Mr Mysterious (one direction fanfic)

Scarlet is an 18 year old girl her and her best friend Shanley live in Australia in a house together. Scarlet goes to a Foo Fighters concert with her boyfriend where he breaks her heart but who else dose she meet there a certain Irish boy in disguised? and will Shanley meet anyone on her night out? read more to find out.


5. Wanna get a coffee?

Scarlet's P.O.V

I was running as fast as my stupid legs would take me, my eyes filled with warm salty tears when I collided with another person I mumble sorry and looked up to see a guys with the most amazing hair gorgeous eyes but then I smiled and started to laugh he had an obvious bright orange fake beard and mustache he must have realized why was laughing when he face palmed himself. when he asked "Now whats a beautiful girl like you crying at a concert?" it was so cliché but cute but all I could think about when he asked that question was freaking Josh I hate him I just hate him so much I could start to feel tears fall from my eyes when as I am calling him now my mystery guy garbed my hand and was pulling me towards the concert I was so confused "where are you taking me" I asked still completely out of it. "to enjoy the concert duh" he said and that was the last thing on my mind, "but...." was all I said before he cut me off "NO! buts" he argued. I just smiled and walked with him it didn't bother me that i couldn't see his face cause it didn't matter he's a been really sweet and considerate guy to me and that's all that really matters. The concert went surprising fast and not once did his hand leave mine it felt so right him holding my hand,his hand was so warm and comforting I just wanted him to hold it forever. when I was suddenly pulled out of my trance by cheers and applause from the fans when it was all over it was nice to see how much the band appreciated there fans and how they treated them, when I was startled by my mystery guy asking "do... do you wanna go get a coffee its not that late and I pretty sure there's a Starbucks around here?"  It was cute when he stuttered at the start and I could really go for a coffee right now so why the heck not, "you know I would love to get a coffee" I smiled in agreement when he just suddenly hugged me I laugh and we walk over to his expensive and sexy, black Audi R8 the words "WOW!" excepted my lips and he just laugh  our hands still intertwined when I suddenly blushed at the thought I could see a small smirk grow on his face that made me blush more when he opened the passenger side door for me and said "my lady your chariot awaits I smiled and played along with his game and curtsied "thank you my good  sir" and hopped into the car I could see the smile on his face as he shut the door he hopped into the drivers seat and started the car when another one of my favorite one direction song's came on 'More Than This' and I sang quietly but wasn't quiet enough cause I heard him ask "do you like one direction" "yeah there really good singers and not to mention sexay I guess you could call me a directioner" I saw him smile so I asked "well do you like one direction?" "there alright lads" he said with his freaking sexy Irish accent that I could just die over. 

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