UnderCover Princess

Skylean is a beautulful,elegant,and speical girl.She is 17,she has dirty blonde hair,her long beautulful hair is in a princess style.Skylean has dark brown eyes,no freckles.Skylean is a beautulful princess.What happens when her Mom and Dad (Christie the Mom and David the Dad,both queen and king) send her from England to London,where her Aunt Rose lived.Skylean will have to go undercover princess and live with her Aunt Rose who is only 24 years old.When she gets to London.Will Skylean fall in love with Zayn or Harry?Or will she be sent back home earlier then she thought?Then a few years later when she gets married,and goes back to London,will she fall in love with Harry again or Zayn?


3. Nice meeting you Aunt Rose?

Skylean's P.O.V.

*The next day*

I woke up at like 5:30 am in the morning.I got up and went to the kitchen and ate cereal.After that I grabbed the pair of clothes that I hade.I went into my bathroom.Ingot on some make-up,applied lip gloss,my hair was a mess.I curled my dirty blonde long hair.Brushed my pearl white teeth.Got on some black skinny jeans,a pink shirt that said "You only young once!"The shirt said."Man these are what the clothes they wear in London?"I asked myself.I got on some lotion,perfume,and got on my bra and panties.I then got on the black skinny jeans,the pink short,a white skinny tight jacket,black high heels,5 brackets on the right hand and 5 on the other hand.I got on a necklace that said "Single".I got on some earrings,and then I did my hair like,on the way top of my head i did a little bun,and the let the rest down.I got my purse with my money,credit card,my keys to my mustang,my iPod 4,iPhone 5 and checked if my mom and dad were still here.I went upstairs and saw they were sleeping.I went back downstairs and went into my mustang and drove to the airport.When I got there thy got all my stuff on the airplane.I waited and waited until finally they said "People who are going to London go to section B"The announcer said..I saw section B.I walked up to the lady and gave her my ticket.I went thur the hall and got on the plane.I was seated to number 488.Once I got there I sat down not noticing there was a guy right there.I sat down on the seat.I turned around and accidentally smacked him in the face."What the hell was that for!"The guy said while talking to me in a angry voice."Omg,I am so sorry,I didn't see you there and I went to turn around and I accidentally smacked you."I told him.He looked up at me and "Hey,it's alright."He said calmly.He looked familiar.Omg his Zayn from 1D!"I'm Zayn."He said. While removing his hand.It looks like my bag can hit hard,his bleeding."I'm Skylean Reid."I told him while getting a rag out of my purse."Here,it's for your nose."I told him."Thnx and that's a beautiful name."He said while taking the rag and wiping his nose."So were you from?"He asked me."I'm from South Britain."I said while letting out my British accent."Thats cool I am too!"Zayn said while letting out his British accent.Somehow I fell asleep on Zayn!What is he going to think now,that I'm crazy?

~~10/14 hours later~~~

I woke up to an announcer saying "We are landing,do not take your seat belt off until we safely land."The announcer said."Wake up Zayn."I said to him.Then he woke up."Good morning!"He said all happily."Good morning to you too!"I said to him."Can I have your phone number?"Zayn asked."Sure here."I said while grabbing my notebook and a pencil and wrote down my number."Here to go lad."I said to him while more of my British accent came out more.Of coarse I am 17."How old are you my love?"He asked."Oh I'm 17.Hbu?"I asked him."I'm 19,lol he said laughing.Then we landed."Gotta go Zayn."I said to him."Goodbye Skylean."he said while Inwas waving and then he waved back.I then looked for Skylean Reid.Good thing I got on my contacts!I scanned everywhere.Then I finally found it.This girl came running up to me."Omg Skylean,you look so much bigger now!"Aunt Rose said to me."So how are you?"She asked me."I'm doing fine,but I did get Zayns phone number he is British and he is in a band called 1D!"I told Rosa in my accent

A/N sorry if this chapter is too short but my hand is killing .
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