Hey , there Delilah .

17-year old Nadia Lawrence , had a rough past . Parents divorced days after she was born and moved to Mullingar . Everything went out great , Found a best friend , Fell in love but never told him ? , What if she moved unknowingly and never told him? . Will they ever meet? , Will she find out new secrets? or Will she pretend he didn't exist? .


12. Chap 12 .

- 2 Weeks later - 

Nadia's P.O.V

I'm starting school today , kinda nervous but Ashley and Louis is following me so maybe some tension will be lost . When my phone beeped From: MyTommo<3 Hey good morning princess <3 , see you outside your house beautiful ;) xx I love you :* I smiled and rushed downstairs , I was wearing a flowy-shirt saying ' Who You Are ' , some jeans and sneakers . I saw my mom left some breakfast , Pancakes Mhm. I quickly ate them and put them in the dishwasher when Ashley texted me , From: Mrs Styles <3 are you done yet , first day of school your late ! Bad girl! I rolled my eyes , took my backpack , closed the door and went over by their house . I was about to knock on the door when Ashley unknowingly opened it , " FINALLY LET'S GO ! " I saw Louis at the back , I quickly gave him a peck on the lips . He locked his hands with mine and we were off , " Ugh early in the morning and I have to deal with these love birds . " Ashley groaned , " You know you could walk ahead of us , we'll just meet you in the entrance ? " " THANK YOU ! " Ashley ran . I leaned while Holing Louis hand , it was warm , I loved him so much I wonder what Niall is doing right now , he  must be great , I hope he is , is he? . School wasn't far either so no big deal really , I saw Ashley waiting right outside , I stopped walking Louis turned to me " Don't be nervous princess . You have me right? and Ashley ! " I felt safe when he said that . We continued walking , Ashley was sitting on the edge of the staircase near the entrance , Ashley told Louis to go to class and she can handle me . Louis gave me a peck on the cheek , " Love you ! See you later in lunch ! " I smiled and he was off , " We should go to the Office and ask for your classes . " I nodded , while walking there I realized Ashley was getting glares from everyone she walked past by . She just stared at the ground like nothing happened , when we got to the Office a woman who was like in her 50's greeted us , " What is your name? " " Nadia Jane Lawrence . " she handed me my list of classes , Ashley was so happy they were all the same , We got out and I realized a lot of people kept staring at Ashley and Me , when this blonde chick shouted out " EW ! NEWBIE HANGING OUT WITH EMOTIONAL LOSER! " everyone started laughing , I didn't notice Ashley was crying because all I knew was she ran to the toilet , I ran after her I thought Ashley gets bullied? , I did too in Mullingar but how can Ashley? , I left the questions to myself and ran after her .


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