me and harry 4 ever *ON BREAK*

its a fanfic about this girl who is in the x factor at the same time as our boys and harry is just fallin in love with her but for the couple there is coming some issues
if this sounds like something you wants to read then read it
and please write what you think about it xxx me


3. the talk with the boys

As we were walking I just stopped at the middle of the room because i saw some roses at my door. I checked if they where to me but it was some fan post to my roomie she had so many fans, not like me I just wanted to win this thing becaus of the money. because my mother was very sick and we didn't have any money so I had to stick to it and practice when i got the chance for it so i could get better at singing I was very lucky just to get a yes from the judges so i had to practice all the time. i'm just happy that harry is going to help me. 

Harry: are you all right? 

Me: yes im fine why are you asking?

harry: I just thought that you looked sad thats all.

Me: i'm very happy but i just remember that i have to practice a lot because my mother is very sick and i have to win or we don't have any money to medication. 

Harry: oh... 

after a while I just walked from him but he was running after me. 

Harry: why are you telling me this about your mother?

Me: its just because I thought that I could trust you 

Harry: Oh of cause you can trust me and would even help you a little with your practice.

Me: Oh harry what about your own band? 

Harry: they would have to wait cause I told them that there was someone i wanted to help and i couldn't stop helping.

Me: thats so sweet but I think that I want to practice by my self but thanks any way. 

Harry: your welcome.

after our little conversation I walked to the studio to practice but when I got there where harry's  band standing in fornt of the building so I couldn't get through. 

Niall: we have to talk with you Cece 

zayn: its important its about harry 

Me: what about harry?

Liam: we think that harry is in love and he can't get it out of him so he just keep it for him self. 

Me: who do you think he is in love with? 

Louis: you!!!!

Me: me ?

Niall: yes you don't you see it? 

Me: no i don't sorry 

Louis : you are the only girl he is talking to, all he is talking about is how beautiful and smart you are. and he told me that he wanted to hae children with you

Me: sorry guys but i have to practice now can we talk about this later?

the guys: sure but we will make sure that he don't know that you know this OKAY?

Me: sure but  i have to go now 

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