Hey , there Delilah .

17-year old Nadia Lawrence , had a rough past . Parents divorced days after she was born and moved to Mullingar . Everything went out great , Found a best friend , Fell in love but never told him ? , What if she moved unknowingly and never told him? . Will they ever meet? , Will she find out new secrets? or Will she pretend he didn't exist? .


4. Moving Day :)

1 week later - (:

Nadia's P.O.V

The sunlight of the morning shone in my room , I woke up and checked the calendar . Great it's moving day , I checked my IPhone if their was any messages or calls , none. Niall is still playing the ignore game huh? , okay sure let's make his morning by telling him I'm moving today but before I do that my stomach was grumbling. Until I smelled pancakes I followed the delicious smell , I saw my mom with a big smile on her face . " Good sleep hun? I'm shocked . " " I thought about it . I can't wait to move to Doncaster , besides nothing happens here in Mullingar . " My mum chuckled , " Well , these pancakes aren't gonna eat themselves you know? " I quickly took them . Applied some butter and maple syrup , I devoured my plate ( what I was hungry ) . When I was done I quickly ran upstairs and quickly took my phone , now to make Niall's morning ruined :) . To: Nialleerrrr<3 Hey ! I guess you won't answer this but I'm moving to Doncaster today .  I pressed send , deep down I didn't want to hurt his feelings but this past few days he made me change his feelings around him . I loved him , I trusted him but he showed me not to , I realized it said " Seen by Nialleerrrr <3." I wonder what's his reaction , I left the thought and quickly ran to the shower , since the movers are coming about an hour or 2 hours so .

Niall's P.O.V

I was playing Fifa 12 , when my phone beeped . From: ILYNADIA<3 Hey ! I guess you won't answer this but I'm moving to Doncaster today . I felt my heart torn in pieces , Tears were forming my eyes , I paused the game and rushed out of my house , " NIALL COME BACK HERE . " " MUM I HAVE NO TIME FOR EXPLANATIONS I NEED TO GO TO NADIA'S HOUSE . " " Why is that love? " " SHE IS MOVING TO DONCASTER TODAY ! " " OH ! RUN LOVE! " I was about to take the bike out of the garage , when I remembered Greg has it for his morning routines ' shit ' . Nadia's house is 4 blocks away , I might pass out from running but who cares I love her . I ran as fast as I could .

Nadia's P.O.V

I brushed my Honey Curly brown hair , dried it I wore a floral strapless dress and slipped on some high-top converse since I don't like wearing sandals nor heels  , I checked my phone for any messages . none . I was so right Niall didn't answer me , I looked around my room it was half empty then I realized a picture on my table , it was Niall and I at thanksgiving's day at his house . I giggled as he looked like a pig with all the food in his mouth , I didn't realize tears streaming down my face I put the picture in my bag , spun around my room . Remembering all the good memories I had here , when Niall almost peed his pants after we had a drinking contest , when I had my first experience watching a horror movie I kept hugging Niall , when Niall and I had a cinnamon challenge he almost vomited . Then it hit me . I spent all my life with Niall James Horan , maybe it's time I move on , " Nadia let's go movers are here . " " I'll be down in a minute . " I took a post it ' Moved to Doncaster :) xx ' . I closed my room and closed the front door , I turned and saw a guy who looks like is going to past out from running , he was all sweaty all over . " Nadia! let's go! " I went in the car as I looked out from the window. ' I'll miss you Niall , I love you . ' I mumbled and wiped the tears off my face . Goodbye Mullingar .

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