Mr Mysterious (one direction fanfic)

Scarlet is an 18 year old girl her and her best friend Shanley live in Australia in a house together. Scarlet goes to a Foo Fighters concert with her boyfriend where he breaks her heart but who else dose she meet there a certain Irish boy in disguised? and will Shanley meet anyone on her night out? read more to find out.


4. Mr mystery


Niall P.O.V 

Ohh this is just great one of my favorite bands concerts and I'm late, well I'm obviously not wining the best fan award anytime soon *sigh*. luckily there were a few space parking spaces at the back, I forced the door shut and bolted for the entrance doors to the arena man I really hope I haven't missed much love this band theirs music is so upbeat and cool. I rushed trough the doors hearing the screaming and cry's from of fans enjoying the concert. When of a sudden I'd collided with someone, a girl with long light brown hair with soft curls running down her back with blue/green eyes although it was hard to tell with her eyes so filled with tears. I heard her mumble an apology under her breath, though it was hard to tell through her sobs and weeps. It pained me to see such a beautiful girl cry these tears aren't what you'd normally see at a concert these tears were filled with pain and humiliation. Her beautiful soulful eyes looked up at me a slight giggle excepted her soft pink lips along with a small smirk. I had totally forgotten I put on disguise so I didn't attract much attention but obviously it failed miserably I must look like a complete idiot *face palm*. But for some reason I wanted to know why she was crying to hold her in my arms and tell her everything would be alright but I had to contain my urges. "Now whats a beautiful girl like you crying at a concert?" I asked, really Niall really *facepalm* did I honestly just say that?, her smiled was soon lost and was left with a cold frown her beautiful eyes began to water. Seeing her like that it wasn't worth knowing why, it would just bring her more pain and suffering and I never want to do that to her ever I just want her to be happy and see her gorgeous face smile. I grabbed her hand and led her towards the area I was suppose to be sat in when she asked "where are we going?" with a confused look "to enjoy the concert" I said "but...." "NO! buts" I argued she gave me a small smile and just laughed she had an adorable laugh that I just wanted to hear more of, our hands never left each others grip and I never wanted to let go her hand felt so right intertwined with mine and I just couldn't wipe the dorky smile off my face.  

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