Mr Mysterious (one direction fanfic)

Scarlet is an 18 year old girl her and her best friend Shanley live in Australia in a house together. Scarlet goes to a Foo Fighters concert with her boyfriend where he breaks her heart but who else dose she meet there a certain Irish boy in disguised? and will Shanley meet anyone on her night out? read more to find out.


6. Am I in love?

Scarlet's P.O.V

We finally arrived at Starbucks I thought he said it was close? before I could even get my thoughts together he had already opened my door with his hand stretched out for mine I was quite capable to get out of the car myself but for some reason I wanted to hold his hand again I wanted to spend more time with him there's just something about him that I'm so draw to. I gave him my hand and smile, there were only a few people in the shop and for some reason we both ordered the classic Hot Chocolate that every loved. We got our chocolates and found a booth at the back and sat down. "I have two questions" I said and took a sip of my hot chocolate "okay and what would those be" he asked "well one can I have my rescuers name and two am I allowed to she my hero's face?" I asked hoping both question would be answered. "well one my names Niall and two no I don't think so" he said with a cheeky smirk "well nice to finally know your name Niall and mines Scarlet argh you like to keep a girl guessing don't you?" "Yup!" he said still with his cheeky but yet adorable smirk I just shook my head and smiled. We talked about all sorts of things and the more I knew the more I was drawn to him.

Niall's P.O.V

"I have two questions" I heard her ask then taking a sip of her hot chocolate "okay and what would they be?" I asked "well one can I have my rescuers name and two am I allowed to see my hero's face?" well one my names Niall and two I don't think so" I said with a smirk" argh you like to keep a girl guessing don't you?" all I could say was "yup!" just seemed to be the perfect word, I still couldn't wipe the cheeky grin of my face there just something about her that lets me be myself. We talked about normal everyday things and the more I learn't the more I just fell in love with her. I wanted to tell her and show her who I really was that I was Niall James Horan 1/5 of the band known as One Direction but I was so afraid that she would treat me differently that she couldn't be herself that she had to be fake and try to be a person she think I wanted her to be, that's happened so any times I've lost count but this time, this times different this girl is different my feeling are different everything is different what am I saying it sounds like I'm in love with this girl we partially only just met wait could I really been in love especially with someone I only met a few hours ago? when suddenly I was pulled away from my thoughts to Scarlet "Well Mr Niall the nights not over yet come on lets go have some fun!" she said with pleading eyes grabbing mys hand even the slightest touch from her gave me shivers. "What did you have in mind?" I asked as her whole body pipped up to the thought of me saying yes, She grabbed my hand and pulled me out to the car when she stuck out her hand in front on me "What?" I asked confused "Are you serious keys duh" she said with a derp face teasing me "But shes my baby" I said and stuck out my bottom lip "yeah and shes also a car" she said a grabbed the keys out of my hands and quickly hoped in the car before I could catch her "Hey!" I said putting my hand on my hips "Just get in before I leave with out you" she said with a smirk and of cores I obeyed I mean only because it was cold out side. 




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