me and harry 4 ever *ON BREAK*

its a fanfic about this girl who is in the x factor at the same time as our boys and harry is just fallin in love with her but for the couple there is coming some issues
if this sounds like something you wants to read then read it
and please write what you think about it xxx me


1. the first time i met my love

it was the first day of the x fator live show and I didn't really know any body yet but I had seen some guys in the kitchen this morning and I thought that they was really hot all five of them but there was one of them that really got my eyes to roll out of my head. I think that his name is harry but I don't really know. after my performens they had to go on but the curly haired guy (harry) came over to say somethimg to me. at first I thought that he was so hot that he wouldn't talk to me so i just thought that he was going to talk to the girl besides me. But he was coming over to me. Harry: you're really good. Me: thank you. 

after their performens he came over to me again. Me: why are you coming over to me i'm just the girl with ni freinds. Harry: I don't think that you are the girl with no freinds any more cause I want to be your freind. 

me: oh thank you. i think that you are really great to chearing me up right now. Harry: why are you sad? 

me: i'm sad because I'm not as great as you to sing. Harry: not every one can be good to everything but i think you're the best singer in here.

me: I'm not the best singer cause i've just heard you and you are better than me. 

Harry: do you want to spent some time with me to discus this? 

me: sure but I have to practice so maybe you could help me with that? 

Harry: sure but you're better than me so I don't know how i could help you sorry.

Me: don't say that cause you are better than me and you could help me alot with practice.

that noght i was up all night thinking about him and my room made thought that I was crazy  just because i was in love with him. she thought that he was so ugky and so cheeky. but thats why i love him.

the day after I thought that I was the first to wake up so I got up to eat breakfast and i walked out of the room in my pj because I thought that ki was the only one that was awake but when I got into the kitchen there stood a blond haired guy. me: hi i'm cece. the blond haired guy: hello I'm Niall, nice pj. Me thank you but i thought that i was the only one that was awake. Niall: no you're not I have been awake fir about three hours. Me: oh my god. do you know if Harry is awake. Niall: he isn't awake right now but I can wake him up for you. Me: no don't do that let him sleep. Niall: okay but i think that he likes you cause he haven't talk to any girls but you. Me: what that can't be true. after talking to Niall for a while I walked back to my door but when I was opening the door harry was sitting on my bed waiting for me. 















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