it was so dark and the strobe lights did my head in.
Meh, probably 'fans'.
All I want is a fit looking guy to buy me drinks and take me to my flat, then screw me senseless.
Is that impossible?
I sat at the bar, hoping that a semi-attractive guy would turn up, crossing my legs in a lady like fashion while my dressed hiked up that little bit more, showing off more of my thighs.
The bartender looked over at me but I shook my head and he shrugged.
Seriously dude.
The only guy is do who's over forty is Leonardo Di Caprio and do you see him around?
I was about to get up and go be all 'I'm in charge' woman when I felt a tap on my shoulder.
Please be hot. Please be hot. Please, please, please be hot.
I begged inside my head as I turned around to meet big, sparkling green orbs.
He looked fit.
Definitely fit.
I couldn't help but think he was a little bit familiar.
He could easily be a model. I just wanted to run my fingers through those perfect curls of his that he shook away from his face every few seconds.
"Hey," he grinned a cheesy smile. "You're Tanya Lay-"
"Yeah, I am," I smiled.
His grin just got wider, if that was possible while he shoved his hands into his jeans pockets.
Those jeans were just the right size too small and hugged both his front and backside.
And don't even get me started on that white v neck beneath the maroon colored blazer.
Seriously, man? Take me now.
Come to mama.
I noticed him checking me out, his eyes lingering just beneath my face.
"And you are?" I asked to gain back his attention.
"Harry. Harry Styles," his grin faltered a little when he found out that I didn't know who he was.
"Ah! I knew I'd seen you around. You're in that boy band. Two Directions."
"Actually, it's One Direction," he smirked.
"Right," I blushed.
It seemed fitting because there was only one direction I wanted this night to go in, not two.
“Do you want to dance”? He leaned into my ear as he spoke, I could feel his breath on my neck along with his deep, husky voice.
It made me shiver.
I bit my lip and nodded, eagerly accepting his large hand when he held it out to me.
He pulled me close to him once we'd reached the floor, the sexy, never ending Styles' smirk still on his face.
I moved my hips with the beat, teasing him and gradually felt him getting hard beneath me while he pulled me even closer by my waist.
He groaned in my ear which caused me to moan as I felt his plump lips hungrily attach themselves to my neck.
Suddenly, he spun me around so I was facing him and he leaned forward like he was going to kiss me.
He stopped quickly, sneaking glances around the club.
Probably making sure no papz were taking photos.
"Your place?" he asked me over the music. "My friend is taking his girlfriend back tonight..." his hand caressed my arse.
I bit my lip and nodded.
Sex with this fine specimen of man?
Yes please.
As we were heading out the door, my eyes met a pair of deep brown ones that were staring right at me.
The last thing I saw that night in Funky Buddha Club was the frown and the look of disappointment in Liam Payne's eyes as he shook his head.
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