Loves me Loves me not

When Sabrina an average school girl meets Liam Payne, Her fav member of ONE DIRECTION at the concert she fantasises but little does she know he if falling for her good looks fast!!!!





Liam's POV

I took her phone and messed her mum, when she took her phone back she read the message aloud and i smiled, "Are you being serious?" she asked, "Yes, Yes i am" i said quickly. The other boys started to walk over to us and i asked her quickly "Do you wanna hang out sometime or maybe be my girlfriend?" "Yes to both the questions" she said as i kissed her on the check.


Sabrina's POV

He asked me to be his girlfriend! i never thought that this moment would ever happen in my life, like ever i thought this in my head while Harry came up from behind me and hugged me and said "Hello, what's your name and how are you?" "Sabrina, her name is Sabrina" Liam said happily and looked at the boys, they all gave me a hug and a kiss on the check and the were so much more handsome in real life than on a poster, while i was talking to the boys i saw Liam looking at me and watching the boys. 

"Liam, come here, can we please tell the boys?" i asked him winging, "Tell us what?" Niall asked curiously, "Oh that me and Sabrina are, going out" Liam said. "Oh, okay" Niall said and walked away upset and i followed Niall as i didn't want to hurt any of them.


Niall's POV

"They are going out great, before i even had a chance to get my chance for her to like me!" i said to myself not realizing that Sabrina was at my change room door. "What, he likes me, Niall Horan likes me" i heard Sabrina's voice say on the other side of the door, "Yes, yes i do Sabrina and now, i don't have a chance" I said as i walked towards the door and opened it. 

When i opened the door i felt lips on mine, i didn't pull away until the other person did, i opened my eyes to realize that it was Sabrina, i pulled away that instant as she was going out with Liam, one of my best friends.

"Oh Niall, i..i think i should go now," she said as she stood their in shock and walked away, "Wait!" i called back after her grabbing her arm, "Niall i like you and all but i am with Liam" she said, the words repeated in my head i like you but i am with Liam, over and over again. 

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