UnderCover Princess

Skylean is a beautulful,elegant,and speical girl.She is 17,she has dirty blonde hair,her long beautulful hair is in a princess style.Skylean has dark brown eyes,no freckles.Skylean is a beautulful princess.What happens when her Mom and Dad (Christie the Mom and David the Dad,both queen and king) send her from England to London,where her Aunt Rose lived.Skylean will have to go undercover princess and live with her Aunt Rose who is only 24 years old.When she gets to London.Will Skylean fall in love with Zayn or Harry?Or will she be sent back home earlier then she thought?Then a few years later when she gets married,and goes back to London,will she fall in love with Harry again or Zayn?


6. Harry why me?

Skylean's P.O.V.

Me and Harry did was talk,joke around,& watch movies all day.We ate like wild animals.I ate proper while Harry ate like a pig."Harry you got mustered on your lips and chin!"I told Hary while whipping off the mustremd off his chin.I then kissed him."I really really like you!"Harry said.I turned around blushing.I was about to go upstairs until I bumped into Zayn.My was he furious,"What the hell!!!I thought you liked me Skylean!!'"Zayn said while grabbing my arm."I did until I heard you on the phone,talking to your gf!!!You JERK!!!"I yelled at Zayn.Zayn then sadly walked away."Skylean,I like you but I can't date you."Harry said."Please Harry I can't get my heart brokenlI said to him.

A/N so sorry for the short chapter:-(
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