me and harry 4 ever *ON BREAK*

its a fanfic about this girl who is in the x factor at the same time as our boys and harry is just fallin in love with her but for the couple there is coming some issues
if this sounds like something you wants to read then read it
and please write what you think about it xxx me


13. the mysterious girl 1

well i think Cathrine was pissed at me because Harry had chosen me instead of her. haha learn it bitch. 

well you can't just come here and take my boyfriend...

Harry: are you okay babe? 

Me: yeah it just seemed like she wanted you to be her boyfriend instead of mine. so it was good that you kissed me when you did. 

Harry: babe what are you talking about? 

Me: didnt you see it ? 

Harry: no i actually didn't 

Me: oh my god why didn't you see it? 

Harry: because i didnt OKAY!

Me: Harry please stop yelling at me i didn't do something wrong and neither did you okay.

after our little moment (fight) i walked to the dining room to get some lunch but there wasnt really anything in the kitchen so i went to the supermarket to get something when i run into this girl with long blond hair and a beautiful face. 

Me: sorry im to clumsy!

Girl: its fine every girl deserve to be in love. she looked down at the ground. It was like she was sad or something. 

Me: is there something wrong ? 

Girl: yeah but i wont trouple you with it 

Me:  do it maybe i could help you. 

Girl: fine but i wont talk about it here. 

Me:  you can come with me im allmost done with the foodshopping. 

she looked down in my basket and saw that i had very much food 

Girl: isnt that alot of food for such a little girl like you? 

Me: well it isnt just for me but its allso for the boys and some other girls. 

Girl: do you live with a bunch of other young people?

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