me and harry 4 ever *ON BREAK*

its a fanfic about this girl who is in the x factor at the same time as our boys and harry is just fallin in love with her but for the couple there is coming some issues
if this sounds like something you wants to read then read it
and please write what you think about it xxx me


11. the hospital

a we drove to the hospital we was listening to the radio and there is something about harry that he was attacked by a big crowd of fans because he said he was looking for me i just don't understand why Louis didn't just tell me what there had happent instead of me finding out about what there had happent on the radio! 

As we arrived at the hospital i ran to the reception to ask where they had put harry but they thought i was just another fan so they didn't want to say where he was for the security of harry but when louis came and told them that i was his girlfriend they would finally let me see him. i ran over to the bed where Harry was sleeping i just started crying. louis came and hugged me so tight that i could'nt breath and i fainted. after some minutes i woke up and all i saw was three boys over my head i think that it was harry, louis and niall but i can't really remember but i knew it was harry, i could'nt see who the other guys was. 

Harry: are you okay babe?

Me: i don't know what happent to you sweetie?

Harry: there was a big crowd of fans they asked me who i was looking for and i said my girlfriend cece and then there was some big guy attacking me from behind he said he knew you 

Me: oh god i think that was my ex boyfriend bradford he's just so stupid he thinks we're still together but i broke up with him 4 years ago.

Louis: what?!? thats sick 

Me: he's sick with a syndrom 

Harry:  oh what shall we do about it? 

Me: i don't know cause i'm kinda affraid of him. 


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