Loves me Loves me not

When Sabrina an average school girl meets Liam Payne, Her fav member of ONE DIRECTION at the concert she fantasises but little does she know he if falling for her good looks fast!!!!



Liam's POV

"I am so scared, what if i fall in love with a pretty girl and she can never meet up? Or what if she was interested in one of you instead?"

"Liam buddy it's okay, there will be plenty of chances and also what if we don't like her?" Niall said calmly, as the concert was in 1 hour.


Sabrina's POV

"OH MY GOD, the concert is in 1 hour, mum drive faster!" she said, "Breath, please why can't you be more like me?" her mum Maryanne said, "Because this means a lot to me!". So for the remainder of the 20 minute drive they sat there in silence. 


Liam's POV

I am so nervous, and the crowd is massive i think i will go down to the end of the stage and sit there looking around. As i walk out i hear Niall yell in his Irish accent "Hey Liam, bro, where you going?", "oh i am going to sit on the front of the stage too look for a girl!" he said, worried that Niall might laugh at him, "oh okay well be back soon" Niall says in a good for you sort of tone.


Sabrina's POV

OMG, Liam is right there in-front of me, sitting there, looking into the crowd maybe he is looking for a girl or a friend. His head constantly moving from side to side, he looks down and sees me and he stares, his face in amazment, he puts out his hand and lifts me up on stage, walks hand-in hand with me too the back of the stage and says "Hi, whats your name?" i stand there for a while and my idol was standing right in-front of me, "Sabrina Romberg, Why do you ask?" i say worried about why he asked me, "Has anyone told you that you are beautiful?" he says as a smile grows on his face, "No but coming from you i must be" i say in shock.

Liams POV

She said that no one has called her beautiful, thats weird because she is, "Here have a backstage pass and hang out here with me?" he asks hoping for a yes, "Okay i say". So during the concert i kept looking over to her to see her looking out at me and the boys, her face had an amazed look on it, as we went through the songs we got to more than this, i saw her face light up and a smile grew on her face, "I would like to dedicate this song to Sabrina Romberg, my new found friend!" he said looking over at me, "OMG I LOVE YOU" i lipped said with the actions, he winked and sung the song. 


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