Mr Mysterious (one direction fanfic)

Scarlet is an 18 year old girl her and her best friend Shanley live in Australia in a house together. Scarlet goes to a Foo Fighters concert with her boyfriend where he breaks her heart but who else dose she meet there a certain Irish boy in disguised? and will Shanley meet anyone on her night out? read more to find out.


2. The Concert

Scarlet's P.O.V 

Oh my god! I can't find a car park anywhere why is it so packed *sigh*. wait there, there's one I sped through the car park trying my best not to hit the other cars and saw someone going for my park nah ah this ones mine I quickly pulled in making sure I just missed the other car earning a few colorful words I just smiled and walked off with pride but then my smile soon turned to a frown the entrance was totally packed worse than the car park. I finally found Josh and we made our way to our seats people were very where. There was about five minutes till the show starts so I pulled out my phone and logged onto twitter going on a complete tweeting spree of how excited I was and how much I loved the Foo Fighters when I was soon pulled out of my tweeting trance to "Hello Brisbane" everyone started screaming I was a little shocked at first cause its my first concert but soon got into the grove of things screaming, dancing, singing and yelling I love you, hate to say it but I am totally fangirling at the moment ahhh. I felt a tap on my right shoulder and quickly turned to a straight faced Josh staring at me I was still jumping up and down until I saw his straight and soulless expression then stopped on the spot, "Whats wrong" quickly asked as concern filled my face. "I'm breaking....." was all I could make out over the screaming girls and of cores there where guys screaming too thinking about it, its kind of adorable. "What? say that again I can't here you?" I asked, insinuating for him to ask again. "I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!" he yelled "WHAT!!" was all I could say. As anger, frustration and misery filled my whole entire body.  

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