Only us , together , forever .

Emily is a normal 18 year old girl ,but when her lift for the airport arrives her life turns upside down. She is kidnapped by the driver will she make it out alive? Can she call the police? Can she escape by herself or with a little help? Please read to find out!!! And yes, this is a one direction fan fiction. Enjoy!!!


2. Imposter!

"Hey, uh... Yeah. How do you know I am supost to be undercover." he says looking side to side. Then I realize something else. He has blue eyes and browny-blond har and a tattoo as big as his hand saying 'my heart is taken, sorry.' Oh. My. Gosh. It's all fake. He's all fake I stumble back. He is not Liam, he is lying. I take another step back. "Hey,where are you going?"he says in his croaky, light voice. He looks concerned. "Your not liam" I mumble. It's all I can manage to say. I start walking back just in time too. Because he starts to walk towards me. "What are you talking about?" he almost laughs. Then before I know it he runs forward and grabs me, tapes over my mouth and ties me up with rope, so I can't speak and can hardly breathe. I start to cry thinking this could be the end. He drags me over to the van opens the door and throws me in the van. Then says " there is always one that gets it right, always." I don't take my eyes of his evil face "And you think that you can just run of and call the police. Well I'm not letting you go." he says shutting the van door. His last words haunting my thoughts, repeating in my head. Then I lean back and hit my head making a bang. Then I see. Something move in the corner of my eye.

I see a black blanket with something underneath it. I crawl over and hesitate to lift the blanket. In the end fear gives in and strength wins. I lift it. What's under it? Just Niall James Horon and Liam Payne. But this time it's the real. Not the fake.

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