What April Means

This is centred around life events during April and explores what April can mean, so just a bunch of one-shots. note I'm from the southern hemisphere so the seasons are at different times of this year this is relevant to the first short drabble.


1. On the weather

April is when it starts getting cold it's different to the chilly days of March that marks the end of Summer. It's the start of the real cold days that won't be followed by another warm summer day until the end of the year.

In March the temperature drops in the night and lasts until the morning is over on the next day, but it's warm and bright until the day plunges into night . Even if a day is cold in May it will be warm the next, April is when the last bursts of midday warmth die out.

In April it might seem to be bright and nice outside but it's the wind that bites to the bone.April is when the trees hold a mixed array of golden and green leaves. The golden leaves take flight in the wind and like fire they burn and fight turning those around them until they just like ash they litter the footpath and their burnt bodies crunch when stepped on.

Unlike the May leaves that have been stopped on, rained on and mashed up to leave globs of pulp behind. April can be indecisive at times interplaying bright skies with brutal wind. At times it can be a mash of the warmer days of March that reflect a duller image of February with the sodden days of May that indicate junes arrival. Until a choice is made in favour of the cold and May soon takes over. 

Indeed April is when decisions are made.  




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