UnderCover Princess

Skylean is a beautulful,elegant,and speical girl.She is 17,she has dirty blonde hair,her long beautulful hair is in a princess style.Skylean has dark brown eyes,no freckles.Skylean is a beautulful princess.What happens when her Mom and Dad (Christie the Mom and David the Dad,both queen and king) send her from England to London,where her Aunt Rose lived.Skylean will have to go undercover princess and live with her Aunt Rose who is only 24 years old.When she gets to London.Will Skylean fall in love with Zayn or Harry?Or will she be sent back home earlier then she thought?Then a few years later when she gets married,and goes back to London,will she fall in love with Harry again or Zayn?


1. Meeting the Princess.

Skylean's P.O.V.

I woke up at 6:00 am in the morning.I stretched my arms and rememberd that I had blury vision.I got on my glasses,when I got my glasses on my vision became blury to clearer.I went into the bathroom,took a 20 minute hot rich shower.

~20 minutes later~

After I got out,I shaved my legs gently,trying not to cut my skin.After that I got lotion and rubbed it onto skin.I then got on perfume,I got on deoterintie,blow dryed my hair,cutted a little bit of my hair,got on the perfect amont of make-up,applyied lip gloss,white high heels,a long white beautulful dress.The top of the dress had a millions of real dimomds,the back of it has it open a little exactly like Bells in The Twilght sage breaking dawn part 1.On the bottom of the dress had pretty designs everywhere on the bottom of the dress.Did my dirty blonde hair in a princess style.I then got my crown and gently placed the crystal crown on my head.I got on crystal earrings,a braclet,and a necklace that has been in my family for centuries.It has been passed down on my moms Princess celebration and now passed down onto me.It was a 14 hundred carrot necklace it had like a million pieces of diamonds am crystals.Man it was heavy.I got on the necklace and walked out of the bathroom and saw how elegant I looked.I saw that I was still wearing my glasses."I no,my contacts."I mumbled to myself.I went back into the bathroom and looked in the huge mirror.I took off my glasses and putted the contacts in my eyes.Now I can see better and clearly.I brushed my teeth and walked back into my room and grabbed my iPod.I saw that it was now 6:30 am in the moring.I went downstairs and ate my breakfast.My mom came in.My moms name is Christie & my dads name is David."Good Morning Skylean."My mom said while looking for a spoon.My mom was wearing a peach long dress.She had on perfect make-up,lip gloss,a beautiful crown,peach gloves,high heels,hair in a bun,diamond earrings,diamond necklace,and a diamond bracelet.Oh almost forgot,my name Is Skylean,Skylean Reid.I have dark brown eyes,dirty blonde hair,homeschooled,a princess,and nice.I'm not one of those snobby princess like I want this,I want that,and blah.I am a nice,gentlewomen,polite,respectful,manners,kind,nice,elegant,responsibility,elegant,sharing,A+ student at homeschool,caring,rights,and I don't let my butlers and waiters do everything for me.I do my own make-up,I do my own hair,I dress up my own,I treat my butlers,waiters,and cleaners right.I don't let them work all night,I feed them even though I do know they have their own house and food,there still hungry.I get on my white long gloves and after I did that my dad,David came down wearing a white shirt,black pants,a black jacket that went over the white shirt,and the I saw a rose on his little pocket."Wow,Skylean you look so beautiful,elegant,and I can imagine you being a perfect queen!"My dad said while hugging me.Then dad saw mom,"Christie,You look so elegant,beautiful,pretty,and amazing!"My dad said while kissing my moms hand."Can we go now,we are gonna be late?"I asked gently and softly."Yeah let's go."My mom said while our limo came up and the window went down.The driver got out and opened the car door for me."Mr.Friend, you don't have to open the car door for me!"I told Mr.Friend."Okay Your princess.He said while bowing at me."Well thank you,anyway for opening the door for me."I told him while kissing him on his cheek."Your welcome."He said while closing the car door for me after I got into the limo.I heard Mr.Friend get into the drivers seat.
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