me and harry 4 ever *ON BREAK*

its a fanfic about this girl who is in the x factor at the same time as our boys and harry is just fallin in love with her but for the couple there is coming some issues
if this sounds like something you wants to read then read it
and please write what you think about it xxx me


16. Christmas holiday? part 1

he came in to my bed and just sat there watching me brush my hair. But then he got up and wrapped his amrs around my waist, i felt so peacefull in his arms. it was so nice to have him for my self in my room. Harry: babe?

Me: yeah...

Harry: please come with me to chesire at our Christmas vacation.

Me: you know i can't do that.

Harry:why can't you come with me ?

Me: because its the only time i have with my little sisters and i can't dissapoint them. so i need to be with them a little, but you know that i would love to spend the Christmas vacation with you. i just can't dissapoint then again.

Harry: maybe i could come with you then, my mum allways say that you should be with the person you love the most at christmas time.

  Me: just let me call my mum then, and ask her if it's okay.

"Calling mum"

Me: hi mum 

Mum: hi sweetheart

Me: mum... can i bring a guest with me home for christmas?

Mum: sure who is it?

harry took my phone out of my hand 

Harry: hi charlotte 

Mum: umm... hi who is this?

Harry: its me Harry styles your daughters boy friend 

Me: Harry what are you doing?

it didn't seem to stop him.

Mum: oh hi harry is it you that want to come and celebrate christmas with us this year?

Harry : yes it is can i pleeease 

Mum: fine but no begging or kissing at the table okay? 

Harry: fine i guess i'll have to wait to after the dinner. 

he was laughing why was he laughing?

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