UnderCover Princess

Skylean is a beautulful,elegant,and speical girl.She is 17,she has dirty blonde hair,her long beautulful hair is in a princess style.Skylean has dark brown eyes,no freckles.Skylean is a beautulful princess.What happens when her Mom and Dad (Christie the Mom and David the Dad,both queen and king) send her from England to London,where her Aunt Rose lived.Skylean will have to go undercover princess and live with her Aunt Rose who is only 24 years old.When she gets to London.Will Skylean fall in love with Zayn or Harry?Or will she be sent back home earlier then she thought?Then a few years later when she gets married,and goes back to London,will she fall in love with Harry again or Zayn?


8. No!

Skylean's P.O.V.

We got to the house I saw Zayn,Niall,Liam,and Louis."Skylean!"Zayn said hugging me tightly."Hey."I said while getting out of his grip."So how are you?"Harry asked me."Doing good,but I did just woke up like 15/16 minutes ago."I said."Well how about you go pack up!"Aunt Rose said softly."Ok!"I said."Here let me help you!"Harry said,"No it's alright."I said while grabbing my bags.I went upstairs and saw my old room.I walked in an started to unpack.

~1 hour later~

I then got on a red and white strip shirt with a butterfly on the back,white skinny jeans,and boots.I brushed my teeth,and curled my hair.I went downstairs to see no one there.I then felt a arm around my waist.I then turned around to see Harry."Harry,stop please."I said."Sorry just wanted to tell you everyone went to get food to bring back."Harry said."Thnx Harry!"I said hugging him."So when did you get married?"Harry asked me while I sat down."A year ago,his name is Steve!We don't get to spend time anymore,cause umm,he is always busy."I said while trying to come up with a lie because I am now the Queen a d Steve is now the King."That's cool."Harry said sadly."What's wrong?"I said.Harry then leaned in and kissed me.I then let him kiss me but then I stopped him."Harry I am married,and I can't do this to Steve."I said.My phone rang and I picked it up."Honey um,I'm so sorry but I cheated on you,really I am."Steve said thur the phone."Well hope you have her on speed dial cause we are breaking up!"I said while crying and hanging up."What's wrong?"Harry asked."Steve cheated on me!"I said crying.I then ran upstairs to my old room an slammed the door.I then got in bed and went to sleep.
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