UnderCover Princess

Skylean is a beautulful,elegant,and speical girl.She is 17,she has dirty blonde hair,her long beautulful hair is in a princess style.Skylean has dark brown eyes,no freckles.Skylean is a beautulful princess.What happens when her Mom and Dad (Christie the Mom and David the Dad,both queen and king) send her from England to London,where her Aunt Rose lived.Skylean will have to go undercover princess and live with her Aunt Rose who is only 24 years old.When she gets to London.Will Skylean fall in love with Zayn or Harry?Or will she be sent back home earlier then she thought?Then a few years later when she gets married,and goes back to London,will she fall in love with Harry again or Zayn?


2. The Celebration:-)

Skylean's P.O.V.

So on the way there I asked "Mom why does everyone act like I'm different from everyone?"I asked my mom."Well because your a princess and you will become the queen soon as you marry,now after this celebration I need to tell you something important at the house."She said with a serious look.Like yeah I know that stuff,but I am just like a normal person,cause if I wasn't a princess right now,they wouldn't even notice me."Ok but I am now excited to find out what the news is!"I said to my mom.Once we arrived to the celebration and the speech for the new princess."Everyone,Everyone calm down now we will have Skylean Reid tell us a speech then we will have the after celebration party!"The announcer said while speaking thur the microphone.I walked up gently.Before I got onto the stage I hesitated,butterfly's in my stomach.I was so nervous.The announcer gave me the microphone "Well I wanna tell you guys something's.So I know that I am a princess and soon I'll be the new queen.But I'm not any different from you guys.Yeah I know why does she think that?Well I think that because princess do lots of work.Its not just trying on crowns,trying on dresses,having butlers,waiters,cleaners,and eating fancy food.Its not bout that.I want to be your queen.So When I'll be your queen,I'll make things fair,I will let butlers,waiters,and cleaners do what there supposed to do,like only a few things,but they have to get that all done and then they can relax for 2/1 hours/hour.Thats my speech."I said elegant,well thought,great words,and a great speech.When I walked back to where the food was,I ate some salad,apple,juice,and a orange.

~15/16 minutes later~

After I ate,one of the waiters came up to me to grab my plate but I grabbed the plate already and threw the plastic plate in the recycle.While I was sitting on a blanket,I got a tap onto shoulder,I turned around and saw my friend Kate."Kate!!How was your trip to Paris?"I asked her elegantly and passion."It was wonderful,I learned some French,meet a cute guy named Luke."Kate said while telling me like normal princess."Thats awesome,your lucky."I said while getting up."Skylean we are leaving."My mom said.I looked at m iPod and saw it was 1:00 pm in the afternoon."Bye see you later!"I said while hugging her tightly."See you tomorrow."She said."Bye."I said while walking up to the limo and opened the limos car door and got in,bucked my seat belt.Then closed the door.

~~20/19 minutes later~~

*At the castle.*

Skylean's P.O.V.

When we got to the castle (I call it house),I went up to the door and got the keys out and looked for the key.I was getting scared,and the I finally found the house keys.I slipped the key in and the door opened.I went into the living sat on the couch and putted my right leg on top o my left leg.They finally walked down and saw me.My mom sat down to the couch across from me.Dad sat to the other couch across from me."So what's important...?Wait let me guess...your pregnant?"I asked curious."No Skylean..Your going to London to live with your Aunt Rose who is 25 years old."My dad said.I was reluctant."Wait just me,by myself,what bout the me becoming the queen?"I asked."Aunt Rose said she'll for you at the airport.We bought you a ticket to go and go pack up.Your leaving."My mom said while pointing her finger upstairs.I went up into my room.Ok yeah I always wanted to go to London,but not without a person I know.I maybe meet Aunt Rose when I was a baby but now she wants to get to know me.When I am becoming the queen! I went into my room,I took out the bun out of my hair,wiped off the make-up off my face,Took off the bracelet,necklace,earrings,the dress,the gloves,took off the high heels and then there them in the laundry basket.I then took off my panties and bra and threw them in the laundry basket too.Got on lotion,deortoente,got on my new bra that said "You mess with me I'm okay with that,but you mess around with my family,I'll only let you have 33 seconds to run"the bra said.Got in my panties.Then got on my 100% silk nikgown,I felt like a soft cloud.I then got on my really soft socks and slippers.Man was I tried!Then I went into the bathroom,packed up my hair products,my make-up,and everything else.I came out of the bathroom and putted my bags near the door.

~~4/3 hours later~~~~

I was all finished.Everything was packed and ready.The worst part is that I have to sleep on the couch downstairs cause they took everything,I mean everything in the moving truck.Thnx god I grabbed a pare of clothes.:-)
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