Hey , there Delilah .

17-year old Nadia Lawrence , had a rough past . Parents divorced days after she was born and moved to Mullingar . Everything went out great , Found a best friend , Fell in love but never told him ? , What if she moved unknowingly and never told him? . Will they ever meet? , Will she find out new secrets? or Will she pretend he didn't exist? .


18. Hey , There Delilah.

Louis P.O.V

You can do this Louis , you can besides this song is for Nadia don't mess it up . I walked in the stage , there Simon , Louis , Cheryl and Katy sitting down I could feel all eyes on me .

" Hello there lad , Name , Born , Age and what would you be doing for us today . " Simon asked .

" Hm , my name is Louis Tomlinson , I am born in Doncaster , 17 years old and I would be singing but this song is for my lovely girlfriend . Who is watching right now backstage . " I smiled it felt good to say that .

" Who is your girlfriend may I ask? " Katy seemed interest so did Cheryl but before I could answer , Simon cut it off .

" Let him sing first ! " I nodded , the song started playing .

' Hey there Delilah what's it like in new york city ' I started singing , sooner or later people started standing and clapping . When the song ended , it was like a standing ovation I couldn't help but smile .

" Well , Louis you are talented . " 

" I don't think this will be a hard decision , right ? " Simon smiled . I knew this will be a good sign .

" Yes ! " they all said with a smile , I jumped with glee . I got in ! .

" Thank you so much ! "

I went out of the stage , Nadia and Ashley ran up to me . Nadia gave me a peck on my lips , Man that felt good .


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