Hey , there Delilah .

17-year old Nadia Lawrence , had a rough past . Parents divorced days after she was born and moved to Mullingar . Everything went out great , Found a best friend , Fell in love but never told him ? , What if she moved unknowingly and never told him? . Will they ever meet? , Will she find out new secrets? or Will she pretend he didn't exist? .


21. Last Goodbyes but Same Directions

Louis P.O.V

My alarm went off , I sighed this is the last day I'm with Nadia then I'm off to Boot camp the bus comes around 2:30 . I went down stairs to check if I packed all my stuff , when I got a big bear hug from Ashley .

" I'll miss you Superman ! I hope you win . "

" I won't be gone for so long , wait when did you ever care about me . Okay spill what do you want. "

" Harry , If you see him say I LOVE HIM . " she winked , I laughed . Typical Ashley.

" Hey Ash , call Nadia for me? I want to spend the last hours with her . "

" Okay sure . " While she ran to get her phone , I ate some sausages and hash browns I have to admit I'll miss Doncaster and especially the Princess of My World Nadia . Minutes later the doorbell rang , I rushed to open the door and there it was the most beautiful girl stood right before me .

" Why are you staring at me like that Hash Brown Mouth? " she giggled and gave me a peck on the nose .

" Hash brown mouth aye? " I started tickling her , which made her running around the house when she tripped over I fell on top of her , our eyes met and hm . So did our lips . hehe.

- Hours Later -

Bus comes in minutes time , Nadia is leaning on me , Ashley can't stop crying .

" Looks like someone will miss their big brother . " I chuckled , so did Nadia . Ashley gave me a stern look.

" You should be glad I still care about you ! " Ashley continued crying , I gave her a hug . Right then I saw the bus , I let out a big sigh Nadia heard it since she saw the bus , it stopped right in the driveway .

" Well this is it " Nadia looked at the ground , I know she was about to cry .

" Come on princess , you'll see me in the TV anyway "

" But it's not the same . "

" Then , I shall give you this before I leave " I kissed her soft lips , she kissed back sparks fly flew , it was better than the other moments I let it go and went inside the bus . I waved her good bye and took my sit with this Blonde guy with blue eyes .

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