Hey , there Delilah .

17-year old Nadia Lawrence , had a rough past . Parents divorced days after she was born and moved to Mullingar . Everything went out great , Found a best friend , Fell in love but never told him ? , What if she moved unknowingly and never told him? . Will they ever meet? , Will she find out new secrets? or Will she pretend he didn't exist? .


5. Nialler's P.O.V :)

Niall's P.O.V

I was 2 blocks away , I felt like passing out . I started to look like I just got a shower right in the spot , but no keep running. ugh . Why does Greg need morning routines anyway? , ugh there is this thing called jogging but no he had to use the bike . 1 more block away , I used all my strength and ran faster all I thought about was Nadia , leaving . I haven't even told her I loved her yet and in a blink of an eye she just leaves unknowingly , I kept mumbling to myself  ' please be there , please be there . 'I finally reached her house , I saw her walking in the car and she faced me . " Nadia! " I don't think she heard me , cause right after that she just went in the car and that's it she was . gone . I reached her house but what's the point? She was gone . I realized a post-it on their door ' Moving to Doncaster :)xx ' , my legs were shaking , I felt numb for a second and yes I was hungrier than usual I sat in front of their front porch . I turned to my right , imagined Nadia was right there beside me laughing and smiling but me , just staring to her beautiful blue eyes , those were the things I'll miss the most . Her laugh , smile , eyes , personality and everything about her , I stood up and walked back home with tears in my eyes I can't believe I didn't even say goodbye . It felt like hours just walking back home , I was just thinking about the good memories Nadia and I had , Thanksgiving , Christmas , Cinnamon Challenge , All these years I loved her and I didn't tell her when she left . I felt ashamed and stupid . I opened my door my mother seemed hyped , " So did you tell her? " " No , she got in the car just as I came " " Oh , I'm sorry love now take a shower , you might get a cold . " " Okay mum . " 

I'll see you someday Nadia , whatever it takes . You will be my one and only true love and I promise that .

( A/N HEY GUYS ! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING =)))) , IT MEANS A LOT ^^ . Thanks for the favorites and comments too <3 , I really appreciate it :D . Btw would you mind reading Ashley's Fan fics? It's called ' Finally found you ' and ' Into another world ' plus you can also read Me and Ashley's fan fic ' Unexpected ' . Thanks for all the support :) . have a nice day ;) xx

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