me and harry 4 ever *ON BREAK*

its a fanfic about this girl who is in the x factor at the same time as our boys and harry is just fallin in love with her but for the couple there is coming some issues
if this sounds like something you wants to read then read it
and please write what you think about it xxx me


12. carthrine smiley.

after we came out of the hospital, we drove to nandos to get some food because it was nial who came to pick us up. well you can't live with that boy if you're not hungry all the time. he ordered some food and then he sat at a tabe and was waiving at us that we should come over. Me and Harry was ealking with each other well louis was just alone. after Niall, was done eating we left nandos and drove to the house. 

i waked straight to my room, Harry followed me but all i wanted was to be alone just for one minute to figure out where this relationship was going. Because if it was gonna be like this all the time i didn't  want this cause all this had done to me was to make me cry what should i do? 

"knocking on the door"

i left my bed to open the door. but i walked to the bathroom instead its was still knocking so i just yelled 


Harry walked in and came at my back just hugged me from behind. 

Me: whats up hazz? 

Harry: i just needed to talk with my girrrl. 

Me: about what? 

Harry: can we tak on your bed? 

his face looked sad what was he going to do? break up with me or have sex with me`?  well i wouldnt just let him do that cause i really love him.

Me: sure just a minute sweetie just let me get finished out here kay? 

Harry: okay babe i'll just wait out here

Me: i'll be there in a minute i promise.

i just wanted to be out in the bathroom for ever but i couldnt cause my love was waiting for me in my bed. so i just waked out of the bathroom where i saw Harry with this girl. 

Me: who's she? 

Harry: this is my childhood friend Cathrine she was my bestfriend at home she just came to visit me at the hospital but we  weren't there so she came here instead.

oh i thought she was this lover of his but good because if she were i would have... well i dont know what i would have done. maybe would have got home and not talk to harry for years. 

Me: okay hi cathrine im cece

i tried to smile but it was hard for me since he looked happy with her more than he did when he was with me out in the bathroom but why? 

Cathrine: hi cece nice to finally meet you Harry have talked so much about you, can i ask you something? 

Me: sure 

Cathrine: are you and harry still together? 

what the hell cathrine was she trying ti get harry to like her ? but he's  mine bitch do you hear me mine!

Me: yes we are! we just got back together because of a stupid mistake. 

Harry: babe you know i love you and only you!

Me: aww harry i love you too 

i could see Cathrine's face turn to ice as he kissed my lips haha learn it bitch he loves me.

Cathrine: i have to go 

Harry: all ready? you just got here.

Cathrine: yeah its my brother that needs my help 

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