Mr Mysterious (one direction fanfic)

Scarlet is an 18 year old girl her and her best friend Shanley live in Australia in a house together. Scarlet goes to a Foo Fighters concert with her boyfriend where he breaks her heart but who else dose she meet there a certain Irish boy in disguised? and will Shanley meet anyone on her night out? read more to find out.


8. Would you like to stay?

Scarlet's P.O.V

I lean't my warm drenched body against his, feeling my body shiver to his touch, I slowly pull his soaking wet fake orange beard from his face revealing the one and only sexy as fuck Niall James Horan 1/5 of the band One Direction I didn't really think much into it, all that was running through my mind was his soft, moist, pink lips that needed to be mine. Our faces were only inches apart I could feel his light, warm breaths against my now cold skin, I lean't forward and through my lips against his my whole body shaking with lust and ecstasy, I could kiss him forever his lips felt so perfect on mine, I lightly grazed his bottom lip with my tongue asking for entrance as I slipped my tongue into his mouth and it soon turn into a full on war, I felt his cold hands reach around my neck pulling me in closer to him. As our lips separated from one another our breathing slowed slightly still only inches apart but I couldn't help but crave more "That was amazing" I said still trying to catch my breath. "Yeah" he said with a smirk, a cheeky smile excepted my lips as quickly pecked his lips teasing him then ran out of the water I turned to see him chasing after me with a huge evil smile when I was tackled into the soft sand as he forced his lips on mine once more In a long and passionate kiss I could feel his tender lips smile in-between kisses my entire body quivered with lust just begging for more. When he pulled from me and winked and ran up to the car leaving laid on the sand still with lust filling my body. "THAT BASTED" I yelled getting up and running towards the car I can't help but laugh at my self being so helpless sometimes *face palm* I got to the car and he had locked the doors still in his boxers I laughed and yelled "OPEN THE DOOR IRISH BOY!" I saw a smile escape his lips "nope not gonna happen" he said still smiling like an idiot "open this door Niall or your clothes with have an unfortunate accident" I said with a evil smile "you wouldn't dare!" "ohh but I would" I said grabbing our clothes and pretended to ripe them I laughed as I watched his jaw hit the ground when he opened the door and pull me into the car onto his lap "I can't believe you just did..." I interrupted showing him his perfectly not ripped clothes a cheeky smile dances across my face he just shook his head and pushed me into the passenger seat starting the car I couldn't help but laugh his reaction was priceless.

Niall's P.O.V

I tackled her onto the soft sand and forced my lips on hers once again in a long and passionate kiss I couldn't help but smile in-between kisses her lips felt amazing on mine but I thought I would tease her as she did to me in the water when I pulled away from her and wink leaving her lying on the sand as I ran to my car as I was getting in I heard her yell "THAT BASTED" I laughed and jumped in the car locking the doors she came running up to the yelling "OPEN THIS DOOR IRISH BOY!" a smile escaped my lips hearing her say that "nope not going to happen" i joked "open this door or your clothes with have an unfortunate accident" she said with an evil smile grabbing our clothes "you wouldn't dare!" "ohh but I would" she said starting to tear my favorite black v-neck my jaw dropped how could she I saw her laughing and opened the door and pulled her onto my lap "I can't believe you just did..." she interrupted me showing my perfectly not ripped v-neck a cheeky smile danced across her face I can't believe she did that I shook my head and pushed her onto the passenger seat and started the car. I heard her laugh gosh she had a gorgeous laughed I was so glad that showing her how I really was didn't change a thing about her "I have to ask, but why were you not surprised when you saw the real me" I asked still facing the road "I was surprised to see who you were but I already new the real you the Niall that was behind the beard the Niall I fell in love with you being Niall Horan from One Direction just adds to the list" she said with a smile Scarlet is freaking perfect "wait did you just say you loved me?" I asked with a smirk "what I did not I said like I defiantly said like" she said as her cheeks grew a hot red "uh huh sure you did" "I DID!" she yelled I just laughed as I pulled up to the her house she turned to me "would you like to stay the night? Shanley won't be back till tomorrow and its pretty late" she ask with her to die for smile "you know I would love to" I said with a huge smile and kissed her cheek I could see her blush even though she tried to hide it.

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